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[Q] 3G / Mobile data not functioning at all

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Mar 13, 2012
Hi All,

I have been using this CM9 KANG since it first started from this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461240

All has been fine until this morning when i couldn't connect to 3G. This has happened once or twice before, but a reboot fixed my connection problem.

Things i have tried so far:
- Reboot (several times)
- Wiped data and cache
- Tried a different SIM card
- Tried original SIM card in my work-issued Blackberry (all worked fine)
- Gone back to previous recoveries that worked fine before

I can deduce that it's not my mobile operator. I am unfortunately not able to try a different service provider at this point.

Can anybody please suggest something that i might have missed?

We do not have a fully/widely developed wi-fi infrastructure in South Africa, so i rely heavily on my 3G.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated.