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PX5 module replacement

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Oct 9, 2021
Hello I have replaced the PX5 processor module due to damage (damaged marked with a red cross). The modules are a bit different and I don't know if this is a problem? The working module worked in the Pumpkin AA0412b radio without a DSP processor, but I installed the MCU update with the letter D from the oldest versions to the latest. I tested on two motherboards - the effect was the same. There is sound to the DSP BU32107 processor from all sources, but the sound comes only from the radio and the sound of beeps from the screen - multimedia sounds do not come out of the processor. All multimedia works on the screen, but no sound. The radio shows that Android 9 is installed. I tried HAL9k but the problem remained. I am asking for some advice, because I do not know where to look anymore ... regards


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