[Q] Alcatel Idol Mini (OT-6012) root ?

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Mar 30, 2007
Hello everyone.

Edit : Root OK with KingRoot or Framaroot

Last fimware M1011 Branded by Sosh Without branded app except Orange Wifi (rooted)

Download link : https://mega.co.nz/#!O1ojVIgb!PqF0bn9gbF1-WvOOmENPVAdk0u1TdHjvXdeV0o8JNWo

For flash (You need CWM) 

copy custpack1011Clean.img  to /sdcard/custpack.img and CWM folder to /sdcard/clockworkmod/

Boot the phone into recovery backup your current rom and restore attached backup.

You need to flash the "custpack" .

Backup your current custpack (From ADB in Recovery Mode)

cat /[email protected] > /sdcard/custpack.img.old

Flash the new custpack : 

echo /sdcard/custpack.img > /[email protected]
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Oct 1, 2010

I just successfull root this phone with Framaroot !

It's a MT6572 Chipset.

For root go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2130276 and take Framaroot-1.6.1.apk

PS : The initial app are in /custpack folder.

Next step : Unlock bootloader ? and found a working recovery ? maybe that ? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2458544 but it doesn't boot locked bootloader ?

Hello :)

It also works indeed with Eroot 1.3.4 ! (it takes a few seconds without any reboot ! incredible) it also install SuperSU

Have a nice day !


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Mar 30, 2007
For the recovery I have found on XDA a recovery for this chipset but it doesn't boot with :

fastboot boot recovery.img the phone get the recovery and freeze.

I think it come from the locked bootloader.


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Dec 4, 2007
Hello guys.

I have very, very good information:
I can confirm that I have successfully ROOTed my Alcatel Idol Mini (6012D) with this tool:

Enjoy. :)

Hi, i have rooted my Alcatel one touch idol mini with "Framaroot-1.6.1", working good.

I have installed "Pimp my rom" too, working good but i have change memory allocation of the Dalvik 128Mo to 80mo and when i reboot the smartphone is blocked on the boot logo... :( :( :( :(

I have tested :

Wipe cache / factory restore : nothing to do
Fastboot flash recovery img : nothing to do, can't whrite on in...

I don't have installed CWM before and the usb dev is not activated

Any idea ?

Thx all


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Nov 21, 2011
I see. Anyway, feel free to share your experience with the phone. Thank you in advance.

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    [recovery]twrt [fixed]

    Patched boot.img and recovery.img for Alcatel OT-6012X

    * Fixed zip installation
    * Fixed backup / restore (working /custpack)


    Flash recovery.img and boot.img with MTKDroid Root & Tools or SP Flash Tools.
    Backup roms for Alcatel Idol Mini/6012X/Orange Hiro/ Le shosh etc

    Thanks to CyberianIce, who has provided the files, I have managed to install the original firmware on my phone, an branded Orange Hiro. My personal oppinion about the original rom is as follows : the rom feels lighter, faster, fresh interface, no huge changes in the SystemUI, only some icons and images here and there. In Antutu benchmark, I got a score of 11170. A good score to be honest. So, recap : original firmware, ANDROID VR. 4.2.2, changed interface, more buttons in status bar, ALCATEL interface. Bugs, contact widget doesn't seem to work at all, if I set a specific contact, it won't dial or sms the contact, don't know why, ain't interested. For ROMANIAN users, there is no ROMANIAN language.

    With the original ORANGE firmware, stock android 4.2.2, the rom is simple, plain, good ol' android. Not so many buttons in status bar menu, after deleting some stupid apk's from orange, that I or other user will use, the rom got smoother, faster, obtaining a benchmark in ANTUTU of 10970. The lockscreen on the ALCATEL firmware has some usefull shortcuts, like dialer, sms and camera, the stock android orange firmware, does not. This stock firmware comes with a weather widget from orange, very annoying, doesn't update right, doesn't display the correct weather, it's useless, good for nothing, but...it can be replaced with any other custom widget. The contact widget works correctly, has orange gestures, little usefull app, and for ROMANIAN users, has ROMANIAN language.

    These being said, below you have the links to the firmwares, the ALCATEL and STOCK ORANGE one. In case of a mistake, don't forget to backup before you try something. If you want to change your current firmware, the files are provided below.

    For this, follow this tutorial.

    Download recovery image, provided by CyberianIce, TWRP fixed by him, and unrar. http://www.fileshare.ro/e30303974
    After downloading and puting the recovery image on the root of your sd card, install MobileUncle app from Play store. Go to the app and select update recovery, after this select the image, wait, press ok for install, and after this, reboot to recovery to make sure it works.
    Make a backup of your own rom, to make sure you can revert tot the old rom in case something goes wrong.
    After downloading the desired rom, unrar and place the content in the folder TWRP/backup/alcatel 6012X on your sd card.
    All of the above being done, enter recovery mode by holding VOLUME+ and Power button. After the phone starts release the power button and continue to hold VOLUME+ untill you have entered recovery. After this, access, restore menu, alcatel 6012X and select the rom you copied.
    Wait untill the restore is finished and perform a factory reset, data and cache wipe.
    And finally, reboot the phone in to system and wait for it to start, the first startup will take a bit longer, don't worry, wait, after the phone has finished loading, perform your setup and enjoy.

