[PRERELEASE 20/04/08] French WM6.1 ROM (SPV M650 & HTC P3300) v3.00 Beta3

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Jun 15, 2007
French Version for HTC P3300 and SPV M650 !!!

Before posting, please read thread and included text file, please no more question about how to flash

If you like my job, feel free to click on the donate button ;)

===> Donate!

Information on how to flash with vista




So here it's :

Ver 3.00 Beta 3 aka Nini
==> Release Aje_fr 3.00 Beta 3 Nini

This is a beta version for those who wants to test it.
Please report me any bugs
- Connection setup updated
- Camera is now 4.03 instead of 4.11, it's faster and correct few bugs, also GPS Picture will work on P3300. It'll NOT work on M650 due to Orange GPS driver.
- Some others bugs corrected
Discussion start at page #231

Ver 3.00 Beta 2 aka Nini
==> Release Aje_fr 3.00 Beta 2 Nini

This is a beta version for those who wants to test it.
Please report me any bugs
What's (new) on this ROM :
- OS : WM6.1
- Radio 3.08.90
- ....
Discussion start at page #225

Ver 3.00 Beta aka Nini
Discussion start at page #221

Ver 2.00 aka YingYing Medium
==> Release Aje_fr 2.00 Light YuanYuan
==> Release Aje_fr 2.00 Medium YuanYuan
==> Release Aje_fr 2.00 Full YuanYuan

==> Patch for those who wants "Appels internet" in today screen
==> Patch for the freezes in Program menu (compatible with previous rom releases
==> Patch for those who wants to deactivate the wow driver, htc equalizer will be installed instead (warning, wow settings will still be present in system settings but will not have any effects)
==> Patch to reactivate WOW driver when it has been deactivate by upper patch
Don"t forget to switch off mobile after installing them (long press on Off key)

Extract Zip into a folder, run go.cmd and follow instructions !

Discussion start at page #189

What's (new) on this ROM :
- OS : 5.2.2000 XIP ported by myself from trinity !
- Radio 3.07.90
- New way for GPS / Operator Configuration, "Assistant réseau" will be launch at startup until configuration is done.
- Many dll, sw upgraded to last version
- ....

Here is the difference between Full, Medium and Light :
- WOW audio driver Full Medium Light
- Enlarge Menu and Big Icon Full Medium Light
- Network Wizard Aje_fr Full Medium Light
- BatteryStatus_0_04 Full Medium
- Adobe Reader LE 2_00_288531 Full Medium
- AltTab 1_0_0_1 Full Medium
- PocketCM ContactManager 0.11 Full
- HTC AudioManager 1_2_919713 Full Medium Light
- HTC Album 1.1030.720 Full Medium Light
- HTC Touch CommManager 10boutons Full Medium Light
- HTC Action Screen Full Medium Light
- HTC Home 2_1_1005_722 Full Medium Light
- HTC StreamingMedia 2_20_1007717 Full Medium Light
- HTC Touch Dual Keyboard Full
- HTC TouchFLo Full Medium
- HTC Camera 4_11_28787_00 Full Medium Light
- Java Jbed 20070802_2_1 Full Medium
- zTask Manager 2_0_31249_1 Full Medium Light
- BT A2DP Full Medium Light
- BT FTP Full Medium Light
- Office mobile 2007 6.1 Full Medium
- Transcriber Full
- Windows Live Messenger 10_6_33_600 Full Medium
- Voice Speed Dial V1_2_B61226 Full Medium Light
- Regedit Full Medium
- BTAudioToggle Full Medium
- EngineerCalc Full Medium
- Voip (works but on external speaker)Full Medium Light
- SipConfigTool V_2_0_1 Full Medium Light
- WM5 Storage 1.8 Full Medium Light
- Voice Recorder 1_10_611711_0 Full Medium Light
- ZIP 1_20_730720_0 Full Medium
- QuickDial 1_0_523713 Full Medium
- Biotouch 3_2_8090718 Full Medium
- Visual GPSCE Full
- ...

How to launch TouchFlo (default configuration, ie at first start)
==> Video, how to activate TouchFlo

Old versions said:
Ver 2.00 aka YingYing Beta Medium

Discussion start at page #172

Ver 1.90 aka HuanHuan
==> Release Aje_fr 1.90 Light YuanYuan
==> Release Aje_fr 1.90 Medium YuanYuan
==> Release Aje_fr 1.90 Full YuanYuan

Discussion start at page #140

Ver 1.80 aka JingJing

==> Release Aje_fr 1.80Full Jingjing
==> Release Aje_fr 1.80Medium Jingjing
==> Release Aje_fr 1.80Light Jingjing

==> Patch all version for Action screen and HTC Home

Ver 1.70b aka Beibei
==> Release Aje_fr 1.70b beibei

BIG Thanks goes to TOM_CODON, BEPE, FAMAN for all of their jobs !!
and for their contributions big thanks goes to
Remerciements said:
Nicolas A., Sylvain C., Pierre L., Joseph M., Sebastien B., Ben J., Philippe D., Thierry L., Eric O., Jérôme R., Yannick M., Gael D., Stephane K., Francis B., Thanh-Hai T., Thomas P., Paulin F., Luc B., Alexis R., Pierre C., Emmanuel M., Mirela P., Pierre V., Laurent R., Jean Hugues L., Ghislaine P., Frédéric B., Vincent P., Pascal B., Alain D. B., Olivier L., Ludovic P., Antonio C.D.O., Julien A., Philippe M., Jean-Charles G., Yves B., Sebastien M., Yann M., Damien J., Nicolas A., Julien P.,Raphael H., Sébastien L., Patrick D., Damien V., Philippe B., Edouard P. Y S., Baptiste M., Yi L.
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Sep 29, 2006
Hello there !

