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Question Problems with S pen pro

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Jun 5, 2009
My s pen pro will not connect to fold 3. It does great with tab s7. I am switching to z fold mode and nothing. My fold does not have any settings for pen or air settings anywhere. Any suggestions? Return pen as defective or is it the crappy Samsung software again? Tried the turn on and Off. It flashes blue. NOTHING. Blue tooth does not see it.
Oct 20, 2021
There are instructions that come with the pen, and it was ridiculously easy to pair. However, I'm at a loss finding any use for it, so haven't used it since the day it came (it was free with the Samsung credit). What does everyone use it for? (Gestures are useless to me as I won't remember them.)

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    Hey all!

    I bought the s pen pro for my fold 3. As a pasive pen it works, but i cannot get it to pair for smart bluetooth capabilities even if i press and hold the pairing button. Has someone experienced this? Is there any fix?
    had the same issues. had to go into phone settings and type in S Pen... and play around in air action settings.