Prototype Huawei p20 pro google services

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Apr 1, 2023
UPDATE: looks like this android should have Google services and i just needed to update.

I made the mistake to buy a Huawei not knowing the Google services have been removed (totally my fault). I was a gift for my mom and now I am trying to figure out a fast way to be able to install some services like whats app and messenger (which she uses often).

I had a look online and everything is a little complicated (i can get my head around it if i spend some time on it i am a little technical just not in the mobile field).

The reason for this post is i need to help to determine the best way to achieve my goal (have some apps such as whats app):

1. Do i install apps that will allow me to add google services in the current device&software?
2. Do i remove everything and install a new ROM?
3. Do i take it to a professional? (Not sure if there is such a service and its costs, i am in UK)
4. Sell it? not sure anyone would want a Huawei and not sure if this being a prototype has a higher or lower value

Huawei P20 Pro Twilight CLT-AL00 (i guess is worth noting that this seems to be a prototype version and in the back where the Huawei logo is supposed to be it says "Shirley", the guy who worked for Huawei). It also has 6 dots which seem like sensors down right corner which i cant seem to see on images of this device.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you
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