Problem with Sound After Installing Pie

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Dec 15, 2016
Hello everyone,

Some days ago i got the ATT 5ge update and also the Android Pie upgrade. Two days after i was watching a movie and i noticed the volume got lower. I was on MX player and the setting was at 8 and it remained at 8 but the volume got so low i needed to put it on 12 to continue watching the movie.

I have tried using different players, using youtube and even putting the phone in safe mode. No luck. Ringtones and notifcations seems fine, not sure thou.

I am just asking if Pie has known sound issues so i can rule out speakers hardware problems.
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Dec 15, 2016
I know but there is no other way to call it haha. Maybe the new fake 5g update. anyway anyone is having issues or have read about it? I read at launch some devices had problems before a patch.


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Jun 7, 2011
I found the culprit. I noticed several settings were change after the pie update and found out dolby atmos was disabled, all is back to normal.
There is a bug in android pie - if you turn off dolby for gaming and run some game, after you quit the dolby atmos will be turned off (every time you play any game... cool). Was reported to samsung during the beta countless times and they didn't fix something as simple as that. :D