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Problem with samsung galaxy tab s6 lite

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New member
Nov 19, 2021
Greetings !, I want to consult and ask for help on a problem that i'm presenting with my –Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite -sm-p610-.

I Connected this equipment to a power bank as its battery was about to run out and leave it alone while charging. After a few minutes I realize that it turns off but I did not pay attention to it, until it turns on by itself and the following appears (attached image)

1 loag.jpg

Look on my own and as I understood the download mode of the Tablet was activated, or so it seemed, so I tried to get out by pressing the power button + volume down button for a few seconds and it worked, and leave it like that until I connect it to the outlet to charge it, it showed me the charging image and thereafter it disappeared and gave no sign of charging and much less turns on, black screen. I tried several times with the power button and no sign of starting.
What I can do? Is there any solution? It is no longer software but physical?

So far and tried without it working:
-Leave it connected charging at intervals of 10 minutes to 30 minutes in case it is discharged too much
-press the power button for 1 minute or more
-press the power button + volume down button for 20 sec, 1m and 2 minutes without result
- try to do something with ODIN from the pc but it does not recognize the device (other devices do recognize them),

I appreciate your help.