PX5 MTCD/E Head Unit Discussion Thread [Rockchip PX5 A53 | Android 8.0 | 2/4GB RAM]

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Dec 28, 2014
Hi, I'm pretty new to this scene and was hoping for some support and guidance from the community. I have recently purchased a 2nd hand car which had a PX5 head unit. I will post the device details below, but I was hoping you could point me in the right direction to download a newer and compatible firmware/mcu for my unit. I'm used to flash custom rom/firmwares on android mobile phones so I do understand the process itself quite well, it's just the firmware/mcu compatibility with this device that I'm unsure of. Thank you in advance for the support.


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Oct 16, 2008
Hi guys, on my A-sure system px5 the touch buttons are not working, none of those 5 buttons do not respond, i tried to calibrate them but without succes. Any sugestion please? What to do, the car is unused for a long time, but the steering wheel buttons are working. Thank you


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Apr 7, 2023
Hi friends, maybe someone has encountered something similar and can help me. I have a PX5 android 9 radio with DSP. Sometimes the sound completely disappears from me. There is no regularity, but I noticed that when I have no sound - the equalizer becomes simple, when there is sound - there are a lot of different settings in the equalizer. A couple of times I just updated the MCU and it seemed to help, although it was probably just a coincidence. Sometimes it is necessary to restart the radio very many times and the sound appears :(

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    Permanent root on android 8 via ADB without flashing

    Use the following instruction to receive permanent root on Android 8 using adb without flashing device:

    1. On Head Unit, install terminal emulator on device and run two following commands and reboot device. This will open ADB witj root permissions on the port 5555
      setprop persist.adb.tcp.port 5555
      setprop sys.rkadb.root 1
    2. On your PC, download latest "SuperSu" zip archive from official site, extract su binary from arm64 directory inside the archive
    3. On your PC, create new file called "rooting.rc" with following content:
      service rooting /system/bin/su --daemon
          class main
          priority 10
          user root
          seclabel u:object_r:system_file:s0
    4. From your PC run:
      # adb connect "device_ip"
      # adb root
      # adb connect "device_ip"
      # adb remount
      # adb shell setenforce 0
      # adb push su /system/xbin/su
      # adb push su /system/bin/su
      # adb shell chmod 06755 /system/bin/su
      # adb shell chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su
      # adb shell /system/bin/su --install
      # adb shell /system/bin/su --daemon&
      # adb push rooting.rc /system/etc/init/rooting.rc
    5. On Head Unit, install SuperSu from PlayMarket and ask "NO" when application ask to update the module
    6. Reboot and enjoy!
    This thread is intended on collect the information about Android 8 (Oreo) over the Android units that features:
    PX5 Platform Core Board

    The information below is a copy of the same thread for Android 6 by @aarick

    Post 2: Firmware
    Post 3: Tips, Tricks and Fixes - Rooting instruction here
    Post 4: Bugs/Issues
    Post 5: Useful apps
    Post 6: Useful links

    For those not familiar with the PX5 Head unit, the specs are below:
    OS: Android 8.0 Oreo
    CPU: Rockchip PX5 A53 Octa-Core
    RAM: 2GB or 4GB DDR3
    ROM: 32GB
    Audio output: 4*45W
    Built-in Radio Tuner (RDS Enabled) (18 FM and 12 AM stations Preset)
    Built-in USB & SD Slot
    Region Free DVD Player
    Screen Mirroring
    Steering wheel controls (SWC) and Canbus interface
    Optional compatible accessories:
    DAB+ USB Tuner
    4G/3G Dongle
    OBD02 Module
    External Mic

    The head unit comprises of two parts:
    • a MicroController Unit(MCU) board, which controls physical buttons and A/V inputs/outputs to/from the headunit. This board interacts with Android OS.
    • ANDROID part. The main Operating System.
    Both MCU and Android ROM interact together to achieve the functionality of the head unit.

