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Feb 3, 2011
University of Toronto
Welcome to the official Substratum help thread!

If you are looking for info about Substratum, please go to the announcements thread.

If you are having any issues with the Substratum app, please post about them here! Please be sure to include the following info:
  • Device
  • ROM
  • Substratum version
  • Logcat

If you need help gathering a logcat, please use this guide!

If you got a "logcat_and_device_info.zip", please extract the files and upload them as an attachment. We view logs on multiple devices so it would be great if users could extract them so we do not have to extract them on our strange devices *ahem* iPhones *ahem*.

XDA:DevDB Information
[projekt.] substratum // interfacer, Tool/Utility for the XDA Community Apps

nicholaschum, Sykopompos, iskandar1023, KreAch3R, nathanchance, Surge1223, Char G
Source Code: https://github.com/substratum

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2017-04-08
Last Updated 2017-09-23
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Substratum Development Leader / Inactive RT
Feb 3, 2011
University of Toronto


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Sep 6, 2013
New Delhi
Tried the latest pn mod build
First time user with substratum and have to say amazing and really impressed and looking forward to the development of themes and its stability

I tried 3 themes
Bio hazard domination and mono
Few things i have noticed
1. i applied fonts from bio theme and nothing happened, tried 3 fonts from the theme and nothing happened although it said font applied even restarted system ui but font was the stock one
Not sure its a theme issue or substratum
2. When i applied a overlay no matter what the theme be i noticed this thing
When i opened the settings it opened just fine i mean themed and all
But for example when i opened the dialer it would load in that blue white color that is the stock theme and will then change the theme for example to the dark one when i applied mono
But this all happens in a duration of fraction a second but is noticeable
Also if I had that app in memory then it loads fine with the dark theme but when i remove it from memory and have to load it again then it behaves as described
Also don't know whether it's theme or substratum 3 themes i tried all of them didn't themed my nav bar or status bar or status bar icon, also in the screenshots for mono and bio for Layers it has themed status bar icons and nav bar so not sure about this
Other than that one more thing when i chose to revert back to the stock theme by choosing the option in the app i get a dialogue box saying play store has fc play services fc and few more apps can't remember which one but also included titanium backup in the fc as well

Also when the overlays are uninstalled and reverted back to the stock theme the phone gets laggish for a second or two i mean lag in animations for example not that if i open the dialer it will open it a bit late thats lag but if i open the dialer it opens it instantly but the it's like it's struggling in the opening animation
That's all what i can remember

Really appreciate your efforts and congratulations to the devs for their amazing work

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Nov 25, 2010
One more bug: whichever theme i aplied, flashlight icon from quick settings disappear


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Nov 25, 2010
Well reboot cure that, but is is repeatable - whenever apply new theme i must reboot...

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    Welcome to the official Substratum help thread!

    If you are looking for info about Substratum, please go to the announcements thread.

    If you are having any issues with the Substratum app, please post about them here! Please be sure to include the following info:
    • Device
    • ROM
    • Substratum version
    • Logcat

    If you need help gathering a logcat, please use this guide!

    If you got a "logcat_and_device_info.zip", please extract the files and upload them as an attachment. We view logs on multiple devices so it would be great if users could extract them so we do not have to extract them on our strange devices *ahem* iPhones *ahem*.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [projekt.] substratum // interfacer, Tool/Utility for the XDA Community Apps

    nicholaschum, Sykopompos, iskandar1023, KreAch3R, nathanchance, Surge1223, Char G
    Source Code: https://github.com/substratum

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2017-04-08
    Last Updated 2017-09-23
    It is time, folks...Substratum Rootless Official Rollout Release 600

    You are EXPECTED to be running on OMS7 Rootless for this to work, for more information building with this, please consult our documentation listed here: https://github.com/substratum/documentation

    Contact your ROM developer if they haven't already distributed their OMS7 Rootless builds. ROM Developers! Happy March Security Update. Throw your builds out in the wild!

