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[Q&A] [EXP][DEV] Lollipop for Xperia Z

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himo Mo

New member
Nov 21, 2014
low voice

the OS is really good , i like it , it's the smoothest i've had so far on my Xperia Z (C6602)
(sorry if it was already posted before , but i wouldn't go thro 4x pages...)
but i only have 1 problem so far.... , the (receiving)voice is really low in calls , i can barely hear people and it's even worse if i have my headphones on , i hope it get fixed soon

PS: "Okay google" in google now detection is kidna poor somehow , i have to be really really close (right in front of my mouth) to the phone so that it will detect , but then it detects anything i say with no problem , not that big deal , but i just thought i should mention it anyways...

Thanks in advance
best regards :)


Nov 28, 2014

1) the recovery does not read the sd card!!!
2) there 's a problem with mobile networks!!!

Please fix themmmmmmm !!!! <3


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Nov 28, 2014
When I turn on wifi the "!" is gone and the internet connection works fine... But when I turn on mobille data the "!" remains and when I open a webpage in the browser ... this webpage is deformed... Would you like me to upload a video, so as to so you what's happening? :(

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    please help me I can't turn on wifi I flash lastest but wifi not work

    You haven't provided enough details for someone to help you even if they wanted to. Re-post your question in the Q&A thread, and include details:
    What version are you using: e.g. thomas's or pabx's?
    How did you install it: did you use a temporary recovery? Did you flash SuperSU? How did you install GAPPS, if you did install them? Did you flash a different boot.img after initial installation?
    What specifically are you doing to try to turn the wifi on and off: Are you in settings? Using the quick settings interface?
    What specifically is occurring: Is the Wifi indicator not coming on in the quick settings? What about the 'switch' in settings? Is it scanning but not finding anything?

    Unless you provide details, no-one can help you. Also, support requests that are not specific bug reports don't belong in the dev thread.
    kind of noob q but how to test
    If you have to ask, then you don't "test". This is a development thread, therefore not everything is for just flashing.

    Remember that although people share things in an easily usable/flashable form, a [DEV] thread is also likely to include conversation and contributions not for use by everyone. :)

    Sent from my C6603
    My Q&A: not definitive, but hopefully this will ease question duplication
    I've decided to update this post to be an informal Q&A-link-list in the desperate hope that people will come across it before asking the same questions again and again. Look here to see if your question has already been answered. If you think something needs to be added to this post, then post it in thread.

    INFO CURRENT AS OF ~1AM UTC 13 Nov 2014.

    There are two versions of the Xperia Z Lollipop rom: one by thomas, and one by pabx. Installation instructions differ in places between the two, as do the prerequisites. I will list note when they are different.

    How do I install?
    • An unlocked bootloader. If not unlocked, see 'Bootloader unlocking' below
    • The fastboot and adb command line tools. For more on them, see 'Adb and Fastboot' below
    Additional prerequisites for thomas's version if you want gapps or SuperSU:
    • A kernel including a recovery: I suggest HodorKernel
    • The SuperSU update package
    • A Gapps package (such as these ones suggested a while back by @_infected). If you find these gapps don't work for you, but find others that do, then post in the thread so this can be updated.

    If you have the prerequisites, then you can continue. Note that installation will wipe your phone completely, including the internal SD.

    PABX's version: downloads and installation instructions can be found here.
    Thomas's version: see this post.

    Regarding Root
    Pabx's build doesn't support root. If you need root, use Thomas's build.

    Regarding recovery
    Thomas's build doesn't include a recovery. Pabx's includes CWM recovery.
    If you need a recovery on thomas's, you'll need to temporarily flash a boot image which includes a recovery. That would be the HodorKernel I suggested earlier.
    To temporarily add a recovery to Thomas's build, take the following steps:
    1. Enter fastboot by unplugging the USB, powering the device off, and holding the up volume button when plugging in a USB cable connected to your PC. The light on your phone will turn red, then blue. When it is blue, your phone is in fastboot mode.
    2. On your PC, extract the HodorKernel zip file, and locate the boot.img
    3. Flash the boot.img using the following command: fastboot flash boot boot.img
    4. Unplug the USB cable
    5. Press the power button
    6. When the indicator light on your phone turns on, press the volume-down button repeatedly. You will eventually enter recovery. For some reason, you may need to touch the screen (rather than the power button) to actually turn the screen on once the recovery has loaded
    7. Do what you need to do with the recovery (e.g. flash, etc)
    8. Power off the device (I believe the option is in the 'reboot' menu)
    9. Go back into fastboot (i.e. hold up volume, plug in, etc)
    10. Flash the original boot.img from thomas's rom
    11. Unplug USB
    12. Boot

    Bootloader unlocking
    Unlocking your bootloader allows you to install unofficial ROMs on your Xperia Z. See here for how to unlock. Read the warnings.
    this adb tutorial and this guide to fastboot. You can download these tools for Mac here and Windows here. If you're having problems with Windows, particularly Windows 8, look here.
    If the links don't work, go find links that do and post them here. I can then update these links.
    This isn't the fastboot or adb Q&A thread. If you don't understand how to use fastboot and adb, this isn't the place to ask. XDA is scattered with more guides than I can point a pointy thing at for fastboot and adb.

