[PRJ][07-June-2010] Advanced Home Tab 2.2.4 - Outlook tasks on your Manila screen!

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Dec 7, 2005
New version of my Advanced Home Tab 2.2.4 (AHT) for Co0kie's Home Tab 1.7.1

Please note that you need to always back up your system before installing such mods!

Co0kie's Home Tab 1.7.1 [http://cleanimport.xda/index.php?threads/625483/]

  • Manage your Outlook tasks on Manila home screen
    • Full CHT 1.7.1 integration in appointment list (home layout editor support)
    • Use custom task application (supported apps: ThumbCal, Agenda One, PocketInformant, SBSH Calendar Touch)
    • Notification bar integration
    • Extended view support (view up to 7 tasks in CHT extended view)
    • Hide future tasks by setting day range limit
    • Improved scrolling
    • Task counters - See numbers of tasks for each filter (all, today, overdue)
    • Filter buttons - Use the buttons on the upper right to switch between 3 different filters: Others, Due today, Overdue
    • Swipe-to-left / Swipe-to-right gesture to switch between appointments and tasks
    • Optional toggle button to switch between appointments
    • Scrollable task list (show nearly any number of task items)
    • Due date is colored red when the task is overdue
    • Complete your tasks using the checkboxes (with vibration feedback)
    • Ascending and descending sorting of tasks by Status, Priority, Subject, Start Date or Due Date
    • Filter completed tasks by age
    • Automatic refresh on switch / on edit
    • Configurable colors for others, today and overdue tasks
  • Co0kie's call history & voice mail fully supported (hidden, always, dynamic)
  • CHT Home layout editor support

Default view with small clock & weather, Filter: None

Extended view, Filter: None

Extended view, Filter: Today

Extended view, Filter: Overdue

Toggle button, item type indicator, task counters and filter buttons

Notification bar integration
Green bubble indicates number of tasks that due today
Red bubble indicates number of overdue tasks
No bubble indicates number of all other incomplete tasks

The notification indicator shows the number of incomplete tasks only!

Release history

2.2.4 [07-June-2010] Update
  • New
    • First filter can now be set to display all tasks instead of undated tasks only (use Hulzer.Filter_1_Flags)
    • Hulzer.TaskRange added: specify days the tasks with due date should be displayed to hide future tasks
    • New state added for notification icons: green/red combination if there're tasks due today and overdue tasks, number is total due count
  • Bugfixes
    • "Done" bug fixed
    • Fixed: Tasks are displayed over the quicklink buttons or view changes to task list when moving the quicklinks
    • Filter counter does not include complete tasks anymore

2.2.3 [11-May-2010] Update
  • New
    • Notification bar integration
    • Filters changed -> Hulzer.ShowComplete = 0 the counters show the number of tasks in the filtered list; Hulzer.ShowComplete > 0 the numbers indicate the incomplete tasks
    • Option to disable left/right gesture to avoid swipe problems if you have still problems (see bugfix below)
    • Button to toggle between appointments and tasks without left/right gesture (can be disabled)
    • Agenda One support (open task app & open specific task item)
    • PocketInformant support (open task app only)
    • SBSH Calendar touch support (open task app only)
    • Launch custom application anyway if it's unsupported (use Hulzer.UseCustomAppForEdit)
  • Bugfixes
    • Scroll up/down gesture doesn't switch between appointments/tasks anymore
  • Others
    • New GTX Theme hotfix by pow1976

2.2.2 [02-May-2010] Update
  • New
    • Landscape positioning updated
    • Configurable scrolling speed
  • Bugfixes
    • Sensitivity for left-right gesture reduced
    • Graphics bug fixed (Thanks to betitomiller)
    • Last checked task remained in list -> fixed
    • ThumbCal now opens task list instead of agenda view

2.2.1 [27-April-2010] Update
  • New
    • ThumbCal support added (tested with 1.4.2)
    • Smoother scroll animation
  • Bugfixes
    • Faulty lock screen behaviour fixed
    • Swipe gesture issue fixed
    • Open task application works

2.2.0 [26-April-2010] Update
  • New
    • CHT 1.7.1 integration (Home layout editor support)
    • Task counter (colored with configured filter color)
    • Filter buttons
    • New scroll engine
  • Bugfixes
    • Performance tweaks

