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Dec 16, 2012
Plain and simple.. I'm looking for a GOOD, SMOOTH, and DEPENDABLE Play Station 2 Emulator for Android.

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Oct 20, 2012
Yeah, I think, long way to go..
In my opinion, PS-genre emulators are growing and maturing slowly. Porting them to handheld just means more time to get it STABLE and DEPENDABLE.
Though, I am too, curious about it, mate. :D


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Oct 12, 2009
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Devices need to be ALOT more powerful than the device they are emulatoring, this is why PSone emulators are only just becoming good now, and also why you do not get Xbox360/PS3 emulators for PC (even high spec ones)


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Mar 24, 2012
Consoles are specially designed hardware. So its emulation on other devices is really a tough thing to do. Because other devices cant render the high bit rate polygones and for that devs use other ways and delays. Which is resource consuming and overall quality is affected.

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Jul 10, 2012
PS2 Emulator found?

I have found a PS2/PSX emulator called "PS2 emulator rising HD" which costs like £8. It's got 4.5 rating from like 77 people 67 5* 8 1* being mixed comments with fake and now works after download issue is resolved. I haven't looked into it really so check it out hopefully it's something what is wanted maybe, here's the link:
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Oct 12, 2009
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Jun 19, 2012
Anyone who says the hardware isn't to standard yet hasn't seen the new Tegra 4. That's things a beast. If it can't handle it...

My Nexus 10 is better than your tablet. Hah.


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Apr 12, 2012
I used to use PSX and it was great but now i am looking more for PSP emulator...
im o Galaxy S2


Feb 21, 2012
It is impossibile now to see a PS2 emulator on Android. The current hardware isn't powerful enought to run PS2 games on an emulator. However, there are two PSX emulator that run great on Android. One of these is FPSE.


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Feb 1, 2011
The reason that we need so much resources to run emulators is because they are not the true Game System OS. it's just taking a rom and translating it to something that's usable.

If we could get our hands on the true source code of a console, then that's when you would see smooth fast emulators...

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    There isn't and wont be one on current hardware. Wait at least a year or 2 and you'll be there.
    The whole discussion is entertaining. So many people have no idea what they're talking about and to make things even worse there are people that belive them blindly.

    1. PS2's architecture is the issue in emulating it, not it's raw power (PSP had slightly faster cores yet PPSSPP can handle it nearly perfectly with no hassle). PS2 has a kind of architecture and computing philosphy that is very far away from standard/consumer PCs. So in order to emulate it you have to do many complex things that multiply again and again, one on top of the other the minimum requirements of the device you're about to emulate it.

    2. PS2 and PCSX2's code needs RAW performance and a relatively good video card not much RAM (256-512MB of RAM are more than enough). The way that PS2 works and the way that PCSX2 code tries to emulate it (and obviously is the most acurate and correct way to do it) you need a processor which can pack as much RAW power on a SINGLE core as possible. PS2's architecture DOES NOT allow multiple CPUs and there is absolutely no way around it. You can lay off some work on other cores but that's nothing that has to do with core emulation of PS2 and nothing that would give alot (or any) extra speed on emulation. So you need more Hz in ONE core and the minimum requirements of PCSX2 state some frequencies on a single core that are so far from what we see today on mobile devices that even talking about it is a joke.

    3. So with what I said above you understand that the way the mobile computing industry goes (so this includes Android too), every day that passes and with every new CPU that comes out like Exynos Octa Core etc, we get a step more far from an ideal CPU that could handle PS2 emulation instead of getting more near. PS2 does NOT really like multiple cores and does NOT really care about multithreading, actually the opposite, it can be proven a bottlenecking factor to it in alot/most of cases. This is because the industry right now tries to give saperate work on smaller cores and multiply those small cores to archieve simmilar frequencies (if you put them all together) with a previous gen CPU. So they trade off RAW power of a single core for more cores. That may work well on Android for example but it KILLS PS2 emulation, it's simply the worst thing that could happen to it.

    4. Mobile GPUs are sooooo weak. And when I say soooo weak, I mean SOOOOOOOO weak. (lol) Even the least ideal GPUs for PCSX2 like Intel HD 3000 or Intel HD 4000 (I'm talking about integreated graphics here since they are the same thing mobile chipsets have) are LIGHT YEARS ahead and really much more powerful than anything that not only is out on the mobile computing market right now, but sure for atleast ~3 years from now. So to say it better, your phone's GPU and you future's phone GPU is/will be crappier that the crappiest GPU that PCSX2 needs to emulate PS2.

    So now everyone's free to go on and try to say that what I say it's not true. Go on and discuss the same things I said above on PCSX2's official forum with the (over a decade) working and active devs of the emulator, you'll get exactly the same points I listed above.
    Omg just imagine San Andreas on ur handheld omg :D

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    Thanks to all the people who answered; This is very helpful to our team.

    I want to thank everyone who replied to my questions so far. Your answers especially the ones from toka1232010 will be extremely helpful in our development. I encourage you guys to continue answering the questions, and possibly additional ones I might add. By the way someone mentioned that we should use all 4 cores of the quads. To reply to that, we were already planning to. The person who is in charge of optimization found out that pcsx2 uses no more than two cores. Ours will use 3 on the quads, unless the 4th one is needed (drops below a certain fps.). The dual cores, like the qualcomm in the one xl and the exynos 5250 are going to be difficult, but we will definitely try. toka1232010, I will try to find a way to get this to people in countries that don't have the play store. I think I might publish on the amazon appstore also, but that will take a bit longer:(.
    I'm glad that you think my assumption on what phones people use to emulate is correct.
    Again, Thanks to all.
    He could just be playing copies of games he owns or owned and lost/broke over time. Why don't you go buy a ps2 and ignore this thread.