[Q] Alcatel OT-991 Root how to?

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Apr 9, 2014
Jeffta rom version 4

where is your touchpal keyboard on Version4. Jeffta? :) It is uselles for me, cant do nothing without keyboard tho :)

ps . i dot like it .. its pretty but its kind a heavy, pls make faster and clean roms, thank You :)

Jefta rom 3.1 RullezzZzZz
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Sep 13, 2011
Hi. I obtained root without problems on this phone with stock 2.3.6. firmware. Next thing i tried to do is to format a 8gb(class 10) micro sd card into 2 partitons,7gb fat 32 and 1gb ext2(ext3/4,fat 32) in order to get link2sd working. The problem is that the phone and link2sd app only recognized the 2nd partition when it was formated in ext2 filesystem,but even then link2sd wouldn't work properly.When I started link2sd,it gave me a dialogue to choose which file system is the 2nd partition.I chose ext2,and then it gave me an error that it could'nt create a script,saying something like to try with different file system and such things?!That wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't tried all possible filesystems,and only with ext2,link2sd recognized the 2nd partition. What shall I do?! I repeat,the phone is rooted,running stock operator ROM,2.3.6.
Thanks for all the help in advance!
Feb 28, 2014
jeffta v4 rom

I will try jeffta rom v4 now.
I am running jeffta v3 rom now and have a problem with Bluetooth connection with my radio hoop that its better in v4 rom cus the fine for not handheld calling in Holland is 220 euro will reply if it works.


Mar 19, 2013
Hi there, is it possible to add turkish language support for this great ROM. I'm really suprised it's really fast!

Oh also is it possible to remove Facebook or any other system application from ROM?

Thanks for this great ROM :)

Install language and locale set by AppDEV from PlayStore, don`t forget to unselect the location services by google on settings first, may not install all language but give support for your location
unistall any system app with System app remover (ROOT) by Jumobile from PlayStore, worked fine with me

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this rom is awesome..! I but found this problem regarding Sim Management Menu..Dual sim is fine on messaging in which we can set it to Always Ask..but on a Voice Call even if set to Always Ask the dialing is still Sim1 by default..you still need to set to Sim2 if you want Sim2 to be use a for Voice Call..:crying:
Hope it can be fix soon..

after some search and tests
pixelphone app (my choice) or DW contacts works fine on our dual sim phone
better than stock contacts manager, a little slow opening but OK
too much options to test and configure but worth the time spent
get them on PlayStore
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Apr 9, 2014
pls give us clean roms

pls, many please , give me clean and fast rom, thats all i need, not rom full of sh*t and useless apps, i need fast and clean rom! thank you :good:


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Dec 26, 2011
Info for all users on this phone,jeffta stops for developing for this phone,hi sold the phone and no more roms from him.

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May 26, 2014
Decompiling help

Hi to everyone, i would like to modify the statusbar layout of the VeSaRom Second Edition. I tried to decompile StstemUI.apk without success, I used apktool and installed framework-res.apk and SystemUI-res.apk. Can anyone tellme what else I have to add to decompile SystemUI.apk or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.


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Nov 18, 2013
Hi to everyone, i would like to modify the statusbar layout of the VeSaRom Second Edition. I tried to decompile StstemUI.apk without success, I used apktool and installed framework-res.apk and SystemUI-res.apk. Can anyone tellme what else I have to add to decompile SystemUI.apk or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

Just open it with WinRar,it works for me :)


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May 26, 2014
Just open it with WinRar,it works for me :)

I must say i found a way to decompile it. Opening with winrar it doesn't work because the files are compiled. With winrar you can replace images but not modify the layout. Now i'm searching somewhere where I can see all the possibilities of the layouts. I tried some things from xda but didn't work, or I didn't know how to do them properyl. Hope someone knows that...

If someone has the same problem as me, to decompile SystemUI-res.apk it's necessary to include the AndroidManifest.xml and the classes.dex from the file SystemUI.apk. Hope it helps.


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Jul 23, 2014
Hi there! I need some help. Want to wipe all the stuff the phone got, because there is a lot of useless stuff that is only making the phone slower... I tried with Flash Tool and with VRoot, but it's not working, they delete only the stuff I uploaded and the applications I want to delete are still there. Can someone tell me how to root/wipe all the stuff, please? Everything... Thanks in advance!

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    [HOW TO] Install CWM Recovery

    Thank you for the APK :)
    For anyone who want the CWM Recovery please follow my tutorial:

    How to install the CWM Recovery Menu

    1) Get the Files

    - Mobileuncle Tools (attached)
    - recovery.img (attached)

    2) Install Mobileuncle Tools

    Download the two files and make sure you put them to the root dir of your sd card.
    Install the Mobileuncle Tools (m44tools.apk) and open the App.
    You should now see this:


    3) Flash Recovery
    Click 'Get started' and a dialog in chinese appears. I clicked OK and updated, then you should see this screen:


    Click 'Flash Recovery from SDCard' and follow the instructions.
    Mobileuncle Tools will automatically reboot your phone into the Recovery Menu.

    4) Boot into Recovery Mode
    Press the following buttons while booting:
    Power + Volume Up + Home
    To navigate press the volume up or volume down and press the power button to select.

    that's it :D

    I spend some time to write the tutorial, please hit the thanks button.
    If you have Questions or Problems i can help :)
    Sry for my bad englisch :)

    HOW TO ROOT 991D:

    I Made a zip file containing the new-boot.img and scatter file for the SP flash tool:

    To make sure ur using the right scatter file u can use the atached tool to generate one for your phone.

    Flash the new-boot.img in the zip as BOOTIMG

    Explained here:

    make sure to flash the BOOTIMG NOT recovery as shown.

    After u successfully flashed u can boot the phone and run SuperOneClick to root the phone.......
    U can get SOC here: http://shortfuse.org/?page_id=2

    New rom ... finally...

    Link in signature.

    I recently created a beta, but i have problems with the installer..
    Because i don't want to brick some devices like recent rom :D
    Will create a own thread later :)

    Some infos:
    - Trying to include Updating over the air :)
    - Statusbar & notification pulldown is now 99,999999% 4.1 Jelly Bean like, no difference, just no swipe to remove :/
    - OWN Voice Assistant
    - Recreated Android 4.2 Camera 95%
    - Included 4.1 Calculator, Speech Recorder

    I'm recreating every app myself, so i don't use Google Code or just Mod the images! They're created with eclipse like other Apps! I don't include apps from other developers like other roms, anything is my own work! Sorry for the long waiting, i'm currently working on a special feature :)

    Edit: Ahh by the way:
    - Replaced 2nd Bootlogo (the logo which comes after the android logo and haven't an animation)
    - AlcaBean Wallpapers (designed by me)
    - Jelly Bean Icons
    - Beats audio, Sony xLoad Engine & Sony Bravia Engine
    - DSP Manager

    Sorry for bad english.

    I GOT A ROOTED 991D!! yeaah i cant believe it myself i got it to work.

    i just have to check some stuff of whats needs to be done to root. If i got it figured it out ill upload a small howto here :cool::laugh: