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Q : about Marshmallow for Galaxy s4 i9500

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New member
Feb 20, 2016
Hi evrybody

I had a Q: About M for Galaxy s4 i9500
do galaxy s4 i9500 will get Update to M ?

If No , so is there ( CM13 for Galaxy s4 i9500 ) ??

Cuz over Net i Just fund ( CM13 ) for s4 i9505

If Any one have A good Info i hope he Help me
and sorry if i posted my Q in Wrong Section
thanks ..........



Recognized Contributor
Apr 13, 2015
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
1. Our device isn't approved for 6.0 Marshmallow.
2. It's GearCM 13.0, but still in Alpha phase and develops slower due to the fact that the dev has his phone started to defunct.

And @marcosmdaniel,
1. But our device was approved for 5.1.1 update.
2. What do you mean that he broke your phone?

Sent from my GT-I9500