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    Thanks for reply
    is that easy ? so i don't have to change anything like in the link ?
    also i don't have L11's ROM and i didn't find it so is the backup will be enough if something wrong happen ?

    Updating to the official ROMs is easy since there is a force update option. In your case it will still work and most likely will not cause any harm.
    But now that I think of it, if you want to make a backup, you're out of luck. Well, mostly.
    If you'd like to create a backup, you'd have to
    1. unlock bootloader / flash an unlocked bootloader
    2. flash recovery
    3. backup your current ROM
    All of the above can be done but you cannot flash a B609 ROM on top of a B133 base - you'd have to update with the recovery and bootloader you just lost to make a backup. If you don't have the original ROM's files, you cannot go back if anything goes wrong.

    To sum it up:
    • you can easily update
    • you (probably) cannot make a backup

    Decide for yourself it it's worth the minimal risk.
    i purchased p7 while ago and then while i search in the internet i find that there is many models of p7 and mine was p7-l11 and it's australian model but i'm not from australia
    so this model seems that it doesn't receive any updates and it's still on EMUI 2.3 and probably will not get lolipop update also
    is there a way to make it like global model (p7-l10 ) by install another ROM or something ? so it can receive the updates normally
    thanks and sorry for my english.
    You can flash the latest version manually, but I can't guarantee that you won't damage your device.

    I think not much can go wrong as long as you don't change the kernel and have a backup of your current build (use CWM recovery > backup).

    thanks for replay
    but are you sure if i follow the steps correct it will work without any damage ?
    because the phone is new and i dont' want lose it very fast

    Probably only the CUST partition is different, but alas, there is no information whatsoever. If I'm not mistaken the Asian versions have the same hardware, so the number after the L should only mean that it's for another region, and that's all. There are a few ROMs made for the L01 here on the forum, and they are working on the L10, and vica versa. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't create hardware malfunction, so even if the software is buggy on the other variant if you have a backup, you can always flash the original.
    First i would check if you have an unlocked bootloader .

    When not unlock it by rooting with root genius.

    The Kernel is for all models the same .

    The different is the system , modem and cust partition.

    So when you have one sim slot and one micro SD slot you can try it with the L-10 Software when you have dual-sim you have to try the China devices Software (L-5/7/9/0)

    But i would recommend to flash a full update and not only the system partition

    But flashing these Software from one on the other should not damege the device ..

    But when you do this this youre deal, so don't blame me if something goes wrong...
    i don't know if the bootloader unlocked or not , How could i know ?
    i have one sim slot and one micro SD slot so it will be same as L-10 , so do i just follow the steps like in this link : http://forum.xda-developers.com/ascend-p7/general/cwm-flashable-b609-p7-l10-complete-t3004343 ?
    or should i do something before it ?

    If think your best bet is to ipdate with the three button method with the original bootloader and recovery. Download the full B609 ROM from here (click on Letöltés), put it in /sdcard0/dload (or on the SD card, doesn't matter), and update either through the system menu or by holding down all three buttons when booting. In case anything goes wrong (which it shouldn't), you can use the same method with the L11's ROM to downgrade.