    Hope this is usefull to you, cheers!

    Links removed, someone will have to post the roms !
    Last night I managed to extract almost all images from Telenor SRB OT6012X (single SIM MK6572) using this eMMC map i found with MTK Droid Tools, After careful recalculation, my eMMC map looks like this:


    So I extracted this dumps, If here is anyone interested in unlocking bootloader, custom recovery images, custom kernels or baking ROMs.

    # Partition images:
    Here are some images (it's all you need, the rest is system reserved, protected and should not be flashed but I can provide you any partition on demand):
    preloader.bin (md5 checksum: a2bf893c835c2281c975325179492ff7)
    SECCFG (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    MISC (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    EXPDB (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    MBR (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    PROTECT_S (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    PROTECT_F (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    EBR1 (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    NVRAM (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    pro_info (md5 checksum: PROTECTED)
    uboot.bin (md5 checksum: 86b554a11c5f06c52cf20358aeaeb85d)
    boot.img (md5 checksum: 9034968e258ef3f4cecd5fa33c1b2119)
    recovery.img (md5 checksum: bd626f174ac6ebe64b51373bc272a155)
    secro.img (md5 checksum: 52fbe62805f374d8f37a0a6955d02fe0)
    logo.bin (md5 checksum: a79795c33e816ff62d330f40210fcb24)
    custpack2.img (md5 checksum: 1167a4c6b46829ae2c0cb025b9d8c143)
    mobile_info.img (md5 checksum:3d517b476445280a862486c29a8a5596 )
    system.img (md5 checksum: 17d51231493a839a65a8f36c4f6ae75b)
    cache.img (md5 checksum: PRIVATE)
    userdata.img (md5 checksum: PRIVATE)
    OTP (md5 checksum: ERROR)
    BMTPOOL (md5 checksum: ERROR)

    # Tools I used:
    SP Flash Tool v 3.1344 (refer to: http://mtk2000.ucoz.ru/bb/?8379)
    MT6572_Android_scatter_emmc.txt | MT6572_Android_scatter_emmc.new.txt (eMMC Scatter for SP Flash Tools, generated form Alcatel OneTouch IDOL Mini Telenor SRB (OT-6012X) with MTK Droid Tools. Do not use NEW scatter file with SP Flash Tools v3, use regular instead)
    MTK USB Drivers v0.8 (All) (refer to: http://mtk2000.ucoz.ru/bb/?8379)
    Logo Builder v1.4 (refer to: https://sites.google.com/site/kadanutilities/home/logobuilder-en)


    * Do not flash preloader.bin unless you exactly know what you are after for! If you fail with preloader (i.e flash wrong preloader.bin), you phone will become permabrick, only hope is to find fine service with JTAG equipment and servicer who know where testpoints are, but they are very rare those days, in regular services people will prolly try to change whole MOBO at your expense.
    ** system.img and custpack2.img are taken from Telenor SRB ROOTED (with Farmroot 1.8.1 - boromir exploit), with latest BusyBox and all Bloatware frozen/disabled, but they can be reverted back to stock easily.
    *** All those files are here only for testing/education reasons and I am not responsible in any way for damage you can cause using files/tools you found in this post.

    Sorry if my English was not perfect.
    TWRP Backup 01001

    I am sharing my TWRP backup for OT-6012X. It is based on Stock odexed 01001 ROM but rooted and has some minor improvements:

    recovery - latest fixed TWRP
    boot - fixed default.prop for adb and fastboot
    custpack - replaced hosts for adaway and android bootanimation.zip
    system - rooted, latest busybox, removed recovery protection, enabled init.d support, edited /system/etc/gps.conf for Serbia ntp for faster sattelite aquire. If you are not near Serbia, you may concider deleting that file

    Download and extract content of this archive into this directory:

    Afterwards, boot into TWRP and restore from this backup called OT-6012X. If you can't boot in TWRP, but yet You are somehow sure you have TWRP installed, than follow this procedure. Once restore is done, format /data and /cache.

    If you are prompted to enter PIN for root access, enter code 3002. This can be disablet in SuperSU Pro app settings.
    [APP]Extend Notification LED on MTK

    Few people asked if it's possible to make notification LED works also for 3rd party apps like WhatsApp, Viber etc. Well, as far as I know - no. But, here is workaround which allows one to utilize button backlight as notification light;

    I found this useful APK specially designed to work with any MTK SoC-s which can extend LED notifications from various apps to hardware keys backlight to. It is good because can be used as Accessibility service for Viber, WhatsApp, etc. (refer to this page: http://fvicente.es/wordpress/led-de-notificacion-para-telefonos-mtk-notification-led-on-mtk-phones/) thanks to @franfj


    Latest release: MTKButtonLed For other or older visit referrer page (Spanish).

    *** This app works only with rooted devices. Tested and works fine on OT-6012X Telenor SRB Build 01001. Have fun!