Prevent Orangefox recovery from auto backup and restore gapps

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Nov 23, 2022
Hello everyone - this is my first post at XDA altough i have been a silent reader for a long time already :)

However i am realy stuck with an annoying problem with orangefox recovery and decided to ask you wise guys for help.

So i did the following: I am using a miatoll device (Redme Note9 Pro) with newest stable orangefox recovery.

What i did:

-Flashed latest LineageOS 19.1
-Flashed FlameGapps

At this point al did work as expected - however i decided to change to NikGApps instead of FlameGapps...

This was when things got realy bad.

I tried to whipe cache/dalvik/data and reformated data.
I thought this will be enough to be able to do a clean reflash of lineage rom...
BUT: When i try to flash the rom, orangefox just is backing up flamegapps - flashes the rom - and restores the backed up flamegapps!
I absolutly tried everything to prevent it from doing so and even tried to just flash the nikgapps after the lineagerom .... but this was not i good idea.

Now orangefox not only is backing up falmegapps, but also nikgapps and ALWAYS restores them both now when i try to just flash a clean lineageOS WITHOUT ANY GAPPS!

Sorry for caps but this drives me crazy currently....

Any idea how i can prevent this f*** orangefox from restoring this gapps all the time?

Thank you for your help!