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[Project] Air Gestures to control your phone


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Apr 27, 2011
City of Brotherly Love
I actually installed this to see what was up. On the music version, the profile "Proximity With Music" has three contexts. The AutoNotification context is set to trigger the profile only on notifications from specific apps. You need to check and make sure your app is enabled there. Also, if you don't have AutoNotification installed, it won't work.

As far as taking a photo, that definitely can be done. Here is a Air Camera project. It builds on Joao's project and requires AutoInput to be installed.

It's possible that it won't work out of the "box" due to two things.

1) The "Camera" profile gets triggered based on the Google Camera app opening. This would need to be updated to whichever camera app is used.

2) In the "Handle Camera Gesture" profile entry task, the AutoInput action is expecting the Google Camera app. If that doesn't exist, that action can be updated to operate the shutter button in whatever camera app is installed.

NOTE: In the "Handle Camera Gesture" profile entry task, there is a paused action, "Take Photo". That is actually the Tasker action that will take a photo regardless whether the camera is open or not. It's a bit silly in this application but could be used instead of the AutoInput action.
thank you for the explanation. More importantly, thank you for finding the camera action.
Now this makes sense and I think I can get it going now. [emoji106]

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