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Jul 29, 2010
Finally my sim is shipped. Ordered 10/14. Shipped 10/23. Expecting 10/29.

Such a long wait imo.

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Jan 22, 2007
My Nexus 6 on T-Mobile gets band 12 whenever I'm traveling through the Daytona Beach area. I'm located in Ormond Beach and no band 12 here unfortunately. Sooooo I received a V1 sim last week and then the newer V2 sim yesterday. Noticed Google changed the packaging to a larger envelope for the V2 (looks like the silhouette of a Nexus 6 - ironic I admit).

Currently waiting for my T-Mobile billing cycle to close out before activating fi, but going to make sure it's activated using fi 5.1.1 specific build LVY48H. Now which sim should I use to activate? V1 or V2? fi support really cant give a straight answer on the differences between V1 and V2.

For the record the N6 takes crappy low light photos.... :p

If it were me I would activate v2 since its the latest and may work with future versions.

Oh, and try low light pics using HDR+ instead of flash. You might like the results better!

I'll give that a try and see how it goes. Still going to activate on 5.1.1 build LVY48H then upgrading to 6.0 universal build. Thanks for the tip on better low light shots. Definitely going to try that mode out.


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Nov 19, 2010
Wichita, KS
Everywhere in my area sprint is bad. But for some reason it keeps defaulting to sprint and I have to force it to tmobile and it goes from no bars to full bars. Why would it choose no service? Only 3 days in....not sure if I will stay with it or not T-Mobile doesn't have the coverage I got with at&t
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Mar 21, 2012
Raleigh, NC
Everywhere in my area sprint is bad. But for some reason it keeps defaulting to sprint and I have to force it to tmobile and it goes from no bars to full bars. Why would it choose no service? Only 3 days in....not sure if I will stay with it or not T-Mobile doesn't have the coverage I got with at&t

I have the same issue. Sprint service is terrible where I am. I switch it to Tmo and I get great service, but it switches itself back after about 30 minutes.

Really annoying.


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Dec 2, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
At least you guys have Sprint and T-Mobile coverage. Tmo only had one tower where I live and Sprint roams off Verizon. Before I moved up here I ordered the sim since I was in both the coverage areas, but now I think project fi would be useless.

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Jul 12, 2012
And I'm pissed. They changed their policy regarding welcome kits again!! If you ordered a Nexus 6 from Project Fi on Sept 29th or before, you get one, but with a sim only, the date is now Sept 10 ordered and activated to get a WC.

Complete bs. They'll give you a $20 credit if you were promised one by support, but they are selling for $80 on eBay and I really wanted that battery pack.

Here's a support topic outlining the adjusted rules for the welcome kits. I ordered a SIM on Sept 29th as well and did not receive one. Based on this thread it seems like they gave out a large number of invites on Sept 29th so they don't want to provide welcome kits to all of us.


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Mar 2, 2010
Red Lion Pa
This may have been mentioned. However if you want multiple Google fi Sims you DO NOT have to use different accounts. If you call Google fi support and say you lost your sim they will provide you with a link. This link you can order a sim. This link doesn't expire. Order as many Sims as you like (one at a time) when you go into your Google fi app they will show as individual lines.


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Aug 3, 2009
OnePlus 9
While sitting here waiting for my Fi SIM, I've been reading how the M radio fails to support Band 12 on TMo. But in order to activate (and use?) Fi while running M, people have posted that the M bootloader and M radio need to have been flashed... and Band 12 is lost.

Anyone know if the M Preview radios (MPA44G or MPA44Q) play nice with Fi while running M (PureNexus)?

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Permit me to answer my own question, in hopes that someone else can profit:

I'm successfully running PureNexus (a custom Marshmallow ROM) with Project Fi, using the last preview radio (5.24) and Band 12 did show up!


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Dec 2, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Just as a fyi, I got this email today


Thanks for signing up for Project Fi!

By now you’ve either received your order or should be receiving it shortly.

We’ll be spending our Halloween carving out a few improvements to Project Fi. We wanted to give you a heads-up since this means*you won’t be able to activate your new device between 10/31/2015 11:30pm EST and 11/1/2015 3pm EST.*Rest assured if you’ve already activated service, or plan to do so before our maintenance starts, you will not experience any issues making calls, texts, or using data.*This maintenance will only impact account activation and account management.

If you’re a little spooked, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions or concerns - we’re available 24/7 by*phone,*chat, or*email.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you again for your order. We look forward to welcoming you to the Project Fi family soon!

Happy Halloween!

