Puffin brower good on flash

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Feb 28, 2011
Hi guys,

I've just tried Puffin browse and it seems the best brower on flash so far. I tested with hulu, YouTube, and America got talent on NBC site. All of them worked good without trouble so far. It also worked good on froyo and honeycomb, not sure on Ginger but I think it good also. Test it yourself and make your gtab working on full potential as it suppose to be.

Good luck guys,


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Dec 1, 2010
Salinas, CA.
Looks nice though I don't see any soft key controls on the main GUI.
I currently use Angel Browser as it's the only Android Browser I know that lets one manually spoof a custom UA string (I have mine set to Chrome Desktop) as well as customize the tool bar. It's not without its faults though :Opening images from the Google Image search is weirded out & the address bar can only be accessed by hitting the settings key.
But for the features vs faults it's the one I use most of the time.
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