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Jul 29, 2011
Please fix the "Google photos unlimited upload". It shows it is unlimited but still counts towards account storage. I have to install other mods to fix it.


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Dec 26, 2011
Hi, thanks dev for this awesome ROM. BUT im having a problem. I have 5g version with 128GB of storage memory, BUT this ROM only show and see 32GB! System 16GB + Data 16GB..... where is the rest of storage?
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Jan 27, 2012
Blach Hole
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
How did you do 5 quick icons instead of 4?
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I have 2 bugs in this ROM (4.1 Exy).

1. Bixby Routines sometimes starts, sometimes don't start. Turning routines of/on fixes it temporarily.

2. Fingerprint sensor sometimes doesn't react. Seems like it tries to light up the sensor, but does so for too short of a time and not bright enough. Turning the screen on/off temporarily fixes it.


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Aug 23, 2012
v4 is the most current PUBLIC build available, there is a v4.1 based on the October update that's a private build. private builds are offered to any donars first and held back a while. in this case we're skipping October as a public build. Nov might be late from Samsung as it's gonna jump to OneUI 5.0 very soon.
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    This rom is based on stock OneUI for Galaxy S20 FE. It has been debloated , tweaked and modded for some tasteful features.

    Please Note
    * Your warranty is now void ( anyway it got void when you unlocked your bootloader :p)
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or your getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * Some Bugs might happen because of stock firmware so don't blame me for them. Report them to me I will see if it is possible to fix them from my side
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Do it at your own Risk

    1. Unlocked Bootloader
    2. Custom Recovery
    3. Stock Firmware
    • Tastefully debloated so that apps and services doesnt break
    • Custom Bootanimation and Custom Wallpapers
    • Custom Kernel ( Project X Kernel)( to be flashed separately)
    • Custom Fonts and Emojis
    • Build Prop Tweaks
      • Multiuser
      • Call Delay Fix
      • Disable Error Checking
      • Increase Jpg quality to 100%
      • Disable Knox
      • wireless display fix
      • Rmm Fix
      • Faster Boot
      • Disabled Built In Error Reporting
      • Time Duration for Wifi Scanning tweaked
      • 3D Render Optimizations
      • Launcher in Memory
      • Save Battery Without Performance Drop
      • Better Signal
      • Adb Fix
      • Improve Audio and Video
      • Better Call Voice Quality
      • Game Settings
      • Emperor Settings
      • Dalvik Virtual Machine Tweaks
      • Better Scrolling
      • Allow Purge of Assets To Free Ram
      • Boot and Shutdown Animation Boost
      • Camera Tweaks Supports Google Camera (Not sure if it works for everyone)
      • Screen Recorder tweaks
      • few more
    • Floating Feature Tweaks
      • Google Feed Added
      • Super Fast Charging option
      • Samsung Marketing Disabled
    • Camera Features
      • Dual Recording Added
      • Auto Focus on all video modes
    • Google Photos Mods
    • Vendor Build prop optimisation
    • Custom Features
      • Secure Folder fix
      • Theme Trial patched
      • Screenshot enabled in Secure Apps
      • Quick Reply in lockscreen
      • Private share and secure WIfi fixed
      • Double Tap to sleep in status bar
      • QS tils number changer
      • High volume warning removed
      • 360 rotation
      • Rom info in about settings
      • Adaptive Brightness boosted
      • Dual Messenger Patched
      • Modded CallUI
    • CSC Features
      • Volte, Screenshot and many icons in Quick Settings
      • Mobile Data Toggle in Power Off Menu
      • Voice Recording Activated ( It doesnt work in Wifi Calls and that is set by Samsung)
      • 4g icon in status bar replaced with LTE
      • Knox gaurd disabled
      • Real Time Network speed in status bar
      • Camera Shutter Sound Button
      • WIFI calling active
      • Many more csc features
    • Legacy Fonts Fix
    • Bluetooth Pairing on reboot fixed
    • Liboemcryto patched for streaming apps to work ( still l3)
    • Disabled Samsung Services
    • No encryption applied
    • No Boot Unlock Warning( EXY only)

    Instruction to Flash
    1. Format Data is a must for best performance
    2. Flashing it over clean install is advised though not recommended
    3.Install Zip through custom recovery like twrp
    4. Flash Magisk



    Kernel source the ProjectX Kernel is based on Source


    Public Builds
    Please note that the builds published here are public builds and wont be updated that frequently compared to Private Build which require donation to enter in the private group. Private Build Group members will get frequent updates. Public Build update cycle is every two months.

    Firmware Base
    • Exynos -
      • DVD3(v1.1)(April Patch)
      • DVE3(V1.1M)(May Patch)
    • Snap 4g- CVD7(V1.1)(May Patch)
    • Snap 5g- FVD9(V1.1)(May Patch)

    Pubic Group Link
    S20FE Modding Group
    ProjectX Rom Website
    V3 Builds are up
    1) July Patch
    2) updated Magisk to 25.1
    3) Latest Safetynet Patched
    Also we have a lite version of the build with much of the samsung services removed apart from the essential one as well as much of the google crap is removed apart from the essential ones.

    Builds are private at the moment as per our policy and will be released to public a bit later.

    If you still wanna try the private build hit me up on telegram.

    1) July Patch
    2) updated Magisk to 25.1
    3) Latest Safetynet Patched

    Outdoor Mode added
    ->SafetyNet module Added
    ->More Emojis Added
    ->Updated the bootanimation and Shutdown animation
    ->June patch
    ->Long press on back button to kill app
    ->Remove double tap to sleep on status bar
    ->Removed 360 rotation
    ->Magisk updated to v25 and included by default
    ->New bootanimation and shutdown animation
    ->Shealth patched version added

    Please note
    PUBLIC Build people with snap 5g you need to format data before installing the newest version. Private build people are fine
    Update Changelog
    ->October Patch
    ->September Patch
    ->Contains all the changes from V3.5
    -> Biggest feature yet Reboot Menu Finally!!
    ->AOD Transition Fixed
    Great ROM, successfully installed it on my S20 FE 5G without issues. Magisk Application was not installed, so I just flashed the latest version via TWRP. It also saves me the hassle of manually patching boot.img. I didn't install the custom kernel and opted for the stock kernel for improved stability.