[Q] Admob updated, now cant make new ad!

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Apr 25, 2013
Ever since the update to the Admob website i am unable to create a new ad campaign for one of my apps,

Pretty much the update and import of all of my 'legacy admob' data went fine, apart from the import of one of my ad campaigns for the following reasons :

-The campaign does not contain any valid creatives.
-Ad text contains invalid character(s) or word(s).

and so it states that i will have to recreate it.

However when i attempt to create another ad campaign for the same app, i get ticks in every section i complete but when i hit save, theres a pop up at the top of the screen saying there are internal errors and next to the save button there a warning triangle with :

- 'You're already using this label name.'

I have tried changing the ad name, the campaign name, ive deleted the old campaign on legacy admob, changed the start and end dates, everything, and the worst ting is there is no way of contacting them!

Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this, and how you sorted it!

Thankyou very much!