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Jun 24, 2018
Warranty Question

I've never had any problems with my past smartphones (majority HTC phones) so I've never had to do any kind of warranty research or claims. My HTC U12+ has a hairline crack at the bottom of the front screen. This was not due to physical damage, dropping the phone, or anything at all. Just normal usage and I take very good care of my phone. I reached out to HTC and I was informed this isn't covered under warranty and it could cost up to $200 or more to get it repaired. That's expensive. Anybody know more about warranty claims or anything from HTC or just in general?

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    No financing option over here unfortunately, really wish there was as the fund hasn't quite covered it yet and I'm not in a position to close the gap...

    Waiting patiently but I will be joining you all soon... Exciting stuff!
    Never heard of him. And there's your problem, so there's no thermal issue.

    There is no issue with overheating during video recording. I used the U12+ at a wedding yesterday and recorded a TON of video and mine was perfectly fine. That includes 4K and slowmotion video.
    Saw this video about the buttons... kept me from cancelling order..
    So here's mine. Got it yesterday, bit originally should actually only be ready for pick up on Monday.

    But it definitely has to be love if the g-friends picks you up faster work, saying: "Common let's drive to the UPS facility and check if it is already there!"

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    It would be great if we could get the 10% htc club discount like in other countries. That would make a huge difference. :rolleyes:
    HTC US has to decide to do so. Same applies for the fact, that HTC Germany decided to ship the U12+ with an additional free USB-C-Adapter, if you ordered via HTC Club, as it doesn't come in the box. An idea HTC US seemingly didn't have and/or didn't want to promote.

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