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May 5, 2007
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional AKU 1.0.0
5.2.19199 Build 19199.1.0.0 WWE (ENG)


- pArtizAn (Erofich)

Thanks to:
- Alex[DFR] -
- WM6.1 Pro XIP, a lot of useful info
- GreateVK - betatesting, advices, SmartPhone->PocketPC device id changing, rewritten keyboard driver
- Jony_aa - betatesting


What's included:
- NET Compact Framework v2.0
- xT9 Eng/Rus
- StarTrek settings applet
- Short Home button press to Win
- Long Home button press to OK/Close
- MS Office deleted
- Windows Live deleted
- Esmertec Jbed 3D java

Known issues:
- software keyboard required to write is some text fields

How to flash:
0) READ A README.DOC FILE located in RUU folder in the archive!!!
1) make an application unlock
1.5) make a SuperCID (optional)
2) copy content of SSPL folder to the root (\ folder) of your device
3) run SPL.lnk from the root (\ folder) of your device
4) run ROM Update Utility.exe (from RUU directory in the archive) on your PC
5) follow the instructions
6) wait until flash process will be completed
7) READ A README.DOC FILE located in RUU folder in the archive!!!
You can flash it over ANY (Qtek, Dopod or Cingular) rom!


If you are using WebMoney, you can donate me:

Donate via PayPal:
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Jan 2, 2007
I was waiting for this but I cannot flash right now. Can't wait to find time for flash and test.

Thanks a lot Erofich, you are the best!


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Sep 29, 2006
im backing up my phone now and i will be joining the WM6.1 PRO community soon! ETA 90min. thanks Erofich!

backup done! preparing to flash... fingers crossed..
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Oct 7, 2007
Really nice ROM

I like it a lot. Everything with Active Sync seems to be working great. Great work. I would like to donate something via paypal. is this possible.


Nov 8, 2007
Why should somebody change from standard WM 6.1 to WM 6.1 Pro? - The Pro Version has not so much funktiones - as i see...

What are the advantages of the new version?



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Sep 29, 2006
Bug(s) List

OK i finally flashed WM6.1 PRO to my startrek. so bitching as always (sorry Erofich, i just want to help you guys iron out the bugs), here is the bugs list. (to be updated as frequently as needed, so please check back this post)

Bug List (updated 20th Mac 08)
1. Microphone AGC does not work. enabling will only get a white display with nothing (doesnt hang the device though). and when you check it again, it is still not enabled.
UPDATE : Will be removed in future version

2. When in fake cursor mode, if you leave the device there for a while and it does into standby, the device wakes up in a black dark screen, with only cursor working and the rest of the buttons disabled. cannot access anything too. (i have the owner information displayed on power up optoion checked)
UPDATE : According to Erofich, new cursor coming soon!

3. Camera software is not displaying properly. no menu can be seen, or message from the software cannot be seen. settings keys not working too.
UPDATE : Currently in development by Erofich

4. I noticed bluetooth light is flashing when device is switced on, however, when the OS is fully loaded, bluetooth is not ON. not really an issue, just an observation.

1. back key for smartphone to be enabled so we can map it to close/OK instead of having to hold home key. (will it affect phone dialing backspace? im not sure)
UPDATE : As suspected, nothing can be done here. Holding home key for OK/Close is a bit troublesome,but i guess we just have to sacrifice this for WM PRO

2. where can i download abode reader LE 2.00.261818 cab that i can choose installation path? can you please make a cab for this program?

Annoying Issues with using WM PRO without touchscreen ( Not the author's fault )
1. Old programs that are not designed with soft key feature is a really a PAIN. have to depend a lot on fake cursor. hopefully GreatVK will have a better solution for cursor.
UPDATE : Discovered an easier way of minimizing. double click on home key will minimize any running program.

P/S :All these testings and getting used to is giving me a headache.. will do further testings later. Great work Erofich and your team! By the way, you just appeared in engadget! http://www.engadget.com/2008/03/20/windows-mobile-6-1-professional-running-on-an-htc-startrek/
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Aug 18, 2007
this is WM6.1 PRO, smartphone softwares wont work with it (not fully compatible)

Yes tes.. but i think the Xt9 for pocket pc works.. but witch pack of xt9? I try something... i try to change mssp2 and statdict.0409 and dictprob.0409 file to italian.. but i have no results! My girls write and write message.. I think i have to Keep his hands occupied with my one eyed snake.. hahahah!