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Programming ... Whats Best???

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New member
Jan 25, 2003
Houston, TX
>I'm not sure whitch system is the best 4 programming the XDA?
>AppForge or what?

I guess it depends on your definition of "best".

I do C++, but actually prefer Visual Basic for most
applications due to the development speed for GUI-based

I've downloaded eMbedded Visual Basic and eMbedded C++ from
Microsoft. One problem: EVB apparently does *not* yet
support the XDA architecture (StrongARM).

The SmartPhone SDK from MS *does* support StrongARM (not
*specifically the XDA* that I can tell) but only provides the SDK
for eMbedded C++ (not EVB).

I EMAILed the MobileVB folk and they said:

1) They don't support SmartPhones.
2) They don't have any support for SMS handling.

At this point I guess I'll go to EVC++ unless I can find other
tool(sets) to use.

What *I* would like to see is script support ALA PERL or PYTHON.

Is there anyone out there that knows of a beastie like this?

Or, even better (for me) would be LINUX on the XDA (I've
been using Familiar distro on the iPAQ, and it is great .. can
do GPRS/GPS from a LINUX-based platform (C/C++/JAVA/PERL/PYTHON/whatever).



Senior Member
Jan 28, 2003
You keep mentioning Smartphone here, and the Smartphone SDK. The XDA does not support the Smartphone SDK, as it is not a Smartphone - it runs Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition - something completely different.

So please, don't spend several hours downloading the Smartphone SDK to find it's not the right one. Download the Pocket PC 2002 SDK. I have developed several apps for the XDA using this already.


New member
Mar 4, 2003


I'd like to throw in another suggestion: the .Net Compact Framework. If you're a Delphi programmer (as are we - I used to be on TeamB for Delphi), you'll take to it straight away. After all, .Net and C# was designed by the same Anders Hejlsberg that designed Delphi. C# is very like Object Pascal with a C/Java syntax, but with even more goodies.

We've been using the Compact Framework beta for several months and it is quite simply superb. It was just launched officially on April 26th as part of Visual Studio.Net 2003. However, you don't need to buy Visual Studio - just download the .Net 1.1 SDK from Microsoft - it's free.

It's just a subset of the full .Net Framework, but if you need to do something that's not supported directly in the Framework classes, you can easily call API functions - or even write some code in embedded VC++ and call that. The managed environment is just great.