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Feb 3, 2010
Thanks again, going to give it a try....PS WI-FI chip is AM7256. Don't see anything on a driver/patch for this chip.
I have one of these mysterious "deviant" models with the AM7256 (apparently there is air 100 and air a100, I have the latter)

Edit: I flashed "air 100" slim. No wifi.

Edit 2: Flashed my "P1" air 96x, preliminary results, all seem to be working with slimrom atv installed

Edit 3: @raruba I found my stock firmware beforehand in-case, and I then took suggestion of another forum, flashed slim for "max plus a100" wifi works, on my the x96 a100.

So this is where my flashing journey ends unless I have stability issues (it may be placebo, but I think having the max plus a100 rom on my air a100 is a bit "laggy"?...could just be perceived.
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Feb 1, 2010
Hello, First I have to thank to developers for this great firmware, Great job guys!
I am using Slimbox 15.2 on X96max and i have a one annoying problem
Sound is cutting out on low volume, when volume regulator is set to 65 there are some videos that have no audio output at all at first 8 bars on volume regulator from 9 to 11 bars i have output with lots of cutouts if there is some quiet background music i cant hear it until someone in video speaks up (this is a worst case as an example)
Tried to set volume regulator to 15, got 1-2 bars mute 3-4 bars output with cutouts 5 or more bars got normal output on same video, not sure this is a firmware problem but I hope someone has a solution.

Thank you!


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May 21, 2022

proyecto slimboxtv

Firmware multimedia para TV box con procesadores Amlogic S912, S922X, S905X2, S905X3, S905X, S905W, S905Y2

slimBOXtv ATV y PIE son dos firmwares personalizados adecuados con algunas modificaciones para muchas cajas de TV Android.
El firmware principal de ATV se instala a través de UBT.

Versión 15.2
• Panel de información agregado en forma de ventana
• Ajuste de escala de imagen agregado (dpi)
• TVLauncher desconectado de las actualizaciones del mercado (ATV)
• Lanzador de terceros habilitado para TVLauncher (ATV)
• Firmware actualizado
• Modificaciones sistemáticas

Parche acumulativo para SLIMBOX

Nuevos cambios:



Cajas de TV compatibles
⬇️ s905x
⬇️ s905x2
⬇️ s905x3
⬇️ s905x4
⬇️ s912
⬇️ s905w
⬇️ s905w2
⬇️ s905w4
⬇️ s922
⬇️ s905y2



Instrucciones en vídeo

Ayuda al proyecto [/OCULTAR]


chat de telegramas
metroy agradecido


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Dec 28, 2011
Hello, I'm using a usb touch screen with hk1 box. After flash 12.2 pie I find that the touch screen didn't work. It worked with original firmware, is there any way to support it by slimbox? I like the feel of pie but touch screen is more important.

The touch part of my screen is 'Multi-Touch by G2TSP'.
Did you find any solution for that issue? I'm running slimbox 15.2 on HK1 box. Thanks.


Oct 7, 2015
Hello , please make new image for Beelink GT1 Ultimate SN start With B706D wifi chip 6335

thanks in advance


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Dec 28, 2011

Worked for me WITH TOUCH!
We tested the latest "minislimtv" for Mecool BB2 and Pro on a Yoka KB2 (non-pro) and works very well, except:.
  • 5Ghz wifi that deadlocks the unit;
  • automatic "best resolution" setting that seems to return not-so-accurate results (on Samsung U32H850 and U32J590 monitors detects 12bits where both panels are 10).
  • on/off hardware buttons don't work (and shoutdown option absent);
Hope that helps.
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May 18, 2016
hi, i have x96s with x905y2 chip..
I tried version 15.2 Pie, everything seems to work fine, but after a few minutes the wi-fi disappears, I have to restart the stick.
any suggestion?


Nov 19, 2013
Hi all, First of all thanks to developers for this great firmware.
Everything is working fine but i can't find the app for DVB-T2/S2 tuner (in the original firmware DTV.apk).
Someone can help me?



Aug 26, 2021
Hi guys! I have a Minix Neo U9-H (S912) and I have tried all the available firmwares, but I can't get the remote (Mismapped keys) and USBs to work. Somebody could help me? Thank you so much!


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Oct 3, 2015
OnePlus 9 Pro
@Reaper Man
At first i want to thank you guys for this amazing rom. It really works very well on my Orbsmart s85 which has the same hardware configurarion like the Beelink GT1-Mini2.

There are only 2 features i would kindly like to request for the next build.
1. Can you please add an option to switch system in extended reboot menu to be able to boot from CoreELEC?
2. It is awesome that you added super SU as a rooting method, but would there also be a way to include magisk as root? The point is, that magisk would provide us so many features like DRM fix and microG or maybe even Xposed and currently i find no way to get disney+ working on this rom. Even via Kodi it does not start the videos so that i always have to switch to CoreELEC for watching Netflix and Disney+.

Thanks in advance and kind regards
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Apr 27, 2019
Hi Slimbox, thanks for the great roms.
I have Sunvell T95Z Plus S912 with 2/16 DDR4 ram and with WiFi AP6255 and lan ZTE ZX2aa500. I think I tried all the roms, and the only one I manage to install is Ugoos AM3, but lan doesn't work and WIFI doesn't work well. Is there any solution for my box?


