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    A final farewell

    They say all good things must come to an end... After 2½ years of actively updating my Gapps packages on a regular basis, the time has come for me to step aside.

    I'm very proud of the work that @osm0sis and I have done in creating this new generation of GApps installers and the groundwork we laid in allowing others to carry on our work. This entire project has been Open Sourced and licensed under a GPL v3.0 license which guarantees that all current and future development must remain Open Source and free to use by anyone who wants to use our code (See GPL v3 for complete deails).

    I'd like to thank @Chainfire for his pioneering work in zip file shell scripting. Without his work to analyze, none of this would likely have happened. I'd also like to thank @osm0sis for partnering with me on the last part of this journey. The value he provided me goes far beyond his immense code contributions. His wisdom and advice behind the scenes has also been greatly valued.

    Thanks, also , to the many thousands of users who've used these GApps over the years. Last time I checked my logs, there were over 15 million downloads of these GApps. Thanks for trusting us with your valuable devices!
    And I want to thank @TKruzze for all of his time, hard work and the lasting effect his contributions have had on the Android community! I wish him all the best. :)

    As a final parting gift, in addition to the full 2015-10-15 beta I reposted above, we've also hosted a final unreleased TK GApps for KitKat that @TKruzze was maintaining privately for awhile after PA GApps.


    Enjoy, and happy flashing!
    All TK GApps (formerly Official PA GApps) discussion will take place here to keep the main thread operational as a release thread for TKruzze and remove the needless clutter.

    Regardless, please read the FAQ in the main thread before posting here since your answer is most likely already there.

    Subscribe here if you have questions or would like to help those who have questions, or, you may simply subscribe to the main thread if you would only like notifications when TKruzze bumps the thread with a release post and want to avoid the stream of discussion here.

    Thanks! Have fun, and help each other!

    - osm0sis & TKruzze

    Example .gapps-config Files Submitted by Users:

    Or you may try to generate a config using the excellent AROMA-based "Universal PA GApps Customizer" interface created by @raulx222.

    There is an excellent help team in here but feel free to @ mention me if something needs to be brought to my attention.
    It's been a crazy busy week for me! I will try and post an update, along with our plans for Marshmallow in the next couple of days.
    By the way, any plans of creating something similar to their bloatware removal? An "official" TK script for this to be used together with GApps would be superb!

    I'm working on something new and cool that you will probably like.