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Q&A for [ROM+KERNEL] Sabermod CM-11.0---ONEPLUS [AK Kernel] [GCC 4.8 & 4.8]

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New member
Sep 4, 2014
rom issue

I have clean flash this rom.. I got bootloop.. Another rom ill try.. No problem at all ... Only this rom.. How to resolve ??


New member
Dec 19, 2011
audio issues

Hey, just wanted to say thanks to Robbie, this rom is awesome. Considering this is an alpha build as well, it just feels so smooth and stable.

One issue im having is with music playback- the buzzing every so often. I've tried a few things such as installing Viper4Android etc to no avail. I was wondering if today's build fixes this?

If not, there seem to be loads of audio related merges to the cm12 branch this morning which seem to deal with the issue. Am i right in thinking that they'll make the next build?

Thanks again!


Dec 28, 2014
Can't flash File 4android with latest build

I m unable to flash the latest build with v4a. Whenever i flash the lollilop mod of it with the ROM, all the ootb n play music crashes. However, the 3rd party players can still play. Pl .suggest how shd i flash v4a with this ROM.


Senior Member
Dec 18, 2010
Since the latest i get reboots when getting a notification while display is off. But there is some time in between as peek is able to display the notification.


New member
Jan 15, 2015
Good but...

Just flashed last build with v87 AK kernel. Seems as smooth as the previous one, but I've lost ~ 1000 points under Antutu benchmark (I can post details if required), and phone seems quite hot in my pocket as it was with other ROMs I used to try.
All features seems fine though.
Do I have a way to check average temperature over a period of time?

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New member
Jul 17, 2011
Bluetooth issue

has anyone figured out how to fix Bluetooth connection issue where it keeps disconnecting.
on 2013 Prius it works fine but on 2013 Lexus it keeps disconnecting every 20 seconds

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    I'm wondering if the random reboots have been solved in the latest release, can anyone confirm before I flash?
    Yes it has been solved in the newer builds
    Hi guys. Awesome release, once again. I flashed the update 4/30/2015 and everything went smooth. Did the wipes and flashed google apps. did the wipes and reboot. Now the "space" on screen seems smaller, as everything went bigger. I tried putting text at 90%, but still everything looks bigger. Isnt there any way to put it back smaller?

    Thankx in advance,

    On display settings, set the DPI on 400
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