    I'll skim over the new features to look out for! (It would be best to clear the data of the app to get the best, coolest out of the box experience!)

    - Completely brand new icons and animations, made by +Kevin Aguilar and +Anthony Nguyen

    - Rootless, completely sandboxed. This means that the WHOLE APP does not touch anything on your device anymore other than internal storage for Interfacer to install applications on. Huge credits to +Ivan Iskandar (for integrating changes to Interfacer, Substratum and platform!), +George G., +Randall Rushing, +Surge Raval and many contributors in our [experimental.] chat!

    - Streamlined the UI much more, introducing color previews in the Overlay Manager!

    - Introducing, #FloatUI! Now you can toggle your overlays from any screen possible! (On Android N, there is an API bug where the foreground app MAY bug out to Substratum when a notification comes in. If it does, just toggle it back) [FloatUI needs additional permissions]

    - Changed the strings to make more sense to the common user

    - Redesign the Substratum Showcase UI thanks to +Alex Cruz!

    - Favorites icon actually gets saved and can be removed now for app shortcut

    - Added community links to the navigation drawer for new resources from the community, featuring TheCyberFibre/XDA Portal of Punya Vashist, theme template redirects, Gerrit redirects and direct links to our G+, Telegram chat and XDA support thread!

    - Masquerade is now known as Theme Interfacer, reverse compatibility for ROOT-OMS7 has been dropped in its entirety.

    - Users are no longer allowed to switch to AOPT (Cutting Edge) due to the nature of it being completely volatile in our development.

    - Fixed an issue where there are some cases where themes will be uninstalled when updating from Play Store.

    - Added a new changelog button for themers to utilize when launching their themes.

    - Due to the sandboxed nature of Substratum, everything is MUCH FASTER than ever before. Overlays compile 2-3x faster including install time (depending on your device).

    - Rootless Substratum means that we have dealt with everything in the platform end -- meaning this is SELinux Enforcing ready, with Bootloader Lock and such.

    - The app has been completely optimized, when you first launch it, you will realize how fast it is now!

    - Substratum now saves your position during a window refresh, so when you're enabling/disabling an overlay in Advanced Manager, it will not kick you back to home.

    - Notifications now refrain your SystemUI from going into haywire mode, updating X amount of times - where X is the file % 200 count. This will allow the user enough time to be able to click the cancel button to stop the cache creation process.

    - We only have two tiles now, Substratum Tile and FloatUI tile.

    - Security mode for ROMs that ONLY want to enforce release-key Substratums! Meaning that if you install a debug key version of Substratum, it will be denied. This is toggleable in your Developer Options > Force Authorize every theme app.

    The app will request for Theme Plugin Mode the first time you start. It would be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use 6.0.0+ plugin as the algorithm there is MUCH CLEANER. But you can obviously use the old algorithm - if you don't mind it being a bit IO heavy for your legacy themes.

    - Supports the latest 7.0.2+ Theme Plugins for themers!

    - New languages added: Czech, Polish, Belarusian - all other translations updated (some may be lacking because I push updates like no tomorrow haha!)

    TLDR; Substratum has been completely rebased
    367 files changed, 12879 insertions, 10658 deletions

    Chronological set of changes

    It's time for the update...import all translations all at once!
    Release 600: Initial Public Release of the new Substratum!
    Another string update...
    Fix restoring wrong drawer state position
    SubstratumUI: Add Homepage into the navdrawer
    One more string update...
    Community Showcase > Showcase
    Showcase: Update strings
    TeamFragment: Add Kevin (221 Pixels) and Anthony (LinkedDesigns)
    SubstratumUI: Add Featured Content and Resources section
    Fix system status checks
    SubstratumUI: Add a community section for users (G+/Telegram/XDA)
    ThemeUninstallDetector: Do not trip overlay cleansing on theme upgrades
    Showcase: Let's be naughty and do recreate on reload
    ShowcaseUI: Update for long text clipping and DPI awareness
    Showcase: Adapt it to functional state
    SubstratumUI: Layout updates
    SubstratumUI: Let's do some reorganizing!
    Formatting and code clean up for theme extras Java tabs
    Clean up some formatting issues before completely breaking the app!
    SubstratumRebase: See description for more details
    Layouts: make RTL compatible
    SheetDialog: try to have dynamic height
    AOPT switch: code golf
    SubstratumRebase: Update new iconset
    Check if ROM has our system feature
    ThemeFragment: don't get so trigger happy
    Overlays: Use separate array for overlay late install
    ReadVariantPrioritizedColor: Remove unnecessary logging!
    ReadVariantPrioritizedColor: Remove unnecessary logging!
    Settings: Hide AOPT switch when not in debug mode
    SubstratumRebase: Get ready for the new icon!
    Refactor: Masquerade > Interfacer
    Refactor and format after rebase
    ScheduledProfileService: minor cleanup
    References: Use reflection to check OMS
    Further rebranding from Masquerade to ThemeInterface
    Buh-bye masquerade, hello ThemeInterface
    MainActivity: Save drawer position on recreate
    Add masquerade authorization toast
    Remove theme extras with on uninstall detector
    We forgot to remove the prefs
    We can't always assume all type1 xmls only have color values
    Move restart SystemUI button to the left
    Use bigger resolution profile picture
    TeamFragment: Hello @Mazda !
    Add back restart SystemUI button on advanced manager
    build: update dependencies
    Merge pull request #66 from Mazda/dev
    Fix padding issues
    Merge pull request #65 from Mazda/dev
    Change the restore/defaults manager layout
    InformationActivity: Fix uninstall text
    Merged branch dev into dev
    Switch to our new GitHub organization
    Merge pull request #63 from KreAch3R/restart-service
    Merge pull request #64 from Mazda/dev
    Give substratum tile its own icon
    MasqueradeService: new RestartService job
    Previews: Set a default color for appropriate types
    Previews: Allow @*android/@*packageName color recognition
    Previews: Concluding commit (type1a/b/c support, non-color fix)
    Previews: Adjust the default (no more red) to hide the whole overlay
    Previews: Do not hardcode any strings - ONLY TAKE FIRST XML NODE!
    Previews: Fix the adapter behaviour with the text as well
    Previews: Stabilize the adapter by setting values to it's instances
    Previews: Materialize the preview icons and refactor and format project
    Move shortcut modification methods to References class
    Remove favorite icon on theme uninstall
    Merged branch dev into dev
    Merge pull request #62 from KreAch3R/colors
    Introduce Color Preview in Advanced UI
    Merge pull request #59 from Mazda/dev
    Merge pull request #61 from AmolAmrit/patch-1
    Update FAQ: It's Susbtratum
    Change the showcase layout
    Fix priorities not scrolling while using a higher DPI
