propose a tastier steering wheel design for racing games

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Jul 5, 2022

I am waiting for a racing game with a more humanized and also tastier steering wheel design
only right thumb is able to perform all moves:

pivot = start the engine
tug outward = accelerate
tug inward = brake/decelerate
release the thumb = the button would automatically recedes back to the pivot = lost in locomotion = decelerate
repeat pedaling the accelerator to roar the exhaust pipe = hold the pivot button, tug outward then release ←repeat
thumb torque up = turn left
thumb torque down = turn right
able to steer over +/-495° resemble to a real car
colour may change to red to signify a your steering wheel yet restore
highly simulate a rally racing

left thumb = gear lever/ props
left thumb is allowed to press back on its designated place for a preciser two-point correction

effect: during an abrupt turn, the thumb will spontaneously retreats nearer to the pivot whereas auto decelerates
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