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Mar 7, 2023
Hi, first of all thanks a lot for your hard work. I have Galaxy J7 Prime (G601F) and I'm using TWRP Recovery (v3.2.3-0). I tried installing this ROM from my stock rom using this recover and it got installed successfully. And as you mentioned after 15 seconds when I force reboot it, it starts up successfully and I'm presented with a welcome screen with a blue arrow to start the setup. But the thing is I'm unable to select anything, my touch screen is not working, although I'm pretty sure that is registering my clicks because when the screens gets dim (before turning off after display timeoute), whenever I click, it get backs to normal and the display timeout resets. But I'm unable to click on any other option.

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    Some information you should know..

    • This is a full Samsung OneUI ARM64 port with android version 9.0.
    • If you want to report a Bug, read the F.A.Q First Then provide a logCat OR with detailed explanation.
    • Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply.
    • [FOR DEVS] If you want to use this as a base for other exynos7870 Phones. Please ask first, and provide proper credits and links to the original thread.
    • Any sort of File Kanging will be reported without hesitation.

    As the nature of these ports go, it was a non stop battle for almost 3 weeks straight to get it to this point where all features are working as expected. if you appreacite this work Hit the Thanks button, and consider a Donation.

    RULES OF POSTING : READ everything before commenting, And especially the instlal steps, the rom has been tested throughly for a long time, so if you have an critical issue like not booting or no sim, you missed the instructions, posts that are irrelevant to this project will be ignored(Constructive criticism is welcomed). If you do face a new bug however, dont just say "hey bug here" provide more information, and a LOGCAT, bug reports without logcats will most likely be ignored.

    • Rebased to Official A730FXXU6CSJ2
    • Full ARM64 Base
    • updated all hardware libs to comply with recent kernels
    • updated GPU Blobs to R28P0 For better performance
    • updated Power, memtrack and wifi
    • Re-added all the previous prometheus mods
    • improved RAM and memory to suite our low end devices
    • Replaced some apps with 32bit ones for size
    • added patches for FMRadio, wifihotspot and others
    • Removed some aroma Bloat for size (can be found in galaxy apps)
    • Redo Feature tweaks (including OMC modding)
    • Performance improvments related to some libs
    • Debloated most useless apps
    • Restored AutoPreConfig to download missing samsung apps on setup
    • Updated samsung fonts
    • Added S10+ Sound effects and ringtones
    • Moved Samsung Wellbeing to aroma
    • Redid and updated YUVA mods
    • added extSDmover in storage manager
    • Other misc changes

    Extra Features :-
    • AlwaysOn Display(J7 Only)
    • All the original features are present (Wifi,Bluetooth etc)
    • BluelightFilter
    • S10 Wallpapers and multiWallpaper pack
    • BixbyVision
    • Latest Camera UI
    • DolbyAtmos With DualSpeaker mods
    • Heavly optimised for J5 J7 variants with their own seperate configrations
    • DE-Knoxed and disabled Additoinal samsung root preventions and secuirty spams
    • Note 8 modded OMC with Additional Features
    • VoLTE Support for INS users and countries that use it
    • Uptodate APN Configration
    • Added navbar selection (Aroma)
    • Added exclusive samsung apps (Aroma)
    • Dualsound and BoostedAudio configs (Aroma)
    • 1700+ Fonts MOD (Aroma)
    • IOS 12 / Android Pie Emojis (Aroma)
    • GoodLock 2019 Suite (Aroma)
    • AdAway (Aroma)
    • BixbyHome And Bixby Routines
    • Full Pie YUVA Suite (SecureWifi, AppLock, Call Blocker and so on)
    • Native Screen Videorecorder
    • Native Call recorder
    • Nav bar mods in aroma
    • Many prop tweaks
    • Many feature tweaksAnd many more additions from My previous ROMs
    • Check the changelogs for the FULL feature set


