Program android device to display car information?

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Dec 26, 2020
Hi all,

I'm considering / planning an android project to upgrade my car stereo system/screen, and I need your opinion regarding an aspect.
So as for today, my car has an old school stereo and an old school screen that displays basic information, and I'm wondering if I can remove these two modules, and replace them with a single android device that will provide same functionality.

The following picture shows the desired transformation:

as you see in the upper picture, lower part of the dash has the stereo, and above it is the screen,

I'm sure that an android device can fully replace the original stereo and provide same functionality.
As for the car's original screen, this is the tricky part for me. This screen shows information such as the configured AC temperature, AC fan speed, fuel consumption etc. and I'm wondering if there is anyway to develop some android application to read all of this data and display them on the new android device?
anybody done something similar?