    Merged branch dev into dev
    Merge pull request #58 from Mazda/dev
    Introduce a showcase info dialog to help the n00bs
    Merge pull request #56 from Mazda/dev
    Update troubleshooting fragment layout
    Redo app shortcut icons
    Add FloatUI shortcut tile
    References: Fix derp in needsRecreate method
    Merge pull request #53 from valiantshadow/dev
    Update FAQ for rootless
    ShowcaseDatabase: Move to our new organization
    Merge pull request #50 from axxx007xxxz/dev
    README: Refract new organization name change
    ThemeManager: Introduce blacklisting overlays to safeguard the system
    InformationActivity: Dynamically change Changelog and Favorites icon
    FloatUI: Remove unnecessary null check
    ElevatedCommands: Add some comments
    Update Eyes of Substratum string a bit
    BootAnimationManager: Clean up and add comments
    Only recreate on certain conditions
    FloatUI: Add a few null checks to stats
    TeamFragment: @nathanchance > Eyes of Substratum
    Reformat and optimize after cherry picks
    Restart SystemUI if one of its enabled overlay is updated
    ThemeFragment: Minor adjustments
    Use own method to uninstall non-overlay packages
    PackageModificationDetector: Use unified command to uninstall package
    ManageFragment: Don't waste lines
    ThemeManager: Use direct interface to populate overlays
    Determine restart UI in app
    FloatUI: When permissions are not granted in AppShortcut request, warn!
    Do not hardcode!
    InformationActivity: Revamp the favorites icon, introduce changelogging
    Menus: Dynamically swap menu objects instead of loading other menu XMLs
    References: With the newest commit to remove shell, use new method!
    Remove unnecessary unsupported string preparation for translation
    ManageFragment: All dialogs > SheetDialog!
    Refactor and format after cherry picks today
    SheetDialog: Extend BottomSheetDialog defaults for status bar coloring
    ThemeEntryAdapter: AlertDialog > BottomSheetDialog
    SettingsFragment: BottomSheetDialog the AOPT dialog!
    SubstratumUI: Fix Bottom Sheet Dialog Dismissal
    Overlays: Fix derp in overlay variant name
    SubstratumUI: Add a BottomSheetDialog to show/hide outdated themes
    Add library strings for FloatingView
    Overlays: Reduce waiting time
    CacheCreator: Recalculate optimized SystemUI refresh modulo algorithm
    Overlays: Make sure updated special overlays are installed on the end
    Merge pull request #49 from KreAch3R/rootless-checks
    BootAnimationUtils: more rootless checks
    FileOperations: new rootless createNewFolder
    FloatUI: Remove debug toasts and add App Shortcut
    MainActivity: Keep checking for permissions
    FloatUI: Restart SystemUI accordingly
    ManageFragment: Fix disable-all
    build: Update dependencies
    Overlays: Do install one at a time please
    FloatUI: Trigger refresh on FloatUI floating icon on framework change
    FloatUI: Allow the user to toggle showing Android System overlays
    FloatUI: Filter simple app packages that use same shared format
    FloatUI: Introduce the working version of the overlay configurator
    FloatUI: Internal changes to depict disabled/enabled (Incomplete)
    Merged branch dev into dev
    FloatUI: Allow for the dialog to show what is enabled (Not fully done)
    Merge pull request #48 from nathanchance/dev
    SubstratumTile: Dismiss dialogs/notification panel when pressed
    Merged branch dev into dev
    Overlays: Remove all entries of getContext() and use global variable
    Merge pull request #47 from KreAch3R/githash
    debug builds: show git HASH on filename & in Settings
    Merge pull request #45 from Mazda/patch-1
    FloatUI: Prettify the dialog!