    MCU type discussed here is MTCD or MTCE (if your unit has not MTCD/MTCE type MCU this thread is not for your unit)
    MTCE is a software upgrade for MTCD, so they are identical in terms of hardware

    The Manufacturer is identified by the XXX when consulting the MCU information under "device information" [MTCE_XXX_Version]. Take into accout that you should always refer the MANUFACTURER name (not the seller) on the forums for help/assistance. Giving the name for the Seller does not give any information but confusion.

    e.g: MTCD_HA_1.93_1 (MTCD Unit with MCU for HotAudio under 1.93_1 version)
    e.g: MTCE_GS_2.75 (MTCE Unit with MCU for GESHI manufacturer under 2.75 version)

    Known manufacturers for MTCD/E PX5 are:
    ______________ _____________
    • GS = GE_SHI (ShenZhen GESHI Electronics And Technology CO.,LTD. Brands: KA JUN DA. Website: http://www.szgeshi.com )
    • KD = KU_DUO (Shenzhen Kuduo Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.)
    • HA = (Guangzhou Huge Circle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Brands: HOTAUDIO/DASAITA. webSite: http://www.hot-audio.com)
    • JY = JIE_YOU (Shenzhen Jieyou Electronic. Brands: JIE YOU J)
    • LM = LEI_MA (Lei Electronics Inc)
    • MX = MAI_XIN (Shenzhen Mai Xin Da Technology Co. Ltd)
    • ZH = ZHI_HANG (Guangzhou Zhihang Electronics Technology CO., LTD. Brands: WINCA/ROADNAV/STQ) http://www.roadnav.com.cn)
    • HZC = HANG_ZHI_CHEN (Same as ZH??)
    • HXD = HE_XIN_DA
    • KGL = KAI_GE_LE (Shenzhen Kaigele Electronics Co., Ltd Brands: HUIFEI. Website: http://www.kaigele.com/enus/)
    • KLD = KE_LAI_DE
    • KSP = KA_SI_PU (Kasi Pu Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen)
    • XRC = XIN_RUI_CHANG (Xinrui Electronic Technology Co. Ltd)
    • HLA = (Shenzhen Hualingan Electronic Co. Ltd. Brands:HUALINGAN. Website: http://www.dvdplayer.com.cn/)

    (this list will be updated according to users report new manufacturers)

    Some information I found on the CPU:
    Rockchip PX5 Press Release
    Firmware Post

    MCU Upgrades Repository:

    ANDROID 8 (Oreo) stock Update List:

    Due to change in partition system and upgrade in recovery system, update can't be performed using the OTA Android 8 files over Android 6.0 as usual method (direct or Recovery) as it will result in an error (or could get a bricked device...)
    The only available methods are:

    1) Upgrade by using SDCARD slot:
    Thanks to @marchnz for the Oreo ROM Dumping, to @kumarai for the recovery change procedure, to @SkyBeam2048 for the compiled solutions for Upgrading/Downgrading (and the comprehensive instructions)
    The following Procedure can be used :
    Note1. Your unit MUST have a SDCARD slot with direct access to recovery (Not all SDCARD slots on all units can - some sdcard slots have been reported to be another usb port extension [USB3] and they will not work for upgrading)
    Note2. USB port is not able to upgrade the recovery as required.
    2) Upgrade by extracting the SOM and connecting a homemade OTG USB cable:
    Instructions for making the OTG cable:


    For upgrading via OTG cable it is recommended to use Rockchip Tools for the Android 6 to 8 upgrade from a PC (to put the unit into "loader Mode" and then flash the supplied firmware)

    Custom Oreo Firmwares:
    @Malaysk has been released a prerooted Android 8 image with several improvements and modifications:
    Received a new update from Xtrons GS-PE PX5 8.0 September 20th
    Someone might want to mirror it before it gets pulled.

    GS-PE系列_PX5_8.0_优化亿联BUG 问题,MCU 优化电池电量显示(20180920)
    (GS-PE series _PX5_8.0_ optimizes the BUG problem of the billion, MCU optimizes the battery level display (20180920))

    MCU = MTCE_GS_V2.94_3 Sept 13 2018
    Build = px5-userdebug 8.0.0 OPR5.170623.007 eng.hct.20180919.204159 test-keys Sept 19 2018
    Kernel = 4.4.93+ rocky@hctr930 #343 Sept 15 2018