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project SLIMBOX

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Oct 24, 2012
I have one box running 10.4. in the beginning only just after booting the box up did the screen have the white border flash two or three times. But lately after the recent Google software update from the Play store it's doing what the op said, while watching a movie in an app it'll flash a few times randomly I have no idea what is triggering it or what's causing it , but it's happening a half dozen a dozen times a day now while watching the box where it only used to happen just after booting up. Something changed , most likely it's in the Google updates that have come out in the last few months there's been three different updates of webview, Google, Android TV remote, Android TV core ...

I would like to know what causes it also, I have turned on afrd again but that don't change in the middle of a movie and my TV displays the change that's not happening with the white flash boarder.
Same problem here but don't know why. My device is a95x f3 air with unrooted slimbox 11.5 version.

I haven't met with same issue before, until last weekend. I don't remember that I've changed any settings which might related recently. And before this happened, I've been already using Viper for a couple months. I thought that it might not have business with Viper.

Do anyone still face the same problem now? Are there any other possible solutions? I'm not very expecting but still hoping someone could help for fixing it.

Thanks anyway.
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Mar 3, 2021
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this is the procedure is very tricky

FIRST with the unpluged usb from PC

1 Open the Amlogic Burning Tool
2 select the image you wish to burn and load it
3 Hit Start
Here is the tricky part SHORT the point in the picture to GND then while still holding the short , connect the usb cable to the pc in his moment it will start to burn the img, release the short inmediatly
I tried as you told me but the computer stil not recognize the device..i dont knwo why with the 10.7 firmware the computer recognize the devise and now no?


Jan 8, 2013
I have an A95x F3 Air. I installed the firmware twice, once the ATV 11_4 version and second the ATV 11_6 version.

In the 11_4 version, the optical S/PDIF passthrough works fine in Plex, but not in JellyFin.
In the 11_7 version, the optical S/PDIF passthrough does not work at all

In the 11_4 version in the sounds settings of the device itself, I can select the interface
In the 11_7 version I can select the protocols

Also, on the 11_4 versio, Netflix refused to run.


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Jul 2, 2021
Hello is there any firmware for X96 Max plus 2gb version with LAN 100, Amlogic W150S1 WiFi module; support 2.4G & 5G, Board version BM838_141 v1.0 21022?


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