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Aug 24, 2012
I'm not an IT specialist. I'm just a regular smartphone user.

I offer 5USD for a RELIABLE kernel without an obsolete file size limitation in video recording to Samsung's official ROM with Android 4.1.2.

And yet actually I'm really interesting in the camera improvement. So...
I'm offering 50USD to anyone who will make Galaxy S2 become able to record FHD+ video with 21:9 aspect ratio (2520x1080) without any other disadvantages.

I can offer other bounties for any reliable improvements to the camera (include the stereo sound recording) without disadvantages.

Any payments will be proceed only after successful firmware testing by me.

Try Kernel Dorimanx V8.44 and DailyRoads Voyager/PRO.


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Jun 20, 2017

Had tried DailyRoads Voyager app (non Pro version) installing it on Samsung Galaxy S2 with the last original Samsung's firmware (Android 4.1.2):

1) It can not compete against dedicated camcorder apps such as A Better Camera app by Almalence.

2) Factually, it can not increase a ratio between width and height of recorded videous by the device Samsung Galaxy S2 and the ratio 16/9 remains maximum as usual.

3) The app has many bugs confirmed even by its developers.

So, I had uninstalled it.

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    doriamnx forgot to update title?

    i dont forget, i am taking timeout, till kernel settle down and people will do some debug.

    i have busy days at my real job, so try to do all you can, or revert to last stable for your rom kernel, or stock.

    next update will take time to release.

    Sent from my GT-I9100
    Kernel change logs

    I see a lot of questions, especially in the development thread, that could be avoided if people read the change logs.
    Since a lot of kernel releases are considered beta versions Dori doesn't update the change logs on the development threads OP with these. This makes it sometimes difficult for people to find them.

    In an attempt to bring the number off those repeat “will this work” questions down I made an overview of the change logs of all recent versions including the betas

    I will do my best to keep this overview updated whenever a new version comes out.

    Kernel change logs:

    8.14 + 9.14
    8.13 + 9.13
    8.12 + 9.12
    8.11 + 9.11
    8.10 + 9.10

    Older kernel change logs:

    Your kernel 9.15 and 16 make by few people bootloop and crashes by dorimanx logo ,and ,or by samsung logo!

    Please fixes ........:thumbup::thumbup:


    you are bootlooping your posts.
    dont do that.

    Sent from my GT-I9100
    i think we are ready for next kernel.
    so i hope i can release it today.
    my time now 15:38

    so check the thread in 6 or 8 hours...
    i hope to finish my job project and get home to upload new versions.

    Sent from my GT-I9100
    News update!!!


    Time to move to 4.3 :)

    kernel X.38 will support Android 4.3 CM/AOKP (sec or pri rom):)
    and many bugs fixed!

    ETA = 2 hours! (maybe less)

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