    FloatUI: Fix NPE when SystemUI is invoked during overlay tracking
    FileOperations: Properly catch FileNotFoundException on delete function
    FloatUI: Rewrite algorithm to show proper foreground tasks accurately
    FloatUI: Start parsing foreground available overlays (not functional)
    Fix RTL layout issue
    ThemeEntryAdapter: Show OpenGapps and DynamicGapps as shortcuts
    FloatUI: Introduce brand new vectorized icon by @Mazda--!
    ManageFragment: Change inconsistency in dialog title
    SubstratumRebase: Fixed derp on home screen wallpaper application
    SubstratumRebase: Show finishing status on notification too
    FloatUI: Initial commit for the per-app theming floating UI
    SubstratumRebase: Code cleanup
    BootAnimationUtils: Cross out a TODO as it is done! Yay!
    SubstratumRebase: Deprecation of OMS3 + Optimizations (240 files)
    SubstratumRebase: Add warning for OMS rootless encrypted device on profiles
    SubstratumRebase: Properly check for rootless masquerade
    SubstratumRebase: Remove failed AOPT inject dialog
    SubstratumRebase: Simplify delete method
    SubstratumRebase: I forgot look at this class too
    SettingsFragment: Resize the icons and assign the proper colors
    SettingsFragment: Show new system status icon thanks to @llevo3!
    SubstratumRebase: Re-enable the root check for non-masq23 devices
    Release 599: Prepare for ROM developer initial testing
    SubstratumUI: Fix issue when text is not respecting margin during search
    SubstratumCertification: Show Root/Rootless Mode + Cert Status
    TeamFragment: Head > Lead
    TeamFragment: Add the Rootless dev team to contributors
    SubstratumRebase: Touch up some strings, ready for translation
    SubstratumRebase: Hey it's not a directory!
    SubstratumRebase: Remove builder update mode bool related thingies
    SubstratumRebase: We are working on rootless, assign false to global var
    SubstratumRebase: Introduce global variable to disable root check
    Instantiate static variable N_IS_BACK
    SubstratumRebase: We don't need this
    SubstratumRebase: I forgot to look at those class
    SubstratumRebase: Contextual profile scheduling fix
    SubstratumRebase: Profile changes
    SubstratumRebase: Derp fix
    SubstratumRebase: Filter out system partition operation
    SubstratumRebase: ManageFragment minor cleanup and refactoring
    SubstratumRebase: Move all wallpaper functions to References class
    SubstratumRebase: InformationActivity fixes
    SubstratumRebase: Add timeout for masquerade IO operations
    SubstratumRebase: Let masquerade do the disable-all
    SubstratumRebase: Finalize no-root IO commands
    SubstratumRebase: Fixed a derp in advance manager
    SubstratumRebase: Move compiler binary to data partition
    SubstratumRebase: Add no-root methods for IO
    SubstratumRebase: Special thingies for encrypted devices
    SubstratumRebase: Add disable-all method to References
    SubstratumRebase: Logic fix on OverlayList
    SubstratumRebase: Don't use direct interface to OMS
    SubstratumRebase: Priority changer fixes
    SubstratumRebase: Let masquerade do the enable-disable jobs
    SubstratumRebase: Minor changes on OverlayList
    SubstratumRebase: Final changes to sounds
    SubstratumRebase: Minor fix to fonts
    SubstratumRebase: Sounds changes
    SubstratumRebase: Boot animation changes
    SubstratumRebase: OverlayList fixes
    SubstratumRebase: Fix logic derp
    SubstratumRebase: Fonts part
    SubstratumRebase: First attempt
    build: Update dependencies
    WallpaperAdapter: Minor improvements to cropper
    MainActivity: Properly check for ungranted permissions
    SubstratumThemeUpdater: Add parent activity on InformationActivity