    Post-original post:
    EDIT: Don't use the GApps I've mentioned. They kind of work, but are pretty flakey for the XZ.
    EDIT 2: PABX has posted a new build, but more importantly also some GAPPS. (http://www.blinkenlights.ch/ccms/android/yuga-l.html)
    However, the GAPPS are a .tgz which means (I think) they can't be flashed using recovery. Thus, you'll more or less need to follow the procedure in this post.
    NOTE: you only need to flash them using the procedure below if you are not using PABX's build. If you are, then you just need to follow the installation instructions on his page.
    An alternative set of gapps linked by _infected is https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=20902
    (_infected's post is http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=56623436&postcount=314)

    Original post:
    I've used the GApps from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/orig-development/illusionrom-lollipop-lrx21m-t2929192
    Because there is no recovery (that I know of) you have to manually copy them on using ADB, but once they are on you can create an account, access the play store, and thus install the other Google apps.
    (I have barely tested them, though)

    To install thees Gapps, I did the following (in brackets is description, don't enter it. Number is sequence of events, don't enter it.
    1. adb shell (open a shell)
    2. su (become root user)
    3. mount -o rw,remount /system (make the /system file system writeable)
    4. mkdir /tmp/gapps (make a directory to put the gapps in temporarily without losing the file system privileges on them)
    5. chmod 777 /tmp/gapps (make the /tmp/gapps folder writeable to all)
    6. exit (leave su)
    7. exit (leave adb shell)
    8. Unzip the file downloaded from the link above
    9. adb push /system /tmp/gapps (push the gapps /system folder to the temp directory we created)
    10. adb shell (back to the shell on the phone)
    11. su (root again)
    12. chown -R root.root /tmp/gapps (change ownership of all the gapps file to root)
    13. cp -r /tmp/gapps/* /system/. (copy the gapps files into the /system partition file system)
    14. exit (leave su)
    15. exit (leave adb shell)
    16. adb reboot (reboot device)
    17. ???
    18. Profit!!!

    I'm not certain all these steps are necessary, and I'm writing them from memory not as I do them but I am pretty sure they are correct.

    ---------- Post added at 05:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:26 AM ----------

    By the way, GPS seems to work fine. Getting a good lock (4m accuracy) outdoors.
    i cant boot into my recovery to install gapps
    is the adb way supposed to work in fastboot mode? since it says device not found
    please help me get my gapps installed
    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: look at Post 3 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=56536436&postcount=3) for a link to PABX's most recent gapps and a (rough) procedure to install them. If you are using Thomas's builds, read on.
    If you're trying to flash a zip-based set of GAPPS, then follow the instructions below *but using your own GAPPS package, not the one I've linked). If you *want* to flash a zip-based set of GAPPS but don't have them, then you can grab them from this post by _infected: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=56623436&postcount=314.

    Original post:

    The ADB way you do in normal mode (i.e. when the phone is running), not in fastboot mode, but there is a better way (which I will describe below).
    I am now using these GAPPS and they seem to be working well.

    The better way to install the GAPPS (compared to my ADB method above)
    1. Install the rom (using fastboot) and start it up once.
    2. Shut down and go back into fastboot mode
    3. Download HodorKernel (http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-z/orig-development/kernel-hodorkernel-t2865648)
    4. Extract the HodorKernel ZIP, and flash the boot.img (fastboot flash boot boot.img)
    5. Reboot and go into recovery (pressing down on the volume while booting)
    6. Sideload the Gapps linked above
    7. Power off (in TWRP, 'reboot'/'power off')
    8. Go back into fastboot mode
    9. Reflash the lollipop boot.img (fastboot flash boot boot.img)
    10. Reboot
    12. Do a happy dance

    Note: other kernels may well work; I just used Hodor because I had it lying around.
    Note 2: #9 is not an optional step. You *must* reflash the original boot.img or your rom will not work.
    thanks, i will try once the restore is done, but I guess people are having issues with pabx's latest build: see attached photo

    Uhm - it is not such a big surprise that people will face issues if they flash random kernels.

    Just to make it clear:

    * There is currently no clean way to get root on 5.0
    * ..but you will get a root shell via ADB
    * flashing repacked boot.img's is always a bad idea - do not expect any support after you messed up your installation.