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Nov 26, 2015
my friend is selling his used op5 to me at a lower price but he doesnt have bill of the phone..
so if i buy OnePlus Secure by Servify which covers Extended Warranty Plan for OnePlus 5... will i be able to use it like normal warrenty..?

Funk Wizard

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Nov 8, 2014
New Delhi
my friend is selling his used op5 to me at a lower price but he doesnt have bill of the phone..
so if i buy OnePlus Secure by Servify which covers Extended Warranty Plan for OnePlus 5... will i be able to use it like normal warrenty..?
Not without the bill

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And that would be?
If it doesn't work boot into os and remove all security and boot into twrp then you can set the password again
PS also uodate to the official TWRP as it decrypts fine

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Binary Assault

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May 25, 2016
Are you sure? I installed the latest magisk 13.0 beta and in the magisk manager it does not pass. Snapchat does not work as well which is a indicator of failed saftynet
Positive. Do you have do you have systemless host and magisk hide enabled in settings?


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Apr 25, 2012
Will try and if not will try flashing your magisk version mine is newer and possibly had a bug
I'm using the same one as you are and it works fine
Also core mode is not enabled in my case

EDIT: Actually we are not on the same version, you have the latest one (c4377ed) which was reported not passing safetynet yesterday on some other thread on xda.
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    Not new to xda. Been out of all the action for a couple of years and I'm returning with the one plus 5.

    Does anyone know if I can unlock and root without screwing up Android pay? There's this Magisk thing I've read, but some tutorial on how to load it up on the one plus 5 would be nice.
    Yes, super easy. Look in the Dev section for full install. Cliff notes:
    Unlock bootloader via fastboot (performs a full format)
    Install TWRP v58
    Install Magisk via TWRP (it's a zip)
    In Magisk there is an option that allows you to hide root from certain apps, Android pay is on by default.

    When you update the OS, do a full install (refer to official threads here on XDA for full downloads)
    Go to TWRP
    Perform a full backup
    Wipe dalvik cache
    Install new OS (full install)
    Reinstall Magisk
    Wipe dalivk cache
    Reboot the phone
    You won't lose anything with this method

    Is it possible to keep root after updating your OS? i just updated to oxygenOS 4.5.4 (flashed it through zip on OP forums) and I lost my root and TWRP recovery.

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    See above, just refash Magisk in TWRP and wipe dalvik cache.
    I'm not sure if @martinusbe got op5.

    it's in the mail
    Hey, I have a question regarding rooting and OTAs! As far as I've understood, flashing a custom recovery and root after unlocking the bootloader breaks the OTAs and makes it a hassle to update your phone unless you're running a custom ROM, which im not planning to do just yet. My question is: is there a way to unlock the bootloader and root the device WITHOUT flashing a custom recovery, which (hopefully) wouldn't break OTA updates?
    I don't have a custom ROM
    I'm on 4.5.4
    I have TWRP installed and am rooted via Magisk
    With an Ota, OOS detects root and does a full download. To install it, you boot into recovery (TWRP) wipe dalvik cache, install full Ota (about 1.5gb), reflash Magisk whole in TWRP
    Wipe dalvik cache once more and reboot. No issues here.
    And that would be?
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