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PSA: Disable "Game Optimizing Service" on you phone to improve gaming performance

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Senior Member
Jun 13, 2017
Samsung Galaxy A50s
I have a Exynos Note 9
Came across and applied THIS.

Confirming it Worked for me, esp Longterm Pubg FPS staying near 60fps at FHD+ in HD Preset the entire time..

Not the usual 10-15mins until 40-45fps starts happening and stays there.

Sky - Children of the Night also has smoother (higher MinFPS) on average it appears.. a bit smoother overall fpr a 30fps UE4 title.

Thought its worth sharing my opinion..this Software does in fact impose its own rules by Samsung (uses less power upon declocking to save battery temps) and once removed, uses a fair bit more power (chong liu on Youtube has been doing comparisons recently on GOS being Disabled) your at the peril of Hardware level throttling schemes still but may still want to use a cooling fan or mounted fan.
With a cooling fan my battery never went above 42*c still 60fps 1080p Maxed PUBG after 30mins.
Those are all well-known games. Performance drop on Geometry Dash on my Galaxy A50s


New member
Jun 30, 2011
Any new solutions for this?? My game used to run in 120Hz on my s20 Ultra, now its only 60Hz evry time I switch to it. Package disabler PRO not working, AllianceX Shield - not working, ADB - not working. Every time I disable GOS it reappears immediately I switch over to a game. Frustrating!!


Senior Member
Sep 25, 2012
Itajubá - MG
Hello, i've had enough of this [email protected] and rooted my phone. How do I once and for all get rid of game optimizing service using root? Tried uninstalling it and ended up on a bootloop, so restored my phone and now i'm looking for a solution.
Simply disabling it or freezing it via root app managers, like titanium backup and others didn't work for me. I'm on a samsung galaxy s9+ (SM-g9650)


Senior Member
Jun 13, 2017
Samsung Galaxy A50s
Disabling GOS won't help better performance. Basically the app decrease screen resolution to 75% to optimize graphics. Doing that will make it 100% screen res

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    For all of you who love to play games ... watch this video... https://youtu.be/Pzv7z04iQj0

    Can't be uninstalled with ADB. Tried several times. It always reappears. Disabling with Package Disabler works. But I don't like such apps. I hope you find a way to uninstall with ADB :)

    You cannot uninstall a system app but you can disable using ADB (its the same as using the app).
    I would like to strongly advise against getting the S20 (and its variants).
    Build quality and display aside, none of the other aspects are competitive in the current landscape and the asking prices are just too high.
    I have had Samsung phones since the S7 Edge and never have I felt so let down after an upgrade.
    My current phone is the S20 Ultra (Exynos) and I would love to switch to a different device:
    > it gets hot and throttles (see the different user reviews / YouTube movies / ...)
    > the battery life (after debloating) is ok, but there are some apps (e.g. Game Optimizing Service) that you can't disable without paid apps (you basically buy a crippled phone, then have to pay for apps to fix it and hope that Samsung does not kill the app, which they have done several times in the past)
    > the camera, which was the main feature of the S20 Ultra, is still not able to focus correctly (I did a comparison with my girldfriend's S10e and where she is getting nice and crisp pictures, mine are out of focus)
    > considering that you are writing on XDA, I assume you are familiar with custom roms and Lineage OS - well, I would not expect any long term support for this phone due to its Exynos SoC

    Considering that you are paying a premium price for a not so premium device, I would choose either a flagship of last-year (which tend to be faster and don't suffer from the same shortcomings) or get a current-gen flagship from a competitor.

    S20 snapdragons are fantastic (all varients). It's unfortunate that the Exynos models are less than stellar