--The Project Fi team

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    i have one as well

    I, too, have been using Google Fi.
    I live in north Texas, I know someone who works at Google who got me on the short list.
    I got the service along with a new Nexus 6 phone, which was actually indicated as the "(Recommended)" way of doing things when I was going through the sign-up and ordering process (I suppose because they can then ship it to me with SIM card in and ready to go).
    I've been using it since May 8th. There have been some updates to the Connectivity Services app in that short time that has appeared to already improved my experience with the service.
    So far this week, signal has been good throughout my commute (Fort Worth to Dallas and back).
    I haven't strayed far from my daily work schedule yet, so I have no observations to share about the use of open WIFI access points.
    I have made and received several calls, particularly while connected to WIFI. While my initial use of this had issues, it's worked very well since.
    I do feel that some latency and audio quality differences can be noticed when using WIFI calling, but nothing that has made it unsuitable for work use.
    I came from StraightTalk, and I have noticed that my cell signal at a couple locations (ie, my parent's home in the boonies) is weaker than it was with StraightTalk (AT&T towers).
    I'm aiming to use less than 1GB of data a month typically, as I have a lot of access to WIFI.
    I will be traveling to Austin next week and will be observing the service (signal, open WIFI, etc,) closely.
    Yeah, I've had Fi activated for 24 hours now. I got an invite on Tuesday, but a friend of mine works for Google and he got me on the friends & family list I guess.

    Basically, it's been spotty. I've had a lot of random data disconnects. Like, while connected to WiFi, the icon changes to have an exclamation point next to it and I have to toggle airplane mode to get it working again. A few times after leaving my office (where the cell signal indoors is very poor, but outdoors is very strong) I've had no data connectivity over LTE, although signal shows as strong. Airplane mode toggle again.

    So don't worry about getting invites yet, it appears my friend getting me onto an early list just allows me to help beta test a little more.

    On the bright side, when I've commuted last night and this morning, once I had my data connection up, I was able to stream music (both Spotify and TuneIn) flawlessly. No pauses for buffering or anything, which isn't something I could say about my OPO running on AT&T.

    FWIW I live in Austin
    After 2 weeks with Project Fi, I'm very satisfied. It's exactly as I anticipated.

    I was previously on AT&T, which has a superior network to both Sprint & Tmobile where I live. The network speeds and coverage are better. Now on Project Fi, there are lots of orange, yellows, and reds on the "Cellular network signal" in the Battery stats. The data connection does periodically drop out when I'm in buildings. But I am constantly on either work or home Wi-Fi. Even at the grocery store just now, the N6 automatically connected me to a strong Wi-Fi signal and showed me the secure key icon on the status bar.

    According to the Project Fi App, I've used .132 GB with 15 days to go. My bill was $34.41 and it looks like I'll get about $7.50 in credit next month. That's down from $78.55 with Att. Yes, the network is inferior, but there isn't any practical consequence for me. The call quality is fine. SMS/MMS works. I'm sure I'll find problems as I travel, especially driving in rural areas. AT&T was never particularly great in rural areas anyway and it's definitely not worth $600/yr to me to have better connectivity on dirt roads.
    Going to test it out this afternoon.

    My initial impressions are good:
    • I'm on Build LMY47D totally stock.
    • I had an update for Google Connectivity Services in the Play Store upon putting in my Fi SIM.
    • redirects me to Project Fi's page now.
    • My previous carrier was AT&T. I transferred my number, and basically instantly I am receiving SMS/MMS/Calls sent to my number in the Hangouts app. I gave them my account # when I requested the SIM several days ago, so maybe they initiate the process then? I don't know. It seemed awful quick.
    • To get Messenger to work, I had to disable "Messages" in the Hangouts app. As outlined here. This apparently removes your ability to receive SMS/MMS in Hangouts. I think it's a tradeoff between the full featured Messenger app and being able to send/receive messages from the PC
    • I can also send & receive SMS/MMS/Calls from Hangouts on the PC
    • I've made outgoing calls with the phone and the stock Android Dialer says either "Dialing" or "Dialing via [my WIFI SSID]". No idea how it's deciding on what network to use.
    • Nothing concerning about call quality. I could hear and be heard just fine.
    • Whoever I call sees my correct phone number on the limited number of tests I ran.
    • According to the Speedtest app, I'm on T-Mobile LTE and getting 6 down/1 up.. The building I'm in has a metal roof and gets terrible reception. I'll try more speed tests elsewhere.

    There's still a lot for me to go through and learn. How Hangouts on the PC and Google Messenger and Android Dialer all interact with each other in terms of history and call logs etc, is still unclear. I will probably revise some of this as I understand it better.
    Going to test it out this afternoon.