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[PREVIEW] Samsung galaxy S 2 2000mah battery by samsung

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Feb 20, 2011
Well... its local online vendor :p Basically its "Czechoslovak" eshop for slovak and czech markets, I dont think they ship anything outside of these two countries.
For now I am not promising anything, but on the prize thing. They cost 23euros thats 34 Dollars and I need to find out how much does it cost to send it overseas, though its not big or a heavy packaging... Ill have details on this tommorow if more people are interested.

Yes, I said it many times, Ill make some tonight when I get my camera back. :)

I would be interested in getting one from you & have it ship to USA. I'll throw in a little donation for your time & effort.


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Oct 2, 2009
From alza.sk and they are selling only to Slovakia. (and alza.cz only to Czech Republic)


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Aug 30, 2011
today I am going to see it in real and check if it is realy working with original one. If yes, I will buy it for sure. And if anybody is interest in buying to, I can ship it worldwide for you, cecause Alza.cz is not.

I'm interested to have one package from you to Hungary. Please let me know your price (including your time and handling of course!) for that and the contact datas (paying method, etc.) too, so we can make the business. I can pay by money transfer or via PayPal too...


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Jan 3, 2007
I'm interested to have one package from you to Hungary. Please let me know your price (including your time and handling of course!) for that and the contact datas (paying method, etc.) too, so we can make the business. I can pay by money transfer or via PayPal too...
battery itself cost about 22 EUR and shipping is from 10 to 25 EUR depend on insurance and delivery time. During today I will post some photos.
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    UPDATE 2: If you want to order one follow THIS LINK
    UPDATE!!! New pictures @post 82 ***

    Soo my extended battery finally arrived. It is genuine samsung battery that comes with new backplate. The battery is a little bit thicker so it makes the phone 1mm thicker. On the other hand it hides and protects the camera lens, it feels better in the hand and its cheap, only 23 euro ! Without further talking Pictures: (I will add pictures of the kit with the phone later cause my sister took my digital camera and as you know, the phone cant take pictures of itself :p Though Im going to try some troll mirror technology later today :D











    So as you can see its genuine samsung battery, Doesnt add too much bulk, its high quality, just what I wanted. I wanted bigger battery but I hate those ugly bulky cheap plastic batteries.

    Battery life results will be availible later, because I just bought the battery 10 minutes ago :D Ill do both "normal phone usage" comparisons and also 100-0 screen on 100perecnt cpu load tests.
    Sorry for a little delay, here are the pictures as promised:









    Edit: Also a little bonus which doesnt really show anything I didnt have time to play with the phone, Im still on my first charge cycle with some gameplay (around 45min) of dungeon defenders. The rate at which the percent drop is noticeably lower, also the phone doesnt get so hot which is a good thing.
    Well it seem I am getting a lot of PMs if I can buy and send them over. So Ive decided Ill go through with it I just hope I dont run into trouble with this so.

    If you are not able to buy one in you country or the date of the first batch is too far away (you have to take the shipping time into account) Drop me a pm (even if you already did, ive cleaned up my inbox.

    Dont send me your adresses right now, just send me a PM with the requested quantity (for your friends etc) and shipping/payment method (paypal is prefered). Tommorow night I will count how many pms I got, send everyone a confirmation PM asking for your address and sort out the payment. After that I won't accept new requests until the first batch is sent & sorted out. Then Ill order the number of batteries requested, pick them up next day and send them.

    Also for the sake of my nerves I would prefer UPS as shipping method as they ship worldwide and I can send everything from one place at once. (Edit: Ok not UPS, its too expensive, Ill look for better alternatives)

    Prize: 23 euros is the prize of the batteries plus something for my trouble (10E maybe ? Lets say 10E and if you think thats too much tell me in your pm :)
    +Shipping, It will depend on your country etc. Im doing some shipping calculations for different world regions for orientation.

    Estimated shipping costs through regular mail:
    1st. class:
    • Europe: 17.00E
    • Other Parts of the World(US, Asia, Australia ETC): 17,50E

    2nd. class:
    • Europe: 16.00E
    • Other: 16.50E

    1st. class with insurance:
    • Europe: 17.50E
    • Other: 18.00E

    *PS. I hope its not against forum rules, cause if I get notified by moderators I wont be doing this.
    *PPS: Your pms are noted and saved, no need to send multiple ones, Ill be replying tommorow with the confirmation and other info.
    Ok, for guys in the UK I'm working on getting confirmation from one of my contact on sale of these over here. Apparently stocks should be hitting the UK as early as 04/09/2011.
    any installed pic?

    which case fits this? sgp neo hybrid EX?

    Ill make some tonight. My sister has my camera so I cant take them now, Though I must say it looks great, basically the thickness is only added where the original backplate was and now it matches with the thickness of the bottom part where the speaker is. It looks completely natural plus the camera lens is now deeper and doesnt stand out, so when you put your phone on a table the phone doesnt lie on the lens. And BTW the phone is still slimmer than SGS1