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Feb 17, 2016
@kerstin92 actually, Big data is not a conspiracy theory lol xD
btw the BlackRock "conspiracy" is purely from arte documentary, not me (also available in your language)

it seems you are too lazy to read any of my links (or maybe you did not understand what you just read)

so let's pick samsung back-door (you have ask about information about samsung so why you don't read before judging about me?)

The folks over at replicant found a backdoor in the modem which allows it to read/write/modify files on a number of devices:

Known affected devices:

Nexus S (I902x
Galaxy S (I9000)
Galaxy S 2 (I9100)
Galaxy Note (N7000)
Galaxy Nexus (I9250)
Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P31xx)
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P51xx)
Galaxy S 3 (I9300)
Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)

They also mention a couple of ways to work around this

It wasn't me that drifted away, I only shared xda link as proof thats it's not unusal to ship spyware on stock ROMs, you were the one who actually pointed to "shady" chinese vs "fine" google - for which I have clarified big data is not a chinese phenomenon.

So if you don't believe in technical possibility of remotely powering on your samsung smartphone spying on you while you think it's switched off, I have more basic example for you.

alarm clock is just a regular app, right? what happen if you set alarm and switch phone off? ;)


Jun 16, 2022
I read all your links with great interest (as usual), thanks. Just adding that sometimes you can be "right" in stating technicalities correctly - but the way they're put into a larger picture can be lacking of facts and actual historical context (easily available context that is, nothing exotic or speculative). Concerns about device privacy/security, i.e. tactical considerations, are embedded in questions of strategy, as the very people you're pointing to are strategic actors. You are, of course, correct in that this problem transcends national borders - as global communcation standards necessarily do. The user, however, is a localized individual and so are perpetrators of crimes ("They eat, **** and fart."). Corporations are abstract constructs - criminals, however, are humans. You can't hunt down abstract constructs (e.g. "BlackRock") as this would amount to philosophical discussions and not a criminal persecution or prevention of harm. And the best way to remind yourself of the concreteness (and sometimes banality) of problems is by names, places, biographies, ... (Germans know this so well as many of our streets are named after actual persons).


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Feb 17, 2016
I don't think assassins need any of this, nor they are smart enough to use it, even not if hacker sold it to them. hacker probably would track the assassins instead...


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Jun 25, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Xiaomi Mi Pad
alarm clock is just example to demonstrate that smartphones can't really turned off.

let's give you some realistic use cases

google maps will show you every traffic jam in realtime. how do you think that works?

have you ever used speech-to-text? every single audio record is saved to train speech recognition machine
Yep I think Google Assistant could easily speak in my voice and flawlessly replace me in answering my calls, if Google were to.


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Feb 17, 2016
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Alice: balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to


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***No Sarcasm. I actually mean it***
@OldNoobOne If I did not misunderstand, your dream phone:
ahaha..I had one of these nokia phones back decade and a half ago i think, also another LG slide phone, Nokia was on Top back then. I dunno what went wrong with Nokia and Lumia.