    Remember all, happy theming!
    Substratum v504 Release

    ATTENTION: This DOES NOT include icon packs JUST YET. We are working for it to be a part of something really cool, as we are working directly with @bigrushdog to integrate masquerade into a much better platform configurator, icon packs will follow this suit.

    This update also incorporates the AppCompat theming commit (public) while the private-commit will follow suit really soon. The private-commit is a fwb commit that allows our packaging tool to see the private resources in any application so that we can reference it like @*com.android.systemui:color/theme_accent. Currently, public resources are allowed only, which follows the above format.

    I also explained what the permissions are now being used with in a nice dialog.

    Extensive Changelog
    521c0da MainActivity: Only enable icon packs for alpha users
    cc4c309 MasqueradeService: Initial direct integration with masquerade (no root)
    57192a6 Merged branch dev into dev
    2135869 SettingsFragment: Allow the user to show/hide outdated themes on demand
    0d39c22 Merge pull request #33 from nathanchance/dev
    ef9b612 Remove a reference to Butterknife
    67309c3 StudioPreviewActivity: Be able to restart masquerade
    8b78658 StudioPreviewActivity: Increase delay for configChange and add dialog
    d8e3993 Merged branch dev into dev
    961f8df PriorityListFragment: Indefinitely set snackbar, as the fab is gone too
    59851ae PriorityListFragment: Hide fab when changing priorities
    ac0ff44 SubstratumUI: Touch up the permissions dialog a bit
    516e344 Substratum: Deprecate the use of Butterknife
    d249849 References: Take account for Settings icons when compiling
    df33922 SubstratumBuilder: Reduce verbosity of non-required AOPT command args
    1ea9e69 MainActivity: Allow firebase to have a fallback revival (one chance)
    b7988f9 SubstratumBuilder: Allow pre-499 themes with self attr to build properly
    ecbae3a SettingsFragment: Move snackbars of activity recreators to show toasts
    e6d6c97 MainActivity: Do not show the popup dialog everytime at boot!
    cbb4691 SubstratumUI: Sometimes too much bread is bad. Let's get a snack!
    b64a230 Fix Travis-CI builds (#32)
    2baa6f7 MainActivity: Only request root after perms are granted to prevent hangs
    008c7dd References: Suppress lint on a few functions
    5742490 References: Ensure void is reinforced by try/catch instead of throws
    966a101 Merged branch dev into dev
    62317f2 Merge pull request #31 from KreAch3R/dever
    5c5f913 Fix build
    ef1abba Firebase: handle SecurityException (for now)
    3ddf410 Add permission request for FireBase
    b616fae MainActivity: Clean up a bit more
    5fb5f7f SubstratumRebase: Permissions will be explained at boot!
    a6de681 PackageModificationDetector: Installing pre-6.0.0 overlays will fail now
    04f2d54 DetectionReceiver: Do not reinforce the possibility of cache failure
    80b5d05 DetectionReceiver: Slimify the algorithm to detect new theme installs
    d9a116c SubstratumRebase: "Baten Kaitos" app rebase upon Java 1.8 compiler
    c458c85 References: Catch all uncaught exceptions depending on the device config
    89614e6 SubstratumUI: Add default options in the InformationActivity tabs
    bb05d28 SubstratumUI: Interface directly to the OverlayManagerService
    f6748f5 SubstratumRebase: We're now on steroids in terms of load speed!
    ced2d8e Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/dev'
    58662f4 SubstratumUI: Instantiate new launching mechanism
    0c35a43 Merge pull request #30 from KreAch3R/incompatible-firmware
    fe30d05 SubstratumBuilder: Append extension of non-resource IDs by default
    2fdb473 Better syntax, variable naming
    ae9a7ed Check for bootlooping ROMs with isIncompatibleFirmware
    c5618f3 Studio: Take account for icon masks such as the one from Timeless
    503278c Studio: Introduce the dynamic icon masking cropping algorithm
    3662250 IconStudio: Fix disabling base icon to fetch base "true" icon
    91796c0 SubstratumUI: Allow a developer to break AOPT functionality for analysis
    5388a5a SubstratumIconBuilder: Reduce verbosity
    bf0b502 MainActivity: December update still bootloops users, warn!
    894034d MainActivity: Add do not show again button on legacy warning dialog
    2532957 SubstratumUI: Manifest/Security update in accordance to lint
    284e607 SubstratumUI: Remove wakelock completely
    f437c78 IconPackStudio: Rebase with icon creation support (RTM)
    fe83b40 MainActivity: Fix incorrect paths to rescue archive file detection
    8551dd3 SubstratumBuilder: I guess 7.1.1 caught my mistake!
    0821cbb SubstratumBuilder: Introduce target app referencing (AppCompat)
    a1661e5 IconStudio: Beta release of studio
    87cf022 IconStudio: Enable fab to have a dialog confirmation before applying
    fbc7cff IconStudio: Restore default icons now has a toast when list < 0
    d0eee70 IconStudio: Enable system card functionality to restore to system icons
    f154d3a References: When calling for app icon, strip ".png" from aopt badging
    09f877d MainActivity: Streamline the navdrawer code for easy further development
    d59c1ce SubstratumIconBuilder: Change versionName to contain Icon Pack package
    8ca1275 OverlaysList: Fix NPE when publishing progress
    e8b0a7c StudioPreviewActivity: Fix null on context grab failure on icon pkg tgt
    50c65a6 ManageFragment: Update strings
    146cd57 QuickApplyUI: Deprecate the QuickApplyUI
    31a6183 OverlaysList: Asciibetically sort the typeArray before loading spinners
    89442b9 MainActivity: CountdownTimer breaks on legacy CM superuser
    5fa254c OverlaysList: Introduce the blur dialog as well as a new progress bar
    fd987da OverlaysList: Repair damages to SystemUI filter after Icon commit
    3e9a252 ManageFragment: Reinstantiate proper OMS3 protocols for Font reset
    2ef1019 SoundsFragment: When Sounds aren't set up properly, show an exception
    703a33f SubstratumUI: Full eradication of the ScrollingImageView library
    83a0b9f DefaultsManager: Deprecate the animated images for reset cards
    af8f835 References: Universal control for SubstratumLogger Logcat Tags
    98072f3 OverlaysList: Repair damages caused by IconPack commit
    fe32cfa Merge pull request #28 from iskandar1023/dev
    ff73474 InformationActivity: Remove the outdated plugin toast
    2da0898 IconStudio: Initial contribution to the icon pack framework
    7062417 Use sys.refresh_theme to restore fonts universally
    8c1e8af Update fonts clearer method
    d38c077 build: Update dependencies
    Substratum boys, let's get to it! :D
    Substratum v231 release notes:

