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[Q] A couple of issues after installing Cyanogenmod on my Xperia E phone

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New member
Feb 9, 2015
Hi guys,

I recently installed Cyanogenmod 11 on my Xperia E C1505 phone following a guide I found on the net. Everything seems to be working fine so far except for a couple of small issues:

1.- Every time I boot the phone I get a dialog box saying "SIM card added: Restart your device to access the mobile network." If I press the phone's back button, I can use it normally. However, if I press "Restart" on the dialog box, the phone boots right into CWM's recovery mode. and I have to restart from here.

2.- When I attempt to dial a number starting with an asterisk (*) I get an error message saying something like "Invalid MMI code". Regular numbers work fine.

Does anyone know how to fix these problems?

Thanks in advance for any help!