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Question Pros/Cons of China variant abroad

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Sep 14, 2007
I live in a country that uses n78 exclusively

I have seen screenshots posted of 500-700mb

Although I got about half that

On kimovil.com it says the 5g 4g 3g and 2g bands are the same but that could be erroneous
They're not erroneous, the CN version use only 2CA (channel aggregation) while the global version use up to 4CA.. I'm just curious to know if flashing global rom over the CN device will use 4CA 'cause the modem.img maybe can unlock various combination of aggregation. Could someone download the app NetMonster and show the channels aggregation?


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2012
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
What extra bucks?? On AliExpress Global cost the same as CN version.
However Trading shenzhen lowered the prices now. But not when I ordered.

But my point was you claimed they are the exact the same.... Some users may be disappointed afterwards.
ah, my bad. i thought the OP stated clearly "dispite missing band". So i don't need to repeat that.

CN version and global version always carries at least 20% difference. You might not see it when they sell CN version at a premium, but that is not the norm.

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    Oooh that's encouraging! Thanks for the info.
    Two others questions then please...

    1) Does Android Auto work?
    2) Can you assign the Google Discover feed to the left of the homescreen?
    Android Auto - appears to work perfectly. Only installed to test and don't actually use it at all but it seems fine.

    Google Discover - I haven't found a way to do that I'm afraid (I'm also a fan of it). Best workaround I've found is adding Google search widget to home screen. If you press the 'G' symbol on that, it essentially loads Google Discover.
    When I plug android auto in I just get a miui USB popup not sure, can't get auto to connect to the car
    Me neither :( flashing global on Friday!
    No current issues in UK using Sky and EE. Bought from Wondamobile, no customs and currently using FedEx via Singapore and Paris.
    My cloud and back up working just fine as is the mini Google apps set. Will go EU ROM once bootloader is unlocked next Thursday.
    On your China ROM, is Google PAY working with UK banks?

    I'm wary of ordering the China model if it doesn't work. Unlocking the bootloader and then getting Google Pay to work is much more difficult since Feb when Google changed things so I'd keep it locked.

    P. S. Is wifi calling with EE working too?
    Google Pay (and banking apps) working perfectly for me with UK banks.

    You have to change default wallet within the phone settings from MI Wallet to HCE wallet (takes seconds).
    Android auto doesn't work for me unless someone has a fix. I have random issues with opening drive links etc too. Will try eu rom Tuesday afternoon :)