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[Project][18-Oct-2009] Tuxhero Blackstone-Android - Alpha (v0.2) Released!

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Jun 16, 2008
Blackstone Android V0.2 Alpha

Build Information
Android Version
: 1.5
Kernel Version: 2.6.27

Download Link

http://download.z-z-g.de/Blackstone-v0.2.tar.gz (Thankyou Bastardop)
http://rapidshare.com/files/294423382/Blackstone-v0.2.tar.gz (Thankyou chalid)
http://leech.ti-systems.org/software/android/Blackstone-v0.2.tar.gz (Thankyou imRaJlm)

Videos Running Android on Blackstone (Version Alpha 1) (Thanks zenkinz)




How To Install & Run. Only works on blackstone.
Backup All your SD Card Data.
Extract All file to root folder of your SD Card.
Run haret.exe

Tips & Tricks
Power Managment:
Disable Auto adjust backlight in Windows (Setting->System->Power->Blacklight). By disabling Auto backlight in windows will let Android control blacklight save lot of power usage.

Look & Feel:
After selecting wallpaper you will get a screen with box on wallpaper which u have selected. Click and hold on inside corner of the square box and resize fully for a good quality wallpaper.

Known Issues
Wifi - Not Working
GPS - Not Working
Bluetooth - Not Working
Power Button - Finished Will be available in Version 0.3
G-Sensor - Not Working
Some Memory Card namely transcend don't work.

TODO (Expected in Next Version)
LCD Turn Off and On (LCD Off Working, Currently Working on LCD On)
Power Button (Finished)

Donations Received:
-- Bopp
-- Béla Takács
-- Maurits van Dueren

-- Albert Pocej
-- Chng Sun Ping Jenkins
-- Olivier Auberson
-- Eivind Nag
-- Jesper Sjöquist
-- Olivier Lafont
-- Mike Kiebach
-- Michail Gagidis
-- Mehdi Bouzakri
-- Pedro Charruadas
-- Mattias Welponer
-- Liaw Kim Poh
-- Stuart Tavener
-- rob wooning
-- cesar reyero idigoras
-- Zac Soares
-- Michael Reinkober
-- stefan brombach
-- Benedikt Wieloch
-- naboleo
-- Rajesh S
-- omer kissous
-- Anto Kovacevic
-- daisuke sakai
-- bruce rogers
-- Dan Mcglynn
-- wetete tete
-- Nils Wanner
-- Cesar Neri
-- Chalid El-Heliebi
-- Paula Ferreira Cachada
-- Damien MORLOT
-- Jean Lathiere
-- Gurminder Matharu
-- Christoph Marschner
-- Joao Vasco Ranito
-- Matthijs Jansen
-- Radoslav Olekšák

Thank you friends. All your Thanks, Donations, Friendship encourage me a lot and this is the only reason for not giving up.

Important Notice
This is just a Test Version to try Android and many new improvements in Android Porting project.
Please don't just use it and leave it Test all the feature find issues and report them so that we can fix them. Together we can do alot.

Thanks to cr2 and dzo for all there work and support.
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Jun 16, 2008
Changes Log

Changes Log
Blackstone-Android V0.1
Initial Release

Blackstone-Android V0.2
Switched to Android 1.5 Release
Audio Working (All Applications)
GPRS Working (Need Manual APN Setting)
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Jun 16, 2008
FAQ'S (Provided by Cyclone_storm)
Please Read Faq's before posting your questions.

1. If you are booting and your SD card is not working then you will be displayed with the following text “Waiting for SD Card....”. You need to buy a new SD card or wait for a release that support your SD card.

2. When you boot Android and you need to enter a Sim code because it's locked. Then Reboot your phone go to settings, then phone and disable your your Sim lock.

3. Things that are not working are already known. No WiFi, No Bluetooth, No Power on and off button, No Power off screen button, No Camera and a few other things. These will be provided in next release.

4. All languages will come in the next release. So don't ask for a certain language. Just be patient for the next release.

5. If you want to build a New APN connection press the HOME button in APN configuration screen.

6. When APN is not working just edit the startup.txt and for example change it to live.vodafone.nl and user name and password are both vodafone. Search on you network providers site for Android phone settings, those are the same settings you can use when you create you new APN.

7. For the Dutch Vodafone users, we probably have to wait because 3G or GPRS aren't working at the moment. You can edit all you want is the startup.txt and make new APN connections all you want, but it probably won't work. If you do have the luck it works so be nice to post the exact version you are running on you SD card.

8. When you phone speaker is making strange sounds, just go to sound settings in Android and disable the: Make sound when you enable or disable a check box.

9. We know its sometimes a little bit laggy, thats why it's called an Alpha or a Beta.

10. When you want your phone to have a longer battery life just uncheck the the auto dimming box.

11. This is not a ROM so stop asking for a ROM, we are not even far enough to have these versions fully running. That means that first these Androids need to work for the full 100% before thinking of a ROM.

12. Download link is available in first post.

13. Sense UI dont support WVGA resolution. So it will not be available for blackstone.

14. If you think everything is too small for you, again edit you startup.txt and change this:lcd.density=180 into this:lcd.density=240

15. Some people can't send text messages. Wait for a release where it is possible.

16. Sometimes you can get your data connection to work. Just switch you airplane mode on and off. You should try it ones in a while when you have a new build. After it Reboot it to be sure it did or didn't work.

17. When Android doesn't work on the first boot, Delete the files that have bin made automatically such as the IMG files. After that it will probably boot if you are not having the Waiting Error. Then read my 1st option to help NOOBS sentence.

18. We know the Battery gets sucked dry in these versions, so you don't have to mention it on every 10 pages.

19. No USB is not working please wait for a release where it will work.

21. This is a Blackstone (aka HD) Version. What do you think that means. It probably means it will not work on ANY other phone.
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Jan 25, 2009
Really looking forward to giving this a go, as I'm sure everyone here is!


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Jan 27, 2008
Somewhere in NL
For all those nonbelievers: See what you get when you have patience? That's right... ;)


Aug 7, 2007
Cool. I look forward to trying this. Thanks tuxhero!


Wow. This is impressive. I can't believe where the project has gone! Can't wait for a fully working rls!
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Nov 6, 2008
tux i don't know if in your version there's still the transcend card problem but i'd specify it in the know issue before a mass of people starts asking "why android isn't booting on my blackstone?!?!?".
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