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Deleted member 8085016

The most important difference is aptx is not hardware related and the aptx shared objects are generic. The blobs needed for galileo needs to match the soc, the android version (or you need to reverse engineere the e.g. the nougat hal (from zuk) to work with pie's (or q's) location stack via wrapper or shimming) and the rom's (the rom, that should receive the galileo extended blobs).

If we find a device with an android 9 and/or android 10 stock rom supporting galileo we can try to put them in a source build rom.

Thanks you for the reply, I have been frustrate to make the idea more public. It was weird that the feature wasnt implemented by Oneplus, I guess because they are a "Small company". Is the GNSS firmware the same for the 3/3T between 6.0 to 9.0?

While the 3/3T and Zuk Edge have the same SoC, the Edge was has been abandoned by Lenova, see the XDA forum for the Zuk Edge. So the last offical stock ROM is Oreo based.
Luckily the whole phones stock ROM is open source? I didn't get the rhetoric.

Also could there be a hardware implementation? Is there a requirement for a pin to the antenna like FM radio?
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Deleted member 8085016

I misunderstood, so custom ROMs should be able to get Galileo. @nvertigo67 I found another device with Galileo support and has a official Pie firmware. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 LTE version. It uses the SD820


Senior Member
Apr 20, 2016
Hello sir, I have unlock bootloader and install twrp then trying to flash custom rom Android 11. But its not installing, it failed. I have tryied several rom but failed. I had oneplus 3 with android 9.
Please help me.

Deleted member 8085016

Im comfused by the amount of different "enable volte and vowifi" tutorials. There are to many. Cant find the correct one. I need a tutorial for MVNO owned by bigger carriers with VoLTE that is holding back the tecjnology, that doesnt support my phone hence there is no profile in the software. I did the function switch, changed the buildprop, tried to load profiles that didnt do anything in PDC. Only 820/821 phones that got VoLTE in Telia_Scandinavia are the XZ1 and Mi Mix 1.

Also tell me WHY you cant ad mbn profiles from newer SoC to the Oneplus 3/3T. I want to trick the carrier who owns a MVNO that doesn't offer VoLTE and VoWifi. The carrier profile doesn't exist in the stock firmware.
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New member
Feb 15, 2021
Hi good people, few days back my daughter dropped my OnePlus 3 from a 3 feet height or so, from then the rear camera is not working. I can not switch back to rear camera from the camera apps. But the in the Hardware test, when I click "rear camera preview", it opens up the front camera, and when I click " front camera preview", it says "cant open camera", flash light hardware test is okay.

I hard reset the phone by wiping all data. Nothing changed though.

Guys need your help. Your help will be highly appreciated.


New member
May 16, 2019
OnePlus 3
Hey guys, I recently rooted my OnePlus 3 and installed LineageOs 17.1 on it. Everything is working fine except the fact that I can't find out how to enable VoLTE on it. I need help fixing it and any help will be highly appreciated.


May 10, 2021
Can someone pls explain better how Im supposed to use Xperia XZ firmware for VoLTE?

Also the https://github.com/solk2/CNVParse tool. I have no idea but I need those mdn profiles for Swedish carriers.


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Staff member
Jan 8, 2014
Can someone pls explain better how Im supposed to use Xperia XZ firmware for VoLTE?

Also the https://github.com/solk2/CNVParse tool. I have no idea but I need those mdn profiles for Swedish carriers.
If you go ahead, you are likely to brick your phone. That method is for the OP3, not for Xperia. Search in your device's forums for a solution.


New member
May 26, 2021
i dropped my phone so Power button and Volume buttons are not working.....and its switched off ....can anybody have any idea how to turn it on without any buttons ?


May 10, 2021
So I catched up on this phones controversy. So is the 3/3T Cat6 or Cat12/13? Is it hardware related block or firmware based block of speed. There are tons of Cat9,Cat12 phones out there, is it possible to port the feature to the X12 modem?
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    Hi! I am new to oneplus forum. Can anyone please answer these doubts:

    1. There seems to be different versions of TWRP floating around i.e. Official TWRP 3.0.2-1, modified 3.0.2-19 and 3.0.2-22. From what I have read till now, different people are using different versions. So, what is the difference between these 3 versions?
    2. If I am on either official or modified TWRP, and flash official OTA or full zip of stock oos rom then will I lose my custom recovery and get stock recovery or there will be no change in recovery partition.
    3. I am hoping, recovery has it's own separate partition and will not be affected by rom flashing?
    4. Why are there instructions for flashing a particular version of stock OOS before flashing any custom roms? Does the version needs to be exactly same of latest i.e. 3.2.7 or CB 3.5.5 will do fine?

    Thanks in advance :)

    The 3.0.2-1 is official twrp. Community builds don't work with it. So there are some modified versions. Use the -22 as it works with everything

    2) This depends. If you flash full zip and directly boot to system, sometimes you loose twrp. Community builds have this annoying habit. BTW, you cannot flash ota using twrp

    3) it has a separate partition but full oos zip comes with its own recovery which replace twrp

    4) this has to to do with different firmwares. I haven't really explored this in detail but follow the instructions in ROM thread. Like 3.2.4 fw is required for resurrection and 3.2.6 for Sultan's. There is a thread on firmwares too. You should read that.
    Hello everyone, i believe i just posted something at a wrong place, because i can't find my thread anymore, i'm trying now here, sorry if there were double post. .... So... I'm just in the process of buying a used OnePlus 3 phone. Could you give me any advice what to check on the phone? Were there faulty ones (like weak GPS, weak Bluetooth whatsoever) which i can check before buy? I would really grateful for any advice!

    There are plenty phone checking apps on play store and they will help u to check everything
    Got following from t-shock
    Check the following:
    1. If the other guy has bought it over the official OnePlus site (very important)
    2. Check if the device has locked bootloader or not
    3. Check for scratches on the Camera
    4. Try pressing the screen a little bit hard to see if it has any flex or weird reaction (He may has changed the screen who knows???)
    5. General testing (FP, Calling ETC)
    If I have a rooted OP3 with TWRP, how should I install the latest updates? Will I have to install Xposed again and again each time I update?

    Yes each time you flash the stock OOS (update, same or older versions):

    1. Boot to TWRP
    2. Wipe dalvik and cache
    3. Flash full signed OOS zip
    4. Wipe dalvik and cache
    5. Flash SuperSU zip
    6. Wipe dalvik and cache
    7. Flash Xposed
    8. Wipe dalvik and cache
    9. Reboot and enjoy

    Not sure if wiping dalvik and cache between each step is necessary but better safe then sorry.
    Yes it is.
    It downloaded the file, rebooted in recovery and left me there. Suggestions?

    ---------- Post added at 02:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:27 PM ----------

    Yes it booted to TWRP (auto correct issue) and it's rooted.

    Official or Unofficial TWRP?

    Anyway you cannot flash OTA over the rooted firmware.

    Either you have to dirty flash 3.2.1 and flash the OTA on top of it or flash 3.2.2 full zip.

    XDA Assist