2.1.1 [14-April-2010] Update
  • New
    • Filter gesture
    • Added option to hide the item type indicator icon -> helpful if you have a long date format in the date bar
    • Color setting for overdue tasks added
  • Bugfixes
    • Manila freeze bug fixed
    • Some visual fixes
    • Refresh problem after completing a task fixed
    • Performance tweaks

2.1 [09-April-2010] Update
  • New
    • New Standard version with default Sense layout (big clock & weather)
    • Sorting direction (ascending / descending) can be set by configuration New values for Hulzer.SortBy
    • Restored default CHT behaviour on appointment view
    • Switch between appointments & tasks by swipe gesture on date / alarm bar
  • Bugfixes
    • Too many tasks -> no task items are visible
    • Can't scroll to second page if there is only one task item
    • Completed tasks still appear (ShowComplete = 0)
    • After complete a task it doesn't disappear (ShowComplete = 0)
    • Too many task items, overlap shortcut icons (CHT QuickLink mode set to 3x3)
    • Task subject string is too long and behind checkbox

2.0 [06-April-2010] Initial release
  • Code has been completely revised
  • Outlook task integration
  • Swipe and scroll gestures [15-Mar-2010] Update
  • Alignment & font size updated

1.6.1 [09-Mar-2010] Update
  • Updated for CHT 1.6.1

1.5.4 [27-Feb-2010] Initial release for CHT 1.5.4
  • Up to 5 appointments + call history + calendar link on home screen
  • Small flip clock
  • Small weather animation
  • More space for information due to new layout

  1. Install Co0kie's Home Tab 1.7.1
  2. Install Advanced Home Tab
  3. Restart HTC Sense and enjoy your new home tab.

  1. Disable HTC Sense (Settings/Today)
  2. Uninstall any previous version of Advanced Home Tab
  3. Soft reset
  4. Update CHT to 1.7.1
  5. Soft reset
  6. Install Advanced Home Tab 2.2.4
  7. Soft reset
  8. Enable HTC Sense

All settings can be found in registry under HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila
  • Hulzer.SortBy
    • 1 - Status ascending
    • 2 - Status descending
    • 3 - Priority ascending
    • 4 - Priority descending
    • 5 - Subject ascending
    • 6 - Subject descending
    • 7 - Start Date ascending
    • 8 - Start Date descending
    • 9 - Due Date ascending
    • 10 - Due Date descending
  • Hulzer.ShowComplete
    • 0 - Show incomplete tasks only (completed tasks will become invisible when checked)
    • x - Show tasks completed within the last x days
  • Hulzer.TasksLink
    • Path to launch custom application instead of Pocket Outlook when pressing the date bar (pressing a task opens Pocket Outlook or a supported app to edit, Remark: \Program Files\ is used for english ROMs)
    • ThumbCal: \Program Files\ThumbCal\ThumbCal.exe (supports: open task list & edit task item)
    • Agenda One: \Program Files\Agenda One\Agenda One.exe (supports: open task list & edit task item)
    • PocketInformant: \Program Files\PocketInformant\PocketInformant.exe (supports: open task list)
    • SBSH Calendar Touch: \Program Files\SBSHCalendar\SBSHCalendar.exe (supports: open task list)
    • any other path to an exe file
  • Hulzer.HideItemTypeIndicator
    • 0 - Show icon
    • 1 - Hide icon (usefull for longer date strings)
  • Hulzer.Color_OverDue
    • "255,0,0" - Format: Red,Green,Blue values from 0 to 255)
  • Hulzer.Color_Today
    • "255,0,0" - Format: Red,Green,Blue values from 0 to 255)
  • Hulzer.Color_Upcoming
    • "255,0,0" - Format: Red,Green,Blue values from 0 to 255)
  • Hulzer.ScrollSpeed
    • 1 - slow
    • ...
    • 7 - fast (scroll page by page)
  • Hulzer.DisableLeftRightGesture
    • 0 - left/right gesture enabled
    • 1 - left/right gesture disabled
  • Hulzer.DisableToggleButton
    • 0 - Toggle button to switch between appointments and tasks is enabled
    • 1 - Toggle button is disabled, is enabled automatically if gesture is disabled
  • Hulzer.UseCustomAppForEdit
    • 0 - Task is opened in Pocket Outlook if the application defined at Hulzer.TasksLink is unsupported
    • 1 - The unsupported application is launched anyway if a task item is pressed
  • Hulzer.Filter_1_Flags
    • 0 - Show tasks with due date only
    • 1 - Show all tasks
  • Hulzer.TaskRange
    • n - days in the future the tasks (with due date) should be displayed
    • 30 - default

Since it uses some modified files of Co0ckie's Home Tab, HTC Sense may not work properly after uninstall - try to reinstall Co0ckie's Home Tab.