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    Can we expect another update?
    I'm tired of all roms and i want something simple for basic usage
    Same here, I dunno why so many devs (including the army of 13-year old devs on build so many roms & kernels that are mostly the same, I didnt find Derpfest & PE very different from eachother but I was very impressed by Resurrection Remix on another samsung phone though. I do appreciate the hard work all the devs do but when it comes to realizing why old users want vanilla roms instead of gugle included, they dont understand the various serious scenarios of privacy requirement a user might want. They think as if only kids & college-brigade are the biggest users of android. Cant blame the devs coz most people (the whole world taken as one) dont care about privacy, they dont practise privacy much in their own lives, they just arent aware enough of it.
    Ask ANY dev how to block/modify shamshung, gugle, mi & hoawai core internal privacy intrusive apps and files & they answer "oh, im afraid thats no longer possible because beginning android 10 partition system has changed bla bla bla & also OEMs are making it more difficult to modify system partitions etc. and they have started taking complete control of their devices bla bla bla". So in other words, all these young devs are able to do is add new skins to android and find out rooting solutions. I do appreciate the rooting solutions (practically just one proper available-magisk) the devs provide apart from that they really cant do much apart than provide "debloated roms", NOT EVEN Lineage COULD BLOCK/MODIFY Privacy Intrusive Core System Apps beginning Android 9 Pie!
    Its SHOCKING how the OEMs and software giants have total disregard for Users Privacy....users have become absolute puppets in their hands. Nobody can drag them to court because they make users ACCEPT their Privacy Policies WITHOUT giving users an option to use the devices (That User Purchased) otherwise, unless the users allow themsevles to be followed everywhere. So its like Take It OR Leave It scene. Then our employers and peers and friends say "hey I just sent you the receipt/doc on gmail/whatapp/telegram/one drive /gdrive..what? you are not on gmail?.. oops but our company uses g-services bla bla bla". Men will be men no mattter how much order & tech is brought in. All the rules are being broken at the top while being made to look like alls fair at the user-end lol.
    What had started out back then as Developers & FREE-MINDED Users' Enthusiasm to bypass Gugle & OEMs iron fisted regimen on smart devices (more for the sake of human e-rights) has just seemed to have fizzed out as most devs are just busy projecting their new android skins & other tit-bit programs so they get a good job with some OEM or software firms, NO dev or user dares challenge the Software Giants & OEMs in court anymore about Privacy & Trackers as they get purchased or obsoleted & isolated by the Software Giants , OEMs, Peers & the whole Trillion Dollar Software Industry Machinery. In the last 10 years like everyone is busier WORKING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FOR A SOFTWARE COMPANY or Some Electronic OEM Giant. Everyones Hooked on to some electronic device in one way or the oher.
    I'm not complaining about a persons choice of livelihood or lifestyle or need for electronic gadgets but I see young kids just hooked on to big screens and smart devices in front of their faces 24/7 without real-world experiences, I'm just Shocked at how EASY it was for Software & Electronic Giants to sway aside individuals personal rights & privacy to take over this world almost unchallenged. Its no less shocking (& even traumatic ) than Thaliban! Did you notice the difference in the movies that were produced 15 years ago and now? Its just UNREAL & FICTIONAL software generated stuff now or mixed with real & unreal.
    Yeah, I know what u guys gonna say- " I need to visit the Psychiatrist! ". Thanks.
    Samsung also? Do you have an example? I mean except the fact that they have to use ARM CPUs and other "third-party" components which renders their chipsets wide-open to whatever vulnerabilities our governments decide to design into the processors...

    if google does, it's fine - not. that's why I have named some brands sold in EU and US market. it's just stupid mind setting which leads to nonsense like Trumps Huawei ban.

    I have explained reasons for data collection here

    user data is the new oil, they feed their computers for predicting everything. BlackRock is the biggest player here. They own the world already, why they shouldn't own your data... nothing is for free, every f** app is interested in user data. they give you something you benefit from, you give them something back. join discussion here
    User data is not the "new" oil - your village priest, teacher, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, banker etc. already know everything there is interesting about you. If you went to church in 1900 and confessed to your pastor, what do you think used to happen with that information? Or if all the villagers above happen to have Wednesday pub meetings, what do you think they're talking about? Or why do you think our elites used to send highly-trained loyalist Jesuits in every country before an eventual invasion? Information gathering and convergence is nothing new and it's certainly nothing European-Americans started/invented.

    "Vulnerability by Design in Mobile Network Security"

    "The digital cellular mobile network GSM (Global System Mobile), commonly called 2G, was standardised by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) during the 1980s. Weak security was purposely built into the system because various European governments requested the ability to deactivate or break the encryption on the radio link in order to eavesdrop on mobile phone conversations. At the introduction of 2G GSM in 1991, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) outside Europe were forced to use weak encryption, whereas European operators could use relatively strong encryption. For that reason, a strong and a weak set of cryptographic algorithms were designed. Parts of the GSM 2G standards were kept confidential and only distributed to industry partners under non-disclosure agreements."

    What European-Americans are doing is what Europeans have been doing all along, so one shouldn't worry about some shady shell companies in the style of Tyrell Corp. or Weyland Yutani - but the elites in your own village/country and the very culture that nourishes them. "If you point one finger at somebody, three will point at you."

    After all, for some magical reasons, it's never us that get sprayed with dioxins or silently "disappeared" from our ancestral lands, right?
    I keep my downloads and everything in a pen drive , keeping the Internal storage empty all the time, only transferring files from OTG to Internal Storage when needed then quickly reboot to recovery and delete cache partition everyday :p
    That's actually not a bad keep the device as "stateless" as possible and to store all user data on a separate storage. This would, at least, minimize data loss in the event of technical issues with the device...I think I will try this
    thanks I didnt know that but I also use sdmaid to cleanup app junk & system junk every now n then.
    Its not the companies We ar eworried about its the elements who use the companies to get to us thats bothersome, anyway you wouldn't know the mayhem unless you lived where I live :-/
    May I ask where you are from?