PowerAmp starts and closes after boot on PX5 device

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Jun 14, 2018
near Stuttgart
I am currently facing an odd issue with PowerAmp on my PX5 headunit. I have placed my music on the internal flash and set everything so that in theory PowerAmp should resume playing after the unit re-starts. What happens instead is:
- sleep for short time, PA starts playing right where I left it, or somewhere around, that's ok
- deeper sleep/hibernation: PA starts playing where I left it and closes immediately after that
I am using the Hal9k ROM which also features some options to keep apps "running" during standby and it also can re-start apps and services. But I tried different settings and the behaviour is as expected. If I remove PA from the "keep active" list, it remains closed after re-start. If I set it on the re-start after standby list, it starts from scratch. If I leave it on the "keep active" list, it does the start and close thing.

How can I determine which app or which setting can cause this? Is there a way of logging the commands PA is receiving? In the options it always says that the last command it received was "resume".

Thanks in advance!