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Problem with speaker/jack

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Senior Member
Oct 17, 2011
Hi, recently my Nexus refused to charge. I mean it was said it's charging, but percent was always the same (even when turned off). It turned out that it was an issue with usb charging port. So I've bought a new charging port, which is also merged with headphone jack port. Anyway after replacing old charging port nexus charges fine. However later I've been watching youtube video on it with sound on speaker. Every small move disables sound. It looks like it's getting "inserted headphones" event all the time. How can I fix this except buying next charging port? I've found two apps which can toggle between speaker and headphones, but problem is it's changing all the time so I probably need something with endlessly forces my nexus to stay on speaker. I don't use headphones anyway. And my device is rooted which may somehow help.


Senior Member
Sep 15, 2012
I'm not sure, but maybe it's a issue with flat cable. Some time ago, I didn't put the flat cable well in my board and in headphone I hear only the left speaker