    This build actually rewrites a HUGE bunch of code that simplifies it, removes a bunch of complicated (but modified a little) code on each fragment. Mainly I wanted to simplify repetitive code to be called from one centralized file, in a way that allows for future modifications easily ^-^

    There's a benefit for not having Lucky Patcher installed on your device, which is that themes will load MUCH faster (because Substratum won't break it's own integrity and recheck EACH and EVERY time). But now the speed of launching themes is MUCH faster after your theme gets decompiled.

    You now have a ZIP file that gets copied by Substratum to /storage/emulated/0/Substratum/SubstratumRescue.zip which is a TWRP-flashable ZIP that resets your overlays.xml

    You also have live progress when your themes get decompiled in your notification! If it gets stuck, you can click Cancel and it will reset the is_upgrading variable. This progress is quite slow depending on the size of your theme, like Crystal Tronik.

    Finally, I revamped the toolbar so that it is more space efficient with pretty icons :)

    SettingsFragment: Default Alternate Drawer to False
    SubstratumUI: Introduce a brand new drawer UI
    Rescue: Introduce the Substratum Rescue System (SRS)
    SubstratumUI: Filter only non-system-apps on fragments
    SandwichTile: Deprecate the non-functional QS tile
    MainActivity: Use reflection to see if Fonts are supported
    Merge pull request #13 from camcory/dev
    SubstratumUI: Add new toolbar icons!
    SubstratumUI: Add Visibility.VARIABLE for divider lines on cards
    SubstratumUI: Introduce a brand new card layout for themes
    OverlaysList: fail_count must be less than overlays building
    References: If themer targets LP/LP-MR1, show it!
    Update FAQ
    Fix up a few small quirks with the build and upgrade substrate
    SubstratumUI: MainActivity popup menu clears substratum_state
    CacheCreator: All file count + modulo 50 for smaller themes
    Notifications: Brand new UI to interact with Resource Initializer
    SubstratumUI: Increase Antipiracy Checks by 3x
    Add legacy font support (on supported devices)
    References: API25 shall now be known as Pixel-N
    Update substrate dependency thanks to @dully79
    SubstratumBuilder: Allow for signature bypass checks