PX5 MTCD Head Unit Discussion Thread [Rockchip PX5 A53 | Android 6.0 | 2GB RAM]

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Mar 16, 2021
Video out (hdmi) was part of the px5 and px6 models (now is being removed) .... on units with no DVD drive.... did you check the factory settings if there is specific option for video out?
I checked the factory settings, it is not possible to turn on VIDEO OUT.
Is there a workaround to get the monitors in the headrests working?


Oct 11, 2019
I have a Skoda Superb which had a cheap CE headunit when I bought it. That gave a compass bearing to the in car display. I replaced it with a MTCD headunit and lost the compass display - so I would say that MTCD units do not supply this. However some VAG cars (which don't come with the more expensive oem satnav units) have a separate compass sensor. It is possible to get that sensor, install it and configure canbus to use it instead of the satnav integral compass.


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May 24, 2022

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    I thought it would be better if we consolidated all the discussion on the PX5 head units into a single thread and I will try my best to group all the useful information in the first few posts when more information becomes available. I think this will help with discussion on these head units and help improve everyone's experience

    Post 2: Firmware
    Post 3: Tips, Tricks and Fixes - Rooting instruction here
    Post 4: Bugs/Issues
    Post 5: Useful apps
    Post 6: Useful links

    For those not familiar with the PX5 Head unit, the specs are below:
    OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    CPU: Rockchip PX5 A53 Octa-Core
    RAM: 2GB DDR3
    ROM: 32GB
    Audio output: 4*45W
    1. Built-in Radio Tuner (RDS Enabled) (18 FM and 12 AM stations Preset)
    2. Built-in USB & SD Slot
    3. Region Free DVD Player
    4. Screen Mirroring
    5. Steering wheel controls (SWC) and Canbus interface
    Optional compatible accessories:
    • DAB+ USB Tuner
    • TPMS
    • 4G/3G Dongle
    • OBD02 Module
    • Camera
    • DVR
    • External Mic

    The head unit comprises of two parts:
    • a MicroController Unit(MCU) board, which controls physical buttons and A/V inputs/outputs to/from the headunit. This board interacts with Android OS.
    • ANDROID part. The main Operating System.
    Both MCU and Android ROM interact together to achieve the functionality of the head unit.

    • GS - XTRONS
    • HA - HotAudio/Dasaita
    • KGL - Erisins
    • MX - Witson
    • LM - Erisins/Pumpkin

    A comparison between PX3 and PX5 can be found posted here by @FauxDreams with some previous discussion on PX5 in that thread as well:
    PX3 Vs. PX5 initial impressions, some issues/findings after a day of ownership etc

    Some information I found on the CPU:
    Rockchip PX5 Press Release
    I got the device on RX5.
    I started work on the firmware.
    *Warning: Do not install 1024x600 fw on 800x480 HU*
    It has been reported that it will not display properly once installed.

    An update usually consist of two files:
    The Android ROM (update.zip) and it is usually compatible with any head unit of the same model (MTCD) and CPU (PX5).
    The MCU (dmcu.img) is specific for each manufacturer and it should never be updated on other manufacturer's MCU update file (unpredicted response from physical buttons - or CAN bus responses, or bricking the unit).
    However, it has been tested and confirmed that JY, KD, GD and now HA MCU are cross-compatible Verified cross compatible MCU thread (thanks for info @marchnz(
    Update at your own risk!

    Installation instruction:
    Unzip update.img to the root of the GPS SD Card.
    Make sure you Don't include the dmcu.img if your MCU does not match the MCU of the firmware.

    Latest Stock Firmware/Custom Firmware/MCU:
    Please refer to this thread post by @ikerg for latest up to date firmware/mcu info:
    Update 2017-11-07: The new versions of my modded DAB App can be found here:

    I took above DAB+ App "YHX_DAB+20170328.apk" and created my own one.
    With less bugs and even more features.


    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7j1jokityvyv8vb/YHX_DAB+20170328-zoulou-2017-04-09.zip?dl=0



    Change Log (compared to YHX_DAB+20170328.apk)
    - Enormously reduced CPU consumption
    - No audio stuttering when app running in background
    - black background image
    - bigger display of station logo
    - changed "radio" logo => "DAB+"
    - station name is bigger and has same color as signal bars
    - moved PTY info more to the left
    - First entry in station list is padded
    - NEW: station frequency is shown below the signal bars
    - NEW: Record audio of currently playing station. On/Off with the red button right hand-side of the signal bars
    - NEW: Another way to filter station list for only specific PTY

    ATTENTION: You *must* first uninstall the "old" DAB+ app. No update is possible! Then install this one.

    FYI: This app will cease to start after March 2018.
    Done !!!
    I want to express special thanks to the good guys with the XDA forum !!

    trap63 :good:
    AIautobot :good:
    maxego :good:
    Henk_TB706APL :good:
    ChromeSkull :good:
    sirleeofroy :good:
    eter711 :good:
    aeonfluxcapacitor :good:
    mojo4321 :good:
    Dragos :good:
    th1000 :good:
    McIber :good:
    Bernd :good:
    Ebay :good:
    Mattsch :good:
    kmr3209 :good:
    Adam :good:
    Dan :good:
    aarick :good:
    In 2-3 weeks I will be with you! I'll order the device today!
    Wait for the new theme "[ROM][PX5 A53][HD] Malaysk ROMs for any yet known MTCD-Device" :):):)