Well few days ago i was asking for an french release of the beautiful b&b 3 ROM.
As i can't wait for it, i finally did it ;-)

So this ROM is based on the B&B v3 modified by kulbutOr for the M650.
It's also based on many others ROMs : Orange's one WM5, HTC's one WM5, Faman_FR_2.4SE, Schaps_WM6Pro_FRA_3.30c, etc...
So i thanks all this guys for all of them jobs !!!

This is my first release and this is surely buggy, but i tried to remove all bugs i can, and if you found anothers, let me know !

Some menus are maybe still in english so let me know too ;-)

And if someone could help me develop, i'll be happy.

So here it is, espescially built for the French Orange SPV M650 and it's special GPS chipset. It'll work also on others devices but you will not have the active GPS.

So here it's :

Ver 1.00
First release
Known bugs for the moment :
-Camera seems to don't work
-Keyboard appears first time but you have to switch to Transcriber and back to keyboard to use it.
-Seem to do always a coldboot after a reset by stylus
-Apps buttons and somes shortcuts are missing or invalid

Great Work....!
1.Camera fix : You need note 3 modules ( Cameradriver.dll,HTCCamera.dll,S5K3BAFX.dll in OEM Drivers Folder..)
2. Apps Buttons fix : in Default.hv --> boot.rgu search "button" and change it FRE Lang.

-Seem to do always a coldboot after a reset by stylus (Don't understand what problem )

Hope it help you...!


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Jun 15, 2007
Thanks tom for your greetings, hope that it makes no problems taking your job as source.. :confused:
I'll try to resolve the camera problem this evening, i took the software in schaps release as it's all ordered in one directory.
Also, i already tried to edit the .hv file but the definition of buttons is also located in another rgu file, i don't know why...
For the problem of the reset, in fact, when the mobile boot for first time and each time i reset it by reset button, the coldinit software is launch... This SW is launch by the initflashfiles.dat but why each times ?...
What worry me, it's much the keyboard problem because i have dumped all the registry before and after the problem is solved and there is no difference...
Thanks for your help


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May 24, 2007
Good Job !!

What about French using th P3300 (not SPV650) Can we use it ? It is only the GPS that we have to modify ? How to do it ?


Mar 27, 2006
Cool. ca faisait longtemps que je l'attendais celle-la!

Enfin une rom ww6fr pour le m650

Peut etre pourrais-tu te mettre plus en relation avec tom pour une version 3.5 en fr?
Dans tout les cas, j'attend avec impatience...

Good job


Oct 21, 2006
Some bugs...


Il faudrait essayer avec une version officielle le gps fonctionne sans problème:
puis la transformer en français mais ça je sais pas faire...

Pour le clavier:
lorsque je lance le "transcriber.exe" puis je fait un kill process grâce a taskmanager , le clavier re-fonctionne correctement,

Pour le reste c est a méditer...

A bientôt


Good evening

It would be necessary to test with an official version with the gps works without problem:
then to transform it into French but that I cannot make…

For the keyboard:
when I launch the “transcriber.exe” then I makes a kill process with taskmanager, the keyboard Re-functions correctly,mayby add transcriber

For the remainder is has to meditate…

So long


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Jun 15, 2007
Well, it'll be great if it was so easy...
All the registry entries have to be modified, all language file replace.
There is also DLL confict, registry conflict, incompatibilities, etc...

For the keyboard, there is an easy way, it's to switch from azerty keyboard to transcriber, and come back to azerty and all is ok for all the session..

For the GPS, as i have a French Artemis from Orange (SPV M650), i develop the from for it. This mobile is identical to all others Artemis except for the GPS stack because it seems that GPS chipset has a different firmware.

I have cooked a version 1.2, i'll post it soon... Camera is now working, buttons too, shortcuts are updated and working. There is still few bugs (calibration when starting, keyboard, and a strange picture in camera screen)


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Apr 19, 2006
I use TOMTOM, and tried IGO for several times, I flashed my M650 on B&B V2, now It is flashed on B&B V3.7, I never meet any problem. Why you still talk about absurdity here?


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Jun 15, 2007
Please don't be so agressive ! this is a forum :mad:

Well, why so many french users with a SPV M650 have no working GPS when trying B&B / O2 / etc versions !!!

My GPS DO NOT work with others ROM than orange french's one !!

Take a look at this thread, and you'll see :

Kulbut0r took many times to found a solution so could you respect his job !

That's not because your GPS works others will !


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Jan 9, 2005
that tends to prove Orange has sold some pre-series which didn't take advantage of the A-GPS... :)

now, got thousand visits on my blog and not a single thank, should I realease a recooked version of the latest HTC official rom for the M650 ?! :rolleyes:
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    salut tout le monde Aje tres une vraie bete!!!
    Une question pour le SPV M600 existe-t-il une rom que tu nous aurais concoctée?? ou que quelqu'un connaisse?
    Merci et bonne continuation a toute la clique

    HTC P3300

    SPV M600 orange
    USB Sync on vista

    Hello and congratulation for your job AJE!! I use your rom since the 1.50..

    I'm under window vista office 2007, and i have a problem with the usb sync. My device can't finish any sync with my PC by USB, but workin gby Bluetooth only!! .. IS there any issue?

    BOnjour AJE et bravo pour ton travail..

    J'ai un souci avec la synchronisation sous windows Vista, office 2007. Mon m650 est bien installé et couplé pour l'usb , mais il ne sunchronise pas via l'usb, il commence pourtant, mais apparement reste bloqué au debut. par contre ca fonctionne par le bluetooth.

    J'ai cherché dans les forum et j'ai rien troué a ce sujet...

    Merci d'avance..
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