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Mar 30, 2021
Redmi Note 10
The problem still persists in my Redmi Note 10 Pro after number of software updates no solution yet. Please provide us the solution which you have.
Kamar apa yang kamu gunakan? sudah instal atau di posisi custom room Jika ada pertanyaan lebih lanjut, whatsapp saja saya atau via telegram di nomor saya saya siap membantu Soalnya kalau lewat forum XDA ini saya kurang update Jarang buka xda karena ini nomor whatsapp/telegram saya +6282243980054


MOD EDIT: English Translation Below

What rom do you use? already installed or in a custom rom position If you have further questions, just whatsapp me or via telegram on my number I'm ready to help The problem is that through this XDA forum I don't update I rarely open xda because this is my whatsapp/telegram number +6282243980054
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Mar 30, 2021
Redmi Note 10
Saya kemaren sempet juga ngalamin hal itu setelah menginstall custoomroom miui eu
Namun sekarang sudah tidak lagi
Dan setelah saya analisa kemungkinan masalah itu terjadi setelah saya mengganti kernel ke kernel custom bukan kernel bawaan
Karena setelah saya instal /flash ulang saya cek lewat cit hasilnya normal namun muncul lagi masalah sensor proximity setelah saya mengganti kernelnya
Saya tidak tau pasti apa pengaruh kernel itu terhadap firmware yang saya pakai
Karena masalah itu teratasi atau kembali normal setelah saya mengembalikan kernel ke bawaan roomnya
Dan saya dapat pengalaman baru juga
Ternyata penggantian kernel juga ada pengaruhnya ke kamera saat saya install gcam/google camera
Waktu di kernel bawaan saya bisa merekam video di resolusi 4k60fps
Namun setelah saya mengganti kernel terdapat masalah waktu merekam video di resolusi 4k60fps
Dan pada aqirnya saya restore ke kernell bawaan dan alhasil sekarang kembali normal semua
Saya tidak lagi mengalami masalah sensor proximity
Dan saya tetap bisa ngerekam video lewat gcam di resolusi 4k60fps
Itu pengalaman saya yang dapat sya share
Di device aku redmi note 10


MOD EDIT: English Translation Below

I also experienced this yesterday after installing the miui eu customroom
But now it's not anymore
And after I analyzed the possibility that the problem occurred after I changed the kernel to a custom kernel instead of the default kernel
Because after I installed / flashed again I checked via cit the results were normal but the proximity sensor problem reappeared after I changed the kernel
I'm not sure what effect the kernel has on the firmware I'm using
Because the problem was resolved or back to normal after I returned the kernel to the default room
And I got a new experience too
It turns out that changing the kernel also has an effect on the camera when I install gcam/google camera
Time in my default kernel can record video at 4k60fps resolusi
But after I changed the kernel there was a problem recording video at 4k60fps resolution
And in the end I restore to the default kernell and as a result now everything is back to normal
I no longer have proximity sensor issues
And I can still record videos via gcam at 4k60fps
That's my experience that I can share
On my device redmi note 10
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Jan 17, 2016
For me with these additional settings saved in build.prop it's working much better.

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Dec 24, 2006
You might check my thread:

Let me know if it might also work for you.

Best regards,
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    There is no proximity sensor. Supossely what this phone does is emit an ultrasound from the top speaker and try to guess if there are objects nearby by listening to the sound waves bouncing on the nearby objets and calculating the distance, which is why it also works on the back of the phone. But it's a lot less accurate than a true proximity sensor.
    Hello, the "bug" could be solved by software update? Or the bug is a hardware problem?

    It seems that Redmi Note 10 Pro hasn't proximity sensor. Has a IA that knows when display has to be powered off.


    In my case I have been able to verify that the sensor works when the mobile is placed vertically, simulating that it has been placed near the ear as if it were on a call.
    With WhatsApp/Telegram audio it have the same behaviour.
    Whrere are your informations from?

    I read the problem was Reporter by many Indian users but disappeared with the last update...

    I can confirm, that it works also if you put your hand at the back. Maybe the sensor is there and it detects different light of surrounding?
    I saw it here (it's in Spanish)

    Personally I just press the lock button right after making/answering a call so that the screen stays off, this way I avoid the "proximity sensor" enterely. I make very few calls so I have no problem with it.
    You can see proximity sensor in sunlight at an angle
    Ok it might be there.

    So this is what happened-
    I had problem with proximity sensor during call
    I have seen this Video. In this video, he said there is no proximity sensor.
    After that I installed 1st app from play Store after searching "proximity sensor test" to check whether it is present or not, it failed.
    That's why I thought, proximity sensor is absent. Sorry.

    After your comment, I again tried reconfirm it by testing during call. So proximity sensor not only works from front side but also from back and top side. (That is unusual)
    I also downloaded multiple sensor checker apps that confirmed proximity sensor works alright.
    I found the pre applied screen protector to be the culprit.