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Installed the latest versions successfully on Tanix T9s (S912) and Tanix TX3 max
( S905W same as mini with bluetooth - everything works, including BT). The latter seems a little lagging, but I think it's normal. Thank you for your excellent work!

p.s. Trying to find a way to donate...
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Oct 13, 2016
Hi, just installed slimbox v15.2 img on the A95x F3 Air box . (Opened box to check and is the Mediatek MT7668RSN Wifi /Blueooth chip.) Wifi and Bluetooth work ok on 1st boot and connects to speakers but when reboot again the bluetooth will not switch on. If do another reset, it works again until reboot box and then won't come back on. Am back on the original firmware just now with working BT and hope can find another driver to install, if can fix it. Thanks .


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Jun 2, 2022
Hi SlimHouse, thanks for the great roms.

I got a HK1Box and Installed the Slimbox 15.2 successfully, after being used for some time I found my HK1Box Lan is JL2101, it caused a real annoying problem that is can't wake up the box from sleep or power off or hibernation, I have to unplug and plug the power. then I tried other system firmware like CoreELEC(S905X3). EmuELEC(S905X3), all have the same problem.

When I Installed the Slimbox 15.2 for X96MAX_PLUS_2101, this problem are solved, I can wake up the box anytime I want , that's feel so Good!!!! but in this version I can't use the wifi and bluetooth.

So I hope someone could teach me how to fix this problem, or maybe you guys can make a HK1Box _2101 version, cause I find a lot of new HK1Box are used this JL2101.

thx a lot.
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    Can someone please tell me how to boot into bootloader mode so I can load TWRP?
    With other ROMs I've always done it by hold a toothpick in the A/V jack and plugging in the DC cord, but with Slimbox 15.3 I cannot do it.
    Any ideas?

    Device Settings - Extended Reboot - Boot to recovery
    ugslimtv 042.8

    • TVLauncher disconnected from market updates (ATV)
    • Added information to device settings - Source code version - encrypted or not
    • Corrections for cursor and font selection
    • Russian translation has been added to the settings
    • Fixed program display (PIE)
    • Added voice Ugoos default search
    • Systematic amendments

    Download ATV or PIE
    Hi guys! I have a Minix Neo U9-H (S912) and I have tried all the available firmwares, but I can't get the remote (Mismapped keys) and USBs to work. Somebody could help me? Thank you so much!
    Version for your China Box
    Available today the 29th
    Go to slimboxtv ru
    Happy Testing
    Has anyone else the issue with latest 15.3 build, that settings crash, if you try to enter Leankey Keyboard Pro Settings?
    Yeah seems to have some problems in settings. Im having the same thing, and the mouse pointer is super big
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    project sliMBOXtv

    Multimedia firmware for TV boxes with Amlogic S912, S922X, S905X2, S905X3, S905X, S905W, S905Y2 processors

    slimBOXtv ATV and PIE are two custom firmwares suitable with some modifications for many android TV boxes.
    The main ATV firmware is installed via UBT.

    Version 15.3

    • Corrections for cursor and font selection
    • Russian translation has been added to the settings
    • Fixed program display (PIE)
    • Additional options in Device settings - Power
    • Added voice Ugoos default search
    • Systematic amendments

    Cumulative patch for SLIMBOX

    New changes:


    Supported TV boxes

    SLIMBOX ver 8

    • Updated google services and apk
    ВЂ Returned the choice in the settings of a dark or white theme
    • Returned additional image settings
    • Updated firmware
    • In AOSP, I returned the recent stocks and closed the menu button
    • Added debug settings
    • Added additional power settings
    • Various system corrections
    I have found out how to root SlimRom with Magisk:

    1. Root SlimRom via the settings
    Then you will have "Superuser" rooting.

    2. Install TWRP
    You don't need to, but you can install your TWRP image permanently via the TWRP app:

    3. Extract boot.img
    You need to extract "boot.img" in TWRP:
    cat /dev/block/boot > /sdcard/boot.img

    4. Patch the stock boot.img with Magisk manager app
    Install Magisk manager apk.
    Press the upper install button and select the stock boot.img.
    Magisk will create a patched boot.img.

    5. Now unroot in SlimBox settings

    6. Flash the patched boot.img in TWRP by selecting install, then image, then choose the file, to "boot"

    7. Finally flash in TWRP

    Thats it.
    14.7 is out!!!
    3. Extract boot.img from stock firmware
    You need to have a stock rom for your device.
    Ideally a zipped rom, so that you can extract the "boot.img" out of it.

    In case you have an img-file, than you need to extract "boot.img" out of it via Amlogic toolkit:

    By this you can extract the stock boot.img from the stock firmware.

    This is only good for android 7 images, Android 9 (which most people are using) is totally different.
    To root slimbox you only need patch the current boot.img
    In twrp :
    cat /dev/block/boot > /sdcard/boot.img

    Then use magisk to patch the img

    Reboot to twrp

    Flash the patched boot.img to boot.