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May 24, 2012
So this could be the end of the road for cloudy rom since there is no sign from Cloudyfa since July ?

i find this kind of "guessing" posts funny...
it's well known that Cloudyfa doesn't post much on xda... probably mostly because of countless same questions from the people that don't read OP... and he has a life... the real one :)

it was more than several months between his appearances here when people were asking "when will he update the rom from 3.2 to 3.3"...

there is nothing new to add to the rom... only a stagefright v1.0 fix/update maybe (which was released by LG just only after Cloudy released v3.3 rom)

the v1.0 sf fix can be flashed manually (some user posted it in general section) - so there is no need for Cloudyfa to do it as well...

of course - there are some smaller bugs in the rom, it's normal... but nothing too serious that eagers for new rom version release...

also - Cloudyfa might also have some problems in real life - i hope he doesn't and all the best to him... he also may be too busy with his real job... who knows...



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Jul 2, 2015



*/*Oct 21, 2015

Hello , is there any way to change the default camera open in the lock screen ? i want to put the xcam. Thanks for all.

Just go to settings/display/lockscreen/shortcuts you can change it there✔

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Oct 31, 2011
santiago del estero



*/*Oct 21, 2015

Hello , is there any way to change the default camera open in the lock screen ? i want to put the xcam. Thanks for all.

Just go to settings/display/lockscreen/shortcuts you can change it there

Sent from my LG-D800 using XDA Thread

The option is not present on the G2 with CloudyG2 3.3

try settings > lock screen > shortcuts

Hello, no options , at least not with the unlock screen by patron . I need to change the camera that opens when slid to the left in the camera icon . Thanks


Jun 19, 2015
I'm using cloudyG2 3.3.
Can i see notification in quick windows mode?
My quick window only show music n clock. Is there another way to show other application?


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Sep 18, 2013
is there any way to enable 4g with cloudy ? I tried #*3845# menu and changed it to "gsm/wcdma/lte auto (in lte only >modem settings>rat selection) but still no luck. also tried other lte options too..

do I need to delete LteConfigs.apk apk or something ? (couldn't find that)

any 4G fix ?


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Sep 24, 2014
is there any way to enable 4g with cloudy ? I tried #*3845# menu and changed it to "gsm/wcdma/lte auto (in lte only >modem settings>rat selection) but still no luck. also tried other lte options too..

do I need to delete LteConfigs.apk apk or something ? (couldn't find that)

any 4G fix ?

Does your contract with cellular net provider cover 4G support? In other words do you pay for having 4G? Most countries not free!


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Dec 31, 2011
Crazy battery life.


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    CloudyG2 3.3

    [*]COPY - Uploading

    MD5: B40C0EF12D9B5A66C04047A9EF51BE02

    Credits and Thanks To: @Cloudyfa
    I dont think so, Dori.

    chargerlogo is a binary always been there in the ramdisk by default. The rom use stock kernel so it remained untouched. And there's nothing about it in the system , maybe you mistaken a bit when seeing it in root folder (bc of ramdisk).
    Btw, I think that chargerlogo affect nothing if people using the default kernel or your custom kernel (if it cause issue, your custom kernel may already removed it, and again, if it cause the issue, all stock kernels have rebooting issue)

    Yep, i see that i should deal with this.
    This is a stock binary stuck in ramdisk in stock and my kernel.

    I will see how i can help, strange that i never seen its working on my device.
    But other roms custom.. reporting errors from it, and kernel reboot.
    Stock 30b is quiet...

    Sorry for disturbing you :)
    Its seems to be my problem now, haha.
    Where is my hammer.???

    Sent from my LG-D802
    I'm using RR 5.4.8 (lollipop 5.1.1).
    Can anyone tell me what I must flash to work on D802?
    In rom thread says that i must only do Full Wipe & Flash rom, but i I read, that some users have to flash another's zip to work rom properly.
    Btw What is bootstack? I search on google and xda, but i don't find the answer.

    Thank you for using the Q&A, as for the several posters above I'm glad they were moved here instead of the development section.

    Basically, the process is very simple. AOSP based roms are kept very simple and they mostly just flash /system files as well as a boot.bin (kernel). There are plenty of other files in your phone, like the recovery, bootloader, modem and others. These are NEVER touched by AOSP roms (unless specified).

    Sometimes, especially with locked bootloaders and restricted device sources, closed-source updates that come from the manufacturer (in this case, LG), update these very crucial folders/files to make them work with new firmware/software updates. This was the case when LG updated the G2 from Kitkat to Lollipop.

    When the official update came into place, they updated the rom (/system), updated the user apps (/data), updated the stock recovery, updated the bootloader to LP and updated a lot of other files/folders including the modem, laf, etc.

    All of these are essential to make a ROM work properly and not updating these causes issues (random reboots, no sound, no knock on, no GPS, etc). As there are many variants for this device, it's very difficult to keep track of what keeps breaking what.

    For this, devs have released a bootstack (a collection of files and folders which you can see here) for each variant that had an official Lollipop release. It updates the bootloader, modem and all the other partitions.

    The bootloader used however, is the KITKAT version, as the lollipop version has no exploit available to have a custom recovery on. Modem is usually LP, although some users report to use KitKat.

    So...what's next?

    If you're on stock lollipop, you NEED a KITKAT bootloader. Use autorec v2 from the playstore and then -> flash LP bootstack. This should get you the necessary bootloader and overwrite the already present LP files/modem
    If you're on stock kitkat, you already HAVE a KITKAT bootloader. If you're missing root, use autorec v1 found in the development section and you're missing what could possibly fix the issues mentioned above, stored in the LP files/modem -> flash LP bootstack.
    If you're on stock jellybean, you don't have EITHER a KITKAT bootloader or the LP modem/files -> flash LP bootstack

    Now here comes the interesting part

    If you're on AOSP without CAF sources, you're using a JELLYBEAN bootloader and have no LP modem/files. You need a KITKAT bootloader to flash CAF roms -> flash LP bootstack
    If you're on AOSP with CAF sources, you're using a KITKAT bootloader and you might or might not have LP modem/files. Might as well -> flash LP bootstack

    If you're still unsure, just read the official instructions (these do the same as the bootstack does, as updating to official lollipop will get you all the lollipop files, and flashing autorec v2 will downgrade the only thing you need, the bootloader, to the KITKAT version)

    Can I upgrade to this ROM from other LP ROM?
    - I dont know if your current ROM use the official partitions from LG LP releases or the modified one, this ROM requires org parts from LG. If you're not sure about that just kdz/tot back to Lollipop firmware, root, install AutoRec V2 (that support Lollipop) to get the recovery and flash the ROM like Installation guide above.

    Also, just in case, I realize cloudy's isn't an AOSP rom, but being a custom stock-based rom on the g2 with a locked bootloader, you can pretty much treat it like one. It does, however, offer the option to update the modem.

    When did this become a mess? During the introduction of CAF (qualcomm optimized branch for devices) sources for the G2. The ONLY issue with the LP-bootstack is when you try to flash older roms, that use a loki exploit found in the JELLYBEAN bootloader and patched on the KITKAT bootloader. This might require another bootstack, or not. No one really bothered to check compatibility with older versions and for good reason.
    I was having serious battery drain issue on my D800 and thank you Google for that :)

    Big thanks to @Alcolawl as he found a way to destroy the battery drain issue caused by Google Update Service.

    I packaged the script and please flash it from Recovery and enjoy few more hours of battery!

    Btw, it can be flashed for both CloudyG2 3.1 and 3.2.
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