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Primary Windows Live Messenger Thread (LAST UPDATED: 11-JAN-10)

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Habib Molaska

Nov 1, 2009
But it does. The plugin can send to the ordinary live messenger without any hastle and a numerous of other clients, octrotalk would be one example. I don't know why but Palringo doesn't recieve any. I think it has some kind of a built in resistance to messages from unknown sources if they aren't on the contact list to begin with.

Die Bruine

Senior Member
Jan 2, 2008
MSN 11.0 on Marketplace...

At least thats what is says. After installation it shows 10.7.0060.2300.3000. Bummer... Will check regularly to see if it's changed.
Apr 11, 2010
gonna quote myself... maybe this is a best place to ask :
Hate to be a n00b lol, but After installing Mobile 6.5 on my treo pro from build :21896, i realized Messenger was not installed by default
So i downloaded WindowsLive_0409.PPC2005_arm , from the official site , is getting installed..however is just not letting me bypass step 2 on first use
I also tried Windows Live (duttythroy).cab , but thats not appearing under my apps so no way to run it
and Windows Live .cab is failing at the installation ...
I need to sync my contacts :S
Any ideas ???


Senior Member
Jan 19, 2010
it pissed me off the fact that this app hasnt been updated, we want major re-make, is so friggin crappy and un-stable...

agghh!! :mad:


Apr 11, 2010
DO NOT DELETE YOUR MSN CONTACTS FROM THE PHONEBOOK. This will result in you loosing all your MSN contacts completely (from the MSN Server). The safe way to remove MSN contacts from your phonebook it to go to Windows Live -> Menu -> Options -> Sync Options -> Uncheck "Store Windows Live Contacts in your mobile phone's Contact List"'

OK i did that, crap.. but got it sorted on computer now, my contacts is back...
But on mobile he only finds 20 contacts and XXX Quick reply contacts that i cannot write too.. except for email.. but they are online on the computer..

what shall i do?


Senior Member
Aug 20, 2009
Hey guys, it sounds I have a similar problem! I have installed the latest WL including messenger (0800 fixed) and everything seems to be fine. I can download e-mail manually (with "send/receive"), but the automatic (timed, or push) downloading does not work!

I have set now "sync e-mail" in the options, including "as items arrive" and "always". However, still no automatic e-mail notification :(

Does anybody have a clue?

Thnx! :)

Has anyone ever figured out the surefire way to get email sound notifications working for Windows Live Mail???? I am having this same issue almost 2 years after the original poster!


New member
Oct 8, 2009

Is there a chance to select text in windows messenger version 10.6.0053.3000 (used in WM6.5 Omnia GT-I8000)? An older version used in Mio P550 (WM5, 10.6.0046.0800) allows to select and copy while chatting. :(

Thank you very much!