Planned for next versions
  • pTasks support
  • Category colors
  • Configuration tool

Known issues

Thanks to
  • Co0ckieMonster for LuaTools and Home Tab project
  • 6Fg8 for m9editor
  • Chainfire for CFC GUI editor
  • Special thanks to pow1976 for his GTX theme fixes

Feedback and bug reporting
Please report your bugs with Manila version (e.g. 2.5.xxxxxxxx), the device and ROM and installed Manila mods.

Wishes and feature requests
Please avoid request postings for new features that are already listed on Planned for next versions section.
Please add your comments for feature requests to the corresponding post. Thanks.

It's not my goal to earn money and I do all this work as a hobby.
I'm happy if you appreciate my development for the community. If you wish to support my work, feel free to donate.

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Feb 22, 2009
Awesome work!

Is it possible to leave the clock and weather in the original size? Since it's only swype up to view more tasks/appointments and your list is scrollable, I think there would be no problem...

(Just to add, you could use this size of weather and clock in the up swype view of cookie's...)

Just a suggestion although, thanks very much!
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Apr 4, 2008

The first real progress in managing tasks within Sense.

Testing right now...

Is it possible or maybe planned to do some kind of "sorting" (or even "tabbing") based on categories?

Thank you again... I'm very glad to see someone really is working on this tasks issue on Sense.


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Jul 4, 2009
Hm this doenst really go well with the GTX sense theme from ElCondor.
Homescreen clock is duplicated, one up side down, one normal. and the swiping doesnt work. And the sun from the weatherpanel still shows in the middle in stead of the right corner.
Gonna reinstall GTX sense xD


Feb 14, 2010
Brighton, UK
Great job Mate, I've just installed it and i like it :).
It's probabbly not a bug but for some reason i only get grid 3x3 quicklinks on My home screen.
Don't know where and how to switch it to 4x4 grid.
Manilla version 2.5.20113626.0
Os 5.2.21891.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Found solution :)
CHTEditor and job done.
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Sep 2, 2009
Dallas, Texas
This definitely shows promise...

There's tons of updates and customizations that can EVENTUALLY be made to such an extension of the Home Tab Editor.

I'm excited to see what else comes from this project. Keep up the great work.


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Dec 1, 2007
I am using this on my HTC Fuze (VGA) and am very impressed. Only complaints/requests are: The animation studders slightly when swiping over to get to the tasks list, and is smooth when going back to the calendar list. Also, on a VGA screen it makes the time and weather pretty small and with 2 appointments/tasks showing it leaves nearly half of the "space" (not including softkeys or touchflow slider). I tried switching the "mode" off of VGA with the CHT settings app, but it still resulted in quicklinks that are getting cut off by the slider. This leads to my request...

Can you make this mod withOUT resizing the clock/weather? or on the flip side, is there a way you could raise the quicklinks up so that on a VGA screen I can have my appointments/tasks and a row of quicklinks?

Also is there a way that a count of active tasks could be visible when on the appointments screen? this way you have a reminder that you infact have tasks that are active.

This is a VERY awesome MOD to be combined with CHT, I think a lot of people have been missing tasks integration into sense2.5. Thanks a lot!

Wind Dancer

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Jun 21, 2007
I just loaded this o to my AT&T Pure with success.
This is so awesome, I have used every other way to get appointments and tasks visible without adding more software.
I wonder how many people would like to see the clock a little bit bigger. I personally don't need quite so much real estate for appointments or tasks. If the two were integrated then maybe most of the screen would be covered. Just a thought.
And in order to edit, number of visible appointments I have to go to the registry for now?
Thank you again for your hard work.


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Apr 1, 2009
London, UK

You and Cookie have done more for my HD than anyone/any other app, thanks so much!

+1 for the larger clock, but apart from that, amazing!!!


Retired Recognized Developer
Mar 19, 2008
Portland, OR
This is just what I was looking for, but +1 on the normal sized clock and weather, so it will play nice with the GTX theme. Great work!