    • GCC version: aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc (GCC) 10.0.1 20200121
    • kernel: proper hardware GCC optimizations
    • kernel: removed size optimization
    • kernel: built with performance optimizations (O3) and other things
    • kernel: interactiveS9 set as default governor
    • kernel: interactiveS9: optimized for great performance and decent
    • battery life
    • Mali: fixed some timer rates
    • DEVFREQ: multi-governor support (performance, interactive,
    • simple-ondemand, powersave and userspace)
    • DEVFREQ: ported interactive governor from Exynos 7904

    1. ensure you have LATEST TWRP
    2. Download and copy the ROM to your device external SDcard (preferred)
    3. Wipe everything (SYSTEM,DATA,CACHE,DALVIK and preferably Internal storage all together)
    4. Flash the ROM.ZIP
    5. After the boot animation is on for 15~20 Seconds. Hold VolumeDown+power until the device rebootsSetup your rom and READ the F.A.Q for more information.
    6. To Root, Flash the latest Magisk Canary Build after a successful Boot

    Imgur Album with ALL photos : IMGUR Album

    IF you helped in this rom and i forgot you, tell me in a PM or in a reply

    @ananjaser1211 for making this beast ROM
    @spartanicus for kraken kernel, :)) kraken is lit bro!
    @astrako for his arm64 tricks, youre such a legend sar!
    @corsicanu for always working with me on my projects, And many features
    @kill-switch For ideas for extra Localization
    @mohitmallick17 For debugging on his J710
    @LuanTeles For help with feature and csc features
    @gyogubin (kousagood) for A600N Beta Dump
    @topjohnwu for for magisk
    @RickyBush_ For Emojis

    And the rest of EliteTeam

    Testers :

    And few more that didn't give me their usernames.

    NewsChannel : Telegram
    Come hang with us on our chat : Telegram
    PrometheusOneUI V3.0 Based on A730FXXU6CSJ2 [LATEST]
    AFH : SOON
    Google Drive : SOON
    Size : 1.7GB

    - Rebased to Official OneUI A600FNXXU3BSC5
    - Fixed Goodlock issues when installing from aroma and updated them
    - Updated all apps to latest stable ones
    - Fixed many under the hood issues that caused instability
    - Updated Audio HW fully to stable Pie
    - Fixed GameTools for nonNavbar
    - Fixed Video res options in samsung camera
    - More RMM stuff removed
    - S10 MultiWallpapers
    - S10 Wallpapers
    - NavBar or Gestures only mod added
    - Enabled back AutoPreConfig (To install missing apps automatically)
    - Dolby Fixed
    - Google Faceunlock
    - Samsung FaceUnlock (Disable FingerPrints and FP gestures to use)
    - Fix a problem that caused AOD to crash at times and require a hard reboot
    - Fix an issue that caused "CLIPBOARD" dialouge to show up everytime the keyboard is up

    - Helios Pie V3.0
    - Imported every good thing from Helios 2.7
    - Overclocking support
    - Custom governors
    - And much more
    -initial release

    XDA:DevDB Information
    PrometheusOneUI_V3.0_G610_ARM64, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J7

    neel0210, ananjaser1211, jbsjoshua007
    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: LATEST BOOTLOADER
    Based On: ONEUI

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v3
    Stable Release Date: 2020-01-27

    Created 2020-01-27
    Last Updated 2020-01-28
    made my day xD

    Guy I'm new here but I have been using Black bird version 6.0.... is this rom better than black bird
    though i just ported it, all credits goes to @ananjaser1211 who made this beast rom. so better thank him and hit like in this port xD.
    updating the rom links, i applied that fix in it just need to test its working or not, so better if u join the group and telegram and help us to fix it out.

    For sure I'll test if it's fixed and I'm already in team galaxy group, I'm Jean (brazilian flag) there, you can call me anytime.
    Please Download link v3 ?
    Please Download link v3 ?

    Yes, I am also looking for downloading v3 ROM.