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[Q&A] [ROM][P760/P765/P768/P769][4.4.4][Official] NamelessROM [NIGHTLIES]

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Nov 5, 2014
I'm with a p760 and I use this rom for one week now, it's very good, no big problems, just some comments :
- The screen consumption is very high. I don't know if you work with Artas but he have decrease refresh rate on his last rom.
- I use the nameless center to download nightlies update but CWM can't install it automatically. I must do it manually.
- I don't use it but when I check "see through" in lockscreen settings it doesn't work. It still with my background screen.
- I receive much better with this rom than Artas rom.
- GPS works very well with fix from artas's app GPS FIxer.

About build.prop, it's experimental features so it's just to tell you what I have test :
- when I check GPU acceleration and set max CPU clock to 800MHz phone can't be awake.

It's the first time I use Nameless and it's a very good rom, thank you for your work.
I'm French, I do my best to be understandable.


New member
Nov 9, 2014

What was it? Battery is almost to the end in the evening, morning already signals.
Screenshot_2014-11-09-06-46-49.png Screenshot_2014-11-09-06-46-00.png Screenshot_2014-11-09-06-45-38.png

My actions
Woke. Turn smartphone power button. Only soft buttons light up, the screen does not turn on. Holding the power button for 10 seconds, the smartphone is turned off. Turns on and works fine.

PS. Firmware installed 3 days ago and not updated.

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Sep 22, 2014
It´s planned build Android Lollipod to LG L9 P760?

This ROM it´s one of the best for L9.
It´s planned continue the building of the ROM for L9 with Lollipod?
Thanks for the great job.