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Prevent Amoled Burn in with scheduled inverted colors

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Mar 28, 2017
Hi guys this is my first post, and I was wondering where I could get an answer for this...
So the thing is im an Uber driver, this means that I have my screen on almost all the time while driving (avg 5-6 hrs) and I'm planning on upgrading my phone and not be límited to lcd panels so... I was curious that I could Run an app called Tasker and make a script so when I open the Uber Driver app and at certain intervals the colors of the screen would be inverted (I think this is for visualy impaired people) so that the pixels that were white now are black and blue are yellow etc But I am not sure if this would prevent burn in bc after all the screen would be ON a lot through the day... Thanks for reading!

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    LCDs don't "burn in". The crystals become staticly polarized. It's reversible.