Problem With Compiling CM10.1 D2VZW

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Senior Member
Dec 24, 2012
I'm relatively new to the developing scene, and I was looking to get my start with compiling a CM10 ROM. I compiled it just fine, no issues, and I'm currently running that on my phone. Then I decided to try to compile 10.1. I was able to do it the same way as the 10 ROM, except just selecting a different Repo and extracting the proprietary files from a 10.1 ROM instead of 10. So I compile the ROM, flash it, and No communication with the SIM card. No number, no IMEI, no Network status, NOTHING. I flash back to my CM10 build, and it works just fine. I delete the 10.1 repo and redownload it, rebuilt the ROM, same problem! Anybody able to help me here?


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2010
I have exactly the same problem. I build 10.1 once with the files pulles from my phone and one with the propertary files from a repository. I also build it on two different maschines and tested it on 3 different